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September 18, 2021

Artbook World Musical Instruments by Pepin Press. Music Press Asia
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Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments

Perhaps the most striking feature of all is its overarching methodised principle. With musical instruments arranged along a timeline, the book provides from beginning to finish, from earliest to most recent; a perspective on the evolution of musical instruments that would otherwise not be noticeable. These musical instruments, although hard to date such things confidently, were among the earliest of…

Last Madame: An Identity Boost To Southeast Asian

Ochre Pictures, a Singapore-based television and film production company, has recently caught the attention of arbiters of the television world in Southeast Asia after publishing their very first *M18 series,…

Last Madame is produced by Ochre Pictures and Mediacorp. Music Press Asia

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Kanye West released ninth studio album 'Jesus Is King'. Photo credit Kent Nishimura / MCT.
Kanye West released ninth studio album 'Jesus Is King'. Photo credit Kent Nishimura / MCT.

Kanye West Departs From The Secular World, Goes Gospel

Kanye West has had a rigorous if not formidable number of years. Often seen as a provocateur more than anything else, West is also seen as a man who hasn’t shied away from his disposition about social issues and creative work of others. And his songs are his outlet to the world. However, there’s another rather surprising news that came…

Not Shying Away From The Limelight

When we first hear in the wireless that there is going to be another Hard Rock in Malaysia, our heart pounce not because we know that it is another stunning…

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, Malaysia. Music Press Asia

Who’s the Music Behind Tarantino’s Latest Film?

Music Press Asia discovers some of Quentin Tarantino’s music executives and professionals selected for his latest film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, which has recently grossed $USD357.6 million. Following…

Malaysia’s Top Acts At Good Vibes 2019

When the music festival released its full line-up for 2019, we decided that it was time to take things into our own hands. As the line-up became overwhelmingly sophisticated each…

[Music Press Asia] Crowd at Good Vibes. Photo courtesy of Good Vibes/All Is Amazing
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What Is There Not To Like About Toy Story 4?

It would be hard to imagine another Toy Story production without Randy Newman. Having watched “Inside Out” and “Up”, I began to loath excitingly about the latest release of Toy…

Music Press Asia: Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4. Why we can't do without Randy Newman?
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Yuna Sings Ode To Malaysia In Latest Single

The launch of the latest single, expected to feature on the 4th studio album, has marked the beginning of yet another artistic milestone for Yuna. We recalled the last we’ve heard of the soulful songstress when she released her 3rd studio album ‘Chapters’ in 2016.…