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July 20, 2024

Tim Minchin writes new song celebrates Sydney Opera House Music Press Asia
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Sydney Opera House Celebrates 50th Collaborates with Tim Minchin

Celebrating 50 years of brave creativity at Sydney Opera House, Tim Minchin’s song takes courage a little step further in the world of great humour in lyric-writing. Last October, the Sydney Opera House celebrates its 50th anniversary not only as an architectural marvel, the sail-like shells building symbolizes Australia’s artistic and cultural spirit. For five decades the Opera House has…

The Perfection of Joy in Beethoven’s Ninth

Beethoven is a name we all know well today. As a composer in the late 18th century, Beethoven was already making headlines. And one of his profound creative work was…

Beethoven Documentary ARTE TV. Music Press Asia
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A Day With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur event painted a compelling picture of AI’s influence. Stretching far beyond mere spreadsheets and managerial tasks, I wonder how it can help reclaime 100+ minutes a day,…

Review AI Technology. Music Press Asia

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BBC Great Asian Railway Michael Portillo lscp. Music Press Asia
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Railway Travels in South-East Asia with Michael Portillo

If you are looking to see Southeast Asia via rail and at a slower pace, Michael Portillo has just the right attitude for this sort of exploration. A British journalist, broadcaster, and former Conservative politician, Michael Portillo is now known in television as one of the few who have traveled to Southeast Asia via rail. The green light to film…

Relistening: The Larry Crowne Soundtrack

Larry Crowne is a 2011 romantic comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, directed by Hanks himself. The film tells the story of a middle-aged man who loses his…

Music Review: Larry Crowne Soundtrack at Music Press Asia
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classical music

Vienna Philharmonic’s Strauss Family Concert Review

The Golden Hall’s full beauty shines on 1 Jan 2023 when the musicians under the baton of Franz Welser-Möst is featured in Vienna’s New Year’s Concert performing for millions of…

Franz Welser Most conducts Wien Philharmoniker 2022. Music Press Asia
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Jeju Partners with BTS to Promote Jazz and Tourism

Jeju promotes the rhythm of nostalgic jazz Jeju pumps up tourism activity with its latest collaboration involving BTS, one of South Korea’s global superstars. It has taken us a rather…

Jeju highlights jazz and BTS. Music Press Asia
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Film of the Week: One Headlight 絕世情歌

Binging on romantic love films can be a gut-wrenching experience. Tears may flow and a sense of nostalgia gushes out igniting long-lost love. This is especially true with Jim Lim’s…

Taiwanese film features music by mandarin pop song producer, Jim Lim. Music Press Asia

Vinyl of the Month: the charm of video games

Vinyl artist of the month: Haruomi Hosono Remember the pac-man video game? Or phozon and galaga? Here is a vinyl dedicated to it all. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you need to be aware that this may not be regarded as…

Haruomi Hosono Video Game music Vinyl. Music Press Asia
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