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December 9, 2019

Kanye West released ninth studio album 'Jesus Is King'. Photo credit Kent Nishimura / MCT.
Kanye West released ninth studio album 'Jesus Is King'. Photo credit Kent Nishimura / MCT.

Kanye West Departs From The Secular World, Goes Gospel

Kanye West has had a rigorous if not formidable number of years. Often seen as a provocateur more than anything else, West is also seen as a man who hasn’t shied away from his disposition about social issues and creative work of others. And his songs are his outlet to the world. However, there’s another rather surprising news that came…

Malaysia’s Top Acts At Good Vibes 2019

When the music festival released its full line-up for 2019, we decided that it was time to take things into our own hands. As the line-up became overwhelmingly sophisticated each…

[Music Press Asia] Crowd at Good Vibes. Photo courtesy of Good Vibes/All Is Amazing
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'Sounds of the Brotherhood' is released by Kueymo & Sushiboy
'Sounds of the Brotherhood' is released by Kueymo & Sushiboy

Kueymo & Sushiboy Partners With 8 Bruneian Producers, Debuts Album

Just months after commemorating their 150th episode, followed by hosting their inaugural Electronic Music Conference with Asia’s leading electronic music conference Wired Music Week, the duo Kueymo & Sushiboy is going all out to revolutionize the electronic music scene in Brunei with their debut release, a compilation album titled ‘Sounds of the Brotherhood’. Bruneian duo Kueymo & Sushiboy are producer…

Soundcraft Notepad-5

When I received the notepad 5 for review, I have to be honest, I didn’t have high hopes. Very little seemed to differentiate it from other compact mixers on the…

Soundcraft Notepad 5

Sound Of Crisis Portrayed by Ai Wei Wei

WHERE ITS BEST WITH NO MUSIC Why Music On Mute Isn’t So Bad After All “A Dedication to Klaus-Peter Beyer and the Sound Department at Human Flow, A German Documentary Film…

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Deadpool knows you’re watching…

If you don’t know what meta-fiction is, then let me give you a brief explanation. Meta-fiction is a form of literature that strives to keep you aware that it’s fiction.…

Ashes, the official theme song sang by Celine Dion is produced by Steve Mac with the remix version by Steve Aoki

Editor’s Headphone Review 2018

For those of you who love playing music on the go and uncompromising on how it’s going to sound, we hear you at Music Press Asia. While we kept getting…

Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless headphone

Top 8 Highlights Of 2017

Before the year marks its very last day, we’ve turned nostalgic and just wanted to say that the roller coaster ride was all worth it. As much as it was…

Daito Manabe is one of our favourite gig to date. His work 'Nosaj Thing' is an innovative infuse the use of drones, lighting and dance.
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Pedal Review: A Post-Rocker’s Guitar Rig

The sci-fi-esque nature of tones used in post/psychedelic rock requires a specific foundation: Distortion – Delay – Phaser The genre becomes relatively monotonous due to the standard tones delivered by…