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Singapore Symphony Orchestra May 2024 Music Press Asia
classical music

Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Debut Australian Tour

Presented by Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The critically-acclaimed Singapore Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Music Director and renowned Austrian conductor Hans Graf, will make its Australian debut in February 2025 with a three-city east coast tour. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) has earned an international reputation for its virtuosity, having garnered sterling…

Spotify b2b campaign created Spreadbeats Music Video. Music Press Asia
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Spreadbeats: Where Music Meets Data Magic

Spotify has launched a new B2B campaign, ‘Spreadbeats,’ featuring a music video created and distributed entirely within a media plan spreadsheet. Aiming to make media plans as vibrant and energetic as Spotify’s brand and platform,…

AtlasMaior MonksJazzClub Photo by Ismael QuintanillaIII Music Press Asia
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Music Reminiscent of West Africa, Morocco & Arabian Peninsula

On the heels of their debut vinyl release, Atlas Maior will be joining Nizami Qawwali at the Asian American Resource Center tomorrow (15 Jun). This event is in collaboration with the Asian American Resource Center…

Discover Music With Heineken®

Music sounds better when shared! Heineken® is excited to announce the return of its global music platform, “Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights”. The cross-genre, cross-culture music platform invites fans to break out of their…

German Choir To Bridge China-Germany Friendship

As China and Europe have resumed exchanges and dialogue at all levels since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of students and teachers from the Chinese Choir of Burg Gymnasium, a German high…


Gulangyu Music Festival 2024 Music Press Asia
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Xiamen china

Gulangyu Music Festival Opens 5th Edition

On the evening of July 13, the Fifth Gulangyu Music Festival was opened in Gulangyu, Xiamen. The event featured music performances at Gangzaihou Beach, Gulangyu Music Hall, Gulangyu Organ Arts Center, and the streets of Gulangyu. The Fifth Gulangyu Music Festival created a “Sea Stage”…


Best Selection of Music-Related Events in May & June 2024

[Cover image: Warna Indonesia’s vocal group is scheduled to perform at Java International Jazz Festival, Indonesia this May 2024.] Dive into the rhythm of May and June 2024 with Music Press Asia’s curated live music concert and event listing, spotlighting…

Sennheiser The Mic Of Pop Music

Pop diva Jolin Tsai has become acclaimed for her uniquely enchanting voice and magnetic stage presence. Between 2019 and 2023, her enthralling “Ugly Beauty World Tour” captivated audiences worldwide. The tour, named after her 14th studio album, Ugly Beauty, earned…


Iman Fandi release Baseball Bat. Music Press Asia

Iman Fandi: “I wanted to write songs and tell amazing stories”

Iman Fandi has surpassed a great number of experiences, not all 23-year-olds would have. Already a model and athlete, she is now carving a career as a singer-songwriter alongside some of Asia’s most talented artists at Universal Music. Her enthusiasm…

Amanda Nell Eu directed Tiger Stripes win Cannes award. Music Press Asia

Interview: Malaysia Director Amanda Nell Eu

Malay-language arthouse horror film Tiger Stripes made history by becoming the first Malaysian film to win the grand prize for best feature at the Cannes’ Critics’ Week, a sidebar for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival…


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MPA 2024 Calendar. Download today

Music Press Asia 2024 Calendar Download

Discover the heartbeat of the Asia Pacific music and entertainment scene with Music Press Asia’s Calendar 2024, now available for download exclusively here at Music Press Asia! This calendar is a comprehensive compilation of all the must-attend music and entertainment events across the region. More…


Spotify b2b campaign created Spreadbeats Music Video. Music Press Asia
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Spreadbeats: Where Music Meets Data Magic

Spotify has launched a new B2B campaign, ‘Spreadbeats,’ featuring a music video created and distributed entirely within a media plan spreadsheet. Aiming to make media plans as vibrant and energetic as Spotify’s brand and platform, the campaign follows a single cell—E7—and its evolution into a colorful 3D character. This transformation acts as a metaphor for the creative ways brands can…

A Day With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur event painted a compelling picture of AI’s influence. Stretching far beyond mere spreadsheets and managerial tasks, I wonder how it can help reclaime 100+ minutes a day, even when using your smartphone. The November 30th gathering at the EQ Hotel was a…

KAF Collaborates with Mondo Grosso, Release My Voice

Pioneering Japanese virtual singer KAF and celebrated electronic project MONDO GROSSO have shared music video for their recently released collaborative song, My Voice. The video for “My Voice” pushes KAF’s already cutting-edge use of tech to another level. Utilizing 3-D animation techniques, KAF adopts a…

Musiio by SoundCloud Launches Timecodes & Cue Points API

Musiio by SoundCloud, the industry-leader in descriptive music metadata, has announced the release of a new service – the Timecodes & Cue Points API – to speed up discovery for music catalogues. This innovative, AI-powered service will offer users AI-generated timecodes for their songs, providing…


Tim Minchin writes new song celebrates Sydney Opera House Music Press Asia
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Sydney Opera House Celebrates 50th Collaborates with Tim Minchin

Celebrating 50 years of brave creativity at Sydney Opera House, Tim Minchin’s song takes courage a little step further in the world of great humour in lyric-writing. Last October, the Sydney Opera House celebrates its 50th anniversary not only as an architectural marvel, the sail-like shells building symbolizes Australia’s artistic and cultural spirit. For five decades the Opera House has…

Joyce Carol Oates’ review: The Lost Landscape

In many ways, literature stands firmly as part of music, just as lyricism is an integral aspect of creativity. Recently, I found myself reading a book written by Joyce Carol Oates. Oblivious to how this American author has profoundly affected American literature, I started the…

Billie Eilish: Hit Me Hard and Soft

After listening to the whole album in one sitting, I wondered how I could wisely interpret Billie Eilish’s latest studio album. While it may only take 43 minutes, there are many animated elements in this sorrowful masterpiece. To begin with, there is enough melancholy to…

The Perfection of Joy in Beethoven’s Ninth

Beethoven is a name we all know well today. As a composer in the late 18th century, Beethoven was already making headlines. And one of his profound creative work was composing Symphony No. 9; a four-movement symphony that continues to be heard in philharmonic halls…


BCUC live at WOMEX 23. Photo by Yannis Psathas. Music Press Asia
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WOMEX To Celebrate 30th Edition in Manchester, UK 2024

WOMEX, the world’s largest professional music event dedicated to world music, is set to celebrate its 30th anniversary in Manchester, UK, from October 23 to 27, 2024. This marks the third time that WOMEX has been held in the UK, and the first time in…

TIFFCOM’s 20th Edition Launches

TIFFCOM, the leading content market in Asia is affiliated with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), featuring a variety of content…

TIFF Japan film expo. Music Press Asia
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