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April 26, 2019

Photo courtesy of HUJAN
Photo courtesy of HUJAN

HUJAN Malaysia Alternative Rock Band, Now a ‘Rock Classic’

Rock has been known, globally, in the music recording world, as one of the most popular musical genre that symbolises diverse social groups who typically carry the modern labelling of ‘cool’, ‘loud music’ and as a channel that supports social movements, usually for peace and love. Music Press Asia dedicates HUJAN’s impressive resilience as a Malay band that continues to…

Sound Of Crisis Portrayed by Ai Wei Wei

WHERE ITS BEST WITH NO MUSIC Why Music On Mute Isn’t So Bad After All “A Dedication to Klaus-Peter Beyer and the Sound Department at Human Flow, A German Documentary Film…

Deadpool knows you’re watching…

If you don’t know what meta-fiction is, then let me give you a brief explanation. Meta-fiction is a form of literature that strives to keep you aware that it’s fiction.…

Ashes, the official theme song sang by Celine Dion is produced by Steve Mac with the remix version by Steve Aoki

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