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March 1, 2024

Christmas No1 Music Press Asia
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Putumayo World Music’s ‘Christmas Around the World’ Earns Top Spot on Music Press Asia’s Christmas Chart 2023

Music Press Asia has named Putumayo World Music’s latest album, ‘Christmas Around the World,’ as the No. 1 pick on their 2023 Christmas Chart. This festive compilation stands out from the crowd with its vibrant tapestry of global sounds, bringing together artists from Congo to Cuba, Rome to Nova Scotia, and everything in between. Putumayo has a knack for curating…

A Day With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur event painted a compelling picture of AI’s influence. Stretching far beyond mere spreadsheets and managerial tasks, I…

Review AI Technology. Music Press Asia

Khusugtun: Of Horses & Mongolia’s Robin Hood

The Mongolian culture has their lives so intertwined with horses that their key traditional instrument, the bowed, two-string morin khuur (or horsehead fiddle), is elaborately decorated with a carved horse’s…

Khusugtun Mongolia music Buda Musique. Music Press Asia
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Nadir x Erino Yumiki Japan Foundation KL. Music Press Asia
Cultural Exchange

Music Review: Erino Yumiki & Nadir at The Bee, Publika

It is absolutely a cliché – but holds true in the music world – when we say music transcends all language barriers. So here’s another story of one that exemplifies this metaphor; one where Japan’s undeniably artful and futuristic funk guitar meets Malaysia’s Carnatic vocals, and instrumental virtuosos with the traditional elements of the tabla. It is obvious from the…

Jeju Partners with BTS to Promote Jazz and Tourism

Jeju promotes the rhythm of nostalgic jazz Jeju pumps up tourism activity with its latest collaboration involving BTS, one of South Korea’s global superstars. It has taken us a rather…

Jeju highlights jazz and BTS. Music Press Asia
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Film of the Week: One Headlight 絕世情歌

Binging on romantic love films can be a gut-wrenching experience. Tears may flow and a sense of nostalgia gushes out igniting long-lost love. This is especially true with Jim Lim’s…

Taiwanese film features music by mandarin pop song producer, Jim Lim. Music Press Asia

Vinyl of the Month: the charm of video games

Vinyl artist of the month: Haruomi Hosono Remember the pac-man video game? Or phozon and galaga? Here is a vinyl dedicated to it all. It might not be everyone’s cup…

Haruomi Hosono Video Game music Vinyl. Music Press Asia
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music release

Jay Chou Finds New Love In Art

Jay Chou has found his most recent muse in the art world. Having seen him auctioned and exhibited with Hong Kong’s fine art auction house Sotheby’s, it came as no…

Jay Chou Release new song Greatest Works of art. Music Press Asia
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A Dark & Psychedelic Album: Morricone Segreto

For the feature of the month of August, we are highlighting a short documentary released by CAM Sugar & Decca Records. As we tap our feet impatiently waiting for Morricone’s…

Ennio Morricone Segreto Album 2020 cover. Music Press Asia
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Ogden Morrow’s ‘80s Dance Party Playlist

We Can Dance If We Want To I cannot believe I’m about to satisfy my utmost obsession for the ‘80s right here at Music Press Asia. When I first suggested to its editors that I was about to curate the ideal party music, my mind…

Music Press Asia Playlist Ernest Cline