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Doogie Kamealoha MD Disney Plus1. Music Press Asia
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Disney’s TV Series An Ode to Diversity

Disney has come a long way since its very first animation of Snow White and Cinderella. Today, it is targeting a variety of cultures, diversities, and topics close to the hearts of young people today. In this pure example of another great television series that harks at true values, Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. is a series timely in the period it…

Music Review: Larry Crowne Soundtrack at Music Press Asia
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Relistening: The Larry Crowne Soundtrack

Larry Crowne is a 2011 romantic comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, directed by Hanks himself. The film tells the story of a middle-aged man who loses his job and decides to enroll…

Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival Returns August 2023

The Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival (YSDAF), Malaysia’s largest free-for-all arts festival has finally returned after five long years. YSDAF 2023-themed “Shout it Out: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” kicked off in February, and will end…

Emiliano Cyrus Wins Global Chinese Pop Music Chart Award

EC Yiping (EC一平, Emiliano Cyrus) was recently awarded the ‘Best Male Singer Award’ at the “Global Chinese Pop Music Golden Melody Chart” seventh-anniversary ceremony. His new single ‘Ignite Dreams’ (燃梦) topped the radio and TV…

When Electric Strings Do The Talking

Violinist and composer Josh Kua recently released All A Game, a new single that launched on music streaming platforms on 3 Mar. Converging violin and cyberpunk, All A Game is a fusion of hard-hitting beats,…


Why Choose SEA. Music Press Asia

Why Southeast Asia a Hotspot for Music Trends & Festivals

Southeast Asia is a region that encompasses eleven countries and hundreds of ethnic groups, each with its own musical traditions and styles. This part of the world also houses the ASEAN nations of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and…



Yunohoo Malaysian hiphip perform at Heineken campaign. Music Press Asia


Restarting a career in live performance has been an uphill walk for many artists. Music Press Asia speaks with Malaysian act Yunohoo prior to her performance at HEINEKEN®’s Genting Highlands campaign event. Additionally, on collaborations in Malaysia and how things…

Vietnamese House Label Goes LIVE

In an interview with Music Press Asia, founder of Stargazing Records Florian Ferruzza shares the works of his debut album, starting his label in Vietnam and collaborating with local talent.…

The Impatient Sisters Release New Album Oct22. Music Press Asia

Strong Sisterhood: A Foundation of Success

Malaysian trio The Impatient Sisters have just released their latest album ‘7 Years’. Music Press Asia recently interviewed the trio on the topic of sisterhood, creative expression, and what’s it like as artists in this…

Gayageum For The Modern Day Audience

On translating a classical instrument for the appreciation of the modern audience, Hey String – a gayageum trio from South Korea – answers Taiwan Beats questions on topics of popularization…

A West Bengal Perspective

Sudip Mukherjee a.k.a Zero State Kid is releasing his latest EP today. In an exclusive interview with Music Press Asia, Zero State Kid shares with us his creative inspiration, how…


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Singapore to host Asia TV Forum in December 2022

Talks at Asia TV Forum: Content Is Still King

Good quality content transcends boundaries. The 3-day conference at ATF 2022 (7-9 Dec) will include discussions and content showcases that will focus on exclusive insights and strategic visions for 2023 – what this means in the evolution of the industry today; its creative challenges and…

Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2022. Music Press Asia

Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2022

Asia’s largest Startup Festival titled “Meet Taipei” returns to Taipei City’s Zhongshan District this year from 17 – 19 November.…


Ticketmelon Expands in Malaysia. Music Press Asia

Thailand Ticketing Provider Enters Live Events Industry in Malaysia

Ticketmelon, an event technology solutions company for eventgoers and organisers is now expanding into Malaysia. Its comprehensive platform is created to cater to the needs of event formats and audience volumes in order to deliver seamless event experience. According to its recent press release, it is providing ‘cutting-edge ticketing tools, innovative digital in-event solutions, and live streaming services’. Resetting our…

Bridger Now Includes Registration for Collaborative Works

Songwriters can now easily register collaborative musical works and all the rightsholders of a track can start collecting their copyright in just a few minutes. Registering musical works is one of the most complicated administrative duties artists and songwriters have. In an era when a…

Steinway Launch New Software SPIRIOCAST

Steinway’s Hamburg premiere sees Lang Lang perform the new software LIVE at the Elbphilharmonie. Steinway & Sons has recently launched its revolutionary new software, SPIRIOCAST. Allowing live, remote performances from one Steinway & Sons Spirio piano to another in real-time, the software allows live performances…

Hazel Savage Joins Tuned Global Board

Original press release Savage brings 15 years of experience working for music streaming services and building successful music tech businesses Tuned Global’s rapid growth will be enhanced by Savage’s experience with music data analytics and AI Savage joins recently appointed Rick Gleave (SVP EMEA &…


Music Review: Larry Crowne Soundtrack at Music Press Asia
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Relistening: The Larry Crowne Soundtrack

Larry Crowne is a 2011 romantic comedy film starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, directed by Hanks himself. The film tells the story of a middle-aged man who loses his job and decides to enroll in college, where he meets and falls in love with his public-speaking teacher. The film features a soundtrack that relies heavily on solid radio standards…

Way Back Home: An Intimate Introduction to The Himalayas

Rohan, a native of the Lahaul Valley, the perfect example of confused young Indians, has been away from home all his life in pursuit of better things. An artist at heart with an intense potential to express lacks the direction & discipline. After trying his…

Music Review: Erino Yumiki & Nadir at The Bee, Publika

It is absolutely a cliché – but holds true in the music world – when we say music transcends all language barriers. So here’s another story of one that exemplifies this metaphor; one where Japan’s undeniably artful and futuristic funk guitar meets Malaysia’s Carnatic vocals,…

A Disney Originals: The Montaners on Keeping It Together as a Family

Review: 4/5 star New Latin American Docu-Reality Series ‘Los Montaner’ Is Now Available on Disney+ Love comes in many forms and shapes. And this is no different inside Latin music’s influential family, the Montaners. With a social media audience of over 160 million, it is…


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