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June 4, 2020

Music Editor: Why I've Decided To Cancel Spotify Premium'. Music Press Asia
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Music Editor: ‘Why I’ve Cancelled Spotify Premium’

As I gradually wind down for the day pondering the thought on how my weekend would actually unfold, I began to scroll through the music apps in my smartphone in an attempt to track down music that I deem sacred for listening only for the weekend. You see, over the last 15 years music has been an enveloping element in…

Asia’s 50 Best Music Albums of 2019: 21-30

21A-Lin – OST (Original Sound Track)This OST compilation has made it onto this list just because A-Lin sings and writes some of the most heart rendering romantic songs in Mandarin…

Asia's Best Music Albums: 21-30. Music Press Asia.
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Asia’s 50 Best Albums of 2019: 31-50

31Leo Ku – WeWith over 35 albums under his belt, Leo Ku has brazed a vibrant singing career at the height of Mando- and Canto-pop in the 80s and 90s.…

Music Press Asia Best Albums in Asia 2019.

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[Music Press Asia] Priscilla Abby releases new Malay single 'Peluru'.
[Music Press Asia] Priscilla Abby releases new Malay single 'Peluru'.

Priscilla Abby Releases Malay Single ‘Peluru’

Malaysian singer tackles frustration, lost love and hope in this powerful single shows that a classic hip hop ballad, together with a dynamic voice, can never go wrong. A YouTube star who has completely taken the world by storm with her EDM cover of Escape Plan’s 夜空中最亮的星 [Brightest Star In The Night Sky] in 2016 has recently released one of…

What Is There Not To Like About Toy Story 4?

It would be hard to imagine another Toy Story production without Randy Newman. Having watched “Inside Out” and “Up”, I began to loath excitingly about the latest release of Toy…

Music Press Asia: Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4. Why we can't do without Randy Newman?
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Yuna Sings Ode To Malaysia In Latest Single

The launch of the latest single, expected to feature on the 4th studio album, has marked the beginning of yet another artistic milestone for Yuna. We recalled the last we’ve…

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Soundcraft Notepad-5

When I received the notepad 5 for review, I have to be honest, I didn’t have high hopes. Very little seemed to differentiate it from other compact mixers on the…

Soundcraft Notepad 5

Sound Of Crisis Portrayed by Ai Wei Wei

WHERE ITS BEST WITH NO MUSIC Why Music On Mute Isn’t So Bad After All “A Dedication to Klaus-Peter Beyer and the Sound Department at Human Flow, A German Documentary Film…

Deadpool knows you’re watching…

If you don’t know what meta-fiction is, then let me give you a brief explanation. Meta-fiction is a form of literature that strives to keep you aware that it’s fiction. In the Deadpool films, the character Deadpool (real name Wade Wilson) is played by Ryan…

Ashes, the official theme song sang by Celine Dion is produced by Steve Mac with the remix version by Steve Aoki