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April 13, 2021

Last Madame is produced by Ochre Pictures and Mediacorp. Music Press Asia
Last Madame is produced by Ochre Pictures and Mediacorp. Image courtesy of Mediacorp. Music Press Asia

Last Madame: An Identity Boost To Southeast Asian

Ochre Pictures, a Singapore-based television and film production company, has recently caught the attention of arbiters of the television world in Southeast Asia after publishing their very first *M18 series, Last Madame. With awards and nominations already listed for 2020, this production is a gripping story set in 1940s Singapore; a time in history widely known when enigmatic power of…

Creative Lyrics Amid A Spreading Virus

While some of us are slaving away working from home, not really, majority of us who are practicing or officially in lockdown or maintaining social distancing have found new ways…

Some of the most creative adaptations about the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is inspired from Queen's most prolific albums 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Music Press Asia.
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Parasite: Jung Jaeil’s Film Scoring A Satire

Parasite, the first-ever South Korean film to win best picture at the Academy Awards, officially turned Korea’s film industry into a global phenomenon.When all attention is on Bong Joon Ho’s…

Parasite Official Original Soundtrack Review by Music Press Asia.

Asia’s 50 Best Music Albums of 2019: 21-30

21A-Lin – OST (Original Sound Track)This OST compilation has made it onto this list just because A-Lin sings and writes some of the most heart rendering romantic songs in Mandarin…

Asia's Best Music Albums: 21-30. Music Press Asia.
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[Music Press Asia] Crowd at Good Vibes. Photo courtesy of Good Vibes/All Is Amazing
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[Music Press Asia] Crowd at Good Vibes. Photo courtesy of Good Vibes/All Is Amazing

Malaysia’s Top Acts At Good Vibes 2019

When the music festival released its full line-up for 2019, we decided that it was time to take things into our own hands. As the line-up became overwhelmingly sophisticated each year, we knew that backup was needed. Good Vibes has been the epicentre of the festival scene in Malaysia over a number of years. And as many Malaysians were about…

What Is There Not To Like About Toy Story 4?

It would be hard to imagine another Toy Story production without Randy Newman. Having watched “Inside Out” and “Up”, I began to loath excitingly about the latest release of Toy…

Music Press Asia: Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4. Why we can't do without Randy Newman?
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Yuna Sings Ode To Malaysia In Latest Single

The launch of the latest single, expected to feature on the 4th studio album, has marked the beginning of yet another artistic milestone for Yuna. We recalled the last we’ve…

audio mixers

Soundcraft Notepad-5

When I received the notepad 5 for review, I have to be honest, I didn’t have high hopes. Very little seemed to differentiate it from other compact mixers on the…

Soundcraft Notepad 5

How Songwriters & Artists Could Learn From Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

If Artificial Intelligence has been the show-stopping new technology crowding the latest product reviews, then A Star Is Born soundtrack is possibly the ‘show-stopper of music recording 2019’ , exemplary of how soundtrack should sound and Grammy-worthy. Bradley Cooper shows he can act as well as…

Lady Gaga wows reviewer with her stunning performance and immaculate songwriting in 'A Star Is Born'. Photograph: Allstar/Warner Bros