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November 28, 2021

Malaysian Director Edmund Yeo Moonlight Shadow Is Now Released. Music Press Asia

Film Review: Moonlight Shadow by Edmund Yeo

Edmund Yeo isn’t a detached figure in the Japanese film world. But it is surprising that it has taken him this long to create a feature film entirely in the Japanese language. Yeo’s inventive approach to ‘Kingyo’ a Tokyo-set short film was released nationally in 2009. Since then, his work has garnered a warm and enthusiastic reception in both Japan…

The Art of the Chinese Harp, Guzheng

The Chinese traditional instrument – Guzheng – is one fascinating piece of art. In another word, it is the Chinese’s most elegant creation ever existed. Over centuries, guzheng remains the…

Weekend Music Recommendation by Music Press Asia
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Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures

Released in 2018, the journey of Joanna Lumley as she embarks on a spectacular exploration into the heart of the Silk Road in this four-part series. The Silk Road was…

Joanna Lumley Silk Road Documentary Series. Music Press Asia
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Pamungkas was a member of Potenzia before launching a solo career in 2018. Music Press Asia.
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Pamungkas was a member of Potenzia before launching a solo career in 2018. Music Press Asia.

Indonesian Singer Songwriter Pamungkas Released Latest Album ‘Solipsism’

Within the last three years, electronic pop artist Rizky Pamungkas has rather quietly and confidently mustered quite a number of listeners. Having only released the album ‘The End of Flying Solo Era’ last month with The PeoplePeople, a pseudonym which he uses with much deceptive naivete. And as impressively duplicitous as it may sound – in a very good way…

Creative Lyrics Amid A Spreading Virus

While some of us are slaving away working from home, not really, majority of us who are practicing or officially in lockdown or maintaining social distancing have found new ways…

Some of the most creative adaptations about the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is inspired from Queen's most prolific albums 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Music Press Asia.
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Parasite: Jung Jaeil’s Film Scoring A Satire

Parasite, the first-ever South Korean film to win best picture at the Academy Awards, officially turned Korea’s film industry into a global phenomenon.When all attention is on Bong Joon Ho’s…

Parasite Official Original Soundtrack Review by Music Press Asia.

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Best Music Albums 2019

Asia’s 50 Best Music Albums of 2019: 21-30

21A-Lin – OST (Original Sound Track)This OST compilation has made it onto this list just because A-Lin sings and writes some of the most heart rendering romantic songs in Mandarin…

Asia's Best Music Albums: 21-30. Music Press Asia.
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Best Music of 2019

Asia’s 50 Best Albums of 2019: 31-50

31Leo Ku – WeWith over 35 albums under his belt, Leo Ku has brazed a vibrant singing career at the height of Mando- and Canto-pop in the 80s and 90s.…

Music Press Asia Best Albums in Asia 2019.

Not Shying Away From The Limelight

When we first hear in the wireless that there is going to be another Hard Rock in Malaysia, our heart pounce not because we know that it is another stunning…

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, Malaysia. Music Press Asia

Who’s the Music Behind Tarantino’s Latest Film?

Music Press Asia discovers some of Quentin Tarantino’s music executives and professionals selected for his latest film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, which has recently grossed $USD357.6 million. Following…


Malaysia’s Top Acts At Good Vibes 2019

When the music festival released its full line-up for 2019, we decided that it was time to take things into our own hands. As the line-up became overwhelmingly sophisticated each year, we knew that backup was needed. Good Vibes has been the epicentre of the…

[Music Press Asia] Crowd at Good Vibes. Photo courtesy of Good Vibes/All Is Amazing
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