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January 29, 2023

Franz Welser Most conducts Wien Philharmoniker 2022. Music Press Asia
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Vienna Philharmonic’s Strauss Family Concert Review

The Golden Hall’s full beauty shines on 1 Jan 2023 when the musicians under the baton of Franz Welser-Möst is featured in Vienna’s New Year’s Concert performing for millions of television viewers around the world. A timely concert at the end of the year to promote hope, friendship and peace. There is no question about the global success of the…

Vinyl of the Month: the charm of video games

Vinyl artist of the month: Haruomi Hosono Remember the pac-man video game? Or phozon and galaga? Here is a vinyl dedicated to it all. It might not be everyone’s cup…

Haruomi Hosono Video Game music Vinyl. Music Press Asia
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Jay Chou Finds New Love In Art

Jay Chou has found his most recent muse in the art world. Having seen him auctioned and exhibited with Hong Kong’s fine art auction house Sotheby’s, it came as no…

Jay Chou Release new song Greatest Works of art. Music Press Asia
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Coke Studio Bangla released Ekla Cholo. Music Press Asia
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Ekla Cholo Sets Visionary Antecedent for Bangladesh’s Indigenous Music

The release of the song ‘Ekla Cholo’, in many ways, is a significant milestone for the Coke Studio brand. After a successful version showcasing some of the greatest artists from Pakistan, its latest Bangla edition is again setting new precedents to how music makers in its region are being featured, admired, and distributed to the world in this era. Ekla…

Lofi Girl: A Role Model For Post-Pandemic Era 2022

While the expansion of the universe continues to be a ‘looming crisis in cosmology’[1] according to Michael Greshko’s article at National Geography. So is the state of the live music…

Lofi Girl Radio Gets Us Through Quarantine. Music Press Asia
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World Music Album Selections November 2021

What makes November this year so special? In the World Music Charts, we’re seeing some spectacular songs and albums charting for very good reasons. Its hard work rarely recognised in…

November Recommend World Music. Music Press Asia
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Leaf Yeh 葉穎: Birth & Death 生滅

Leaf Yeh has deliberated rather subserviently a subject anathema to many of us. While Birth itself observes the regeneration of new life, Death is directly the pragmatic conviction of all…

Leaf Yeh Birth and Death Album Review. Music Press Asia
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The Art of the Chinese Harp, Guzheng

The Chinese traditional instrument – Guzheng – is one fascinating piece of art. In another word, it is the Chinese’s most elegant creation ever existed. Over centuries, guzheng remains the…

Weekend Music Recommendation by Music Press Asia
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Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures

Released in 2018, the journey of Joanna Lumley as she embarks on a spectacular exploration into the heart of the Silk Road in this four-part series. The Silk Road was one of the most transformative super-highways in human history. In Joanna Lumley’s grandest and most…

Joanna Lumley Silk Road Documentary Series. Music Press Asia
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