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June 6, 2023

Doogie Kamealoha MD Disney Plus1. Music Press Asia
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Disney’s TV Series An Ode to Diversity

Disney has come a long way since its very first animation of Snow White and Cinderella. Today, it is targeting a variety of cultures, diversities, and topics close to the hearts of young people today. In this pure example of another great television series that harks at true values, Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. is a series timely in the period it…

Talks at Asia TV Forum: Content Is Still King

Good quality content transcends boundaries. The 3-day conference at ATF 2022 (7-9 Dec) will include discussions and content showcases that will focus on exclusive insights and strategic visions for 2023…

Singapore to host Asia TV Forum in December 2022

Hazel Savage Joins Tuned Global Board

Original press release Savage brings 15 years of experience working for music streaming services and building successful music tech businesses Tuned Global’s rapid growth will be enhanced by Savage’s experience…

Hazel Savage joins Tuned Global board.Music Press Asia

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The first season of Sing!China the singing competition show was number one over seven weeks and broke online records for video views. Photo credit Ti Gong
The first season of Sing!China the singing competition show was number one over seven weeks and broke online records for video views. Photo credit Ti Gong

How Streaming & Paid-Sub Boost Asia-based Entertainment Industry

Asia continues to grow in its curation for television focusing on unique content found only in the region. Noticing the unparalleled and wealth of material Asia-based producers are realizing the importance of their creative roles as part of exposing Asia’s raw talent. While Asia remain heavily influenced by the culture and social norms from its western counterparts partly consumed by…

5 Reasons Why Your Song Needs To Be Online

Attended by industry professionals, the talk focus on how music streaming is changing ways how artists and songs break, and how people discover and listen to music. Here are just…

Tencent to Expand Streaming Service Joox

While the service is currently available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong, Tencent has plans to launch it in at least two more countries this year, including India. This…

Tencent’s QQ Music and China Music Corp, operator of the popular KuGou platform, merged their businesses in July 2016 to pave way for an initial public offering.

VP Left, MixRadio Discontinued by Line

Rosenberg was officially appointed Executive Vice President of Corporate Security at F-Secure recently after leaving MixRadio, a global streaming music and personal radio service, which has recently closed down after…

MixRadio's services was discountinued by Line in March 2016.

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What’s Talking at San Francisco Music Summit?

The ultimate Silicon Valley mindset combined with music, it is the assembly of some of the most innovative ideas combined with the ever evolving entertainment industry. Industry experts come from…

SF Music Tech Summit, on an annual basis, gathers some of the newest innovation projects in the digital realm focusing on the music industry.