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Heineken Refresh Music Campaign Apr2024. Music Press Asia

Discover Music With Heineken®

Heineken® redefines music discovery with the Refresh Your Music, Refresh You Nights platform

Music sounds better when shared! Heineken® is excited to announce the return of its global music platform, “Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights”. The cross-genre, cross-culture music platform invites fans to break out of their music bubbles and explore new sounds and expand their music tastes. Back with an exciting twist, the highlight of this platform is the all-new Heineken®…

German Choir to bridge German Chinese friendship. Music Press Asia
cultural exchange

German Choir To Bridge China-Germany Friendship

As China and Europe have resumed exchanges and dialogue at all levels since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of students and teachers from the Chinese Choir of Burg Gymnasium, a German high…

Jpop Singer imase A Sweetheart To Love

imase is a Japanese singer-songwriter. Born in a new milenia, he debuted in 2021 and found success with the 2022 viral single “Night Dancer”. His first EP, Pop Cube, was released in 2022 by Universal…

Celebrating Women In Business

The OIC International Business Centre here in Kuala Lumpur has recently made an announcement. The third edition of its event “The Muslim World Rania Award” will take place this Feb. 23. Hosting venue – Kuala…

Yunchan Lim: “When Music Speaks, Everyone Understands”

Recently appointed as Artist Ambassador at Apple Music, Yunchan Lim kicked off the year performing at Apple Music Classical’s launch event in Seoul. This happened in the midst of his performances at Seoul Philharmonic’s season…



Asian Youth Orchestra Audition Deadlines

With audition deadlines looming, its ultimate goal is its Summer Festival in Hong Kong. The program? It offers opportunities for advanced study, performance and international concert touring with celebrated artists and conductors. Are you a musician or studying to be…


Iman Fandi release Baseball Bat. Music Press Asia

Iman Fandi: “I wanted to write songs and tell amazing stories”

Iman Fandi has surpassed a great number of experiences, not all 23-year-olds would have. Already a model and athlete, she is now carving a career as a singer-songwriter alongside some of Asia’s most talented artists at Universal Music. Her enthusiasm…

Amanda Nell Eu directed Tiger Stripes win Cannes award. Music Press Asia

Interview: Malaysia Director Amanda Nell Eu

Malay-language arthouse horror film Tiger Stripes made history by becoming the first Malaysian film to win the grand prize for best feature at the Cannes’ Critics’ Week, a sidebar for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival…


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Netflix Bradley Cooper Leonard Berstein. Music Press Asia
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classical music

Deutsche Grammaphon release Leonard Bernstein conducts Mahler video

Detusche Grammophon release Leonard Bernstein conducts Mahler’s Resurrection video December. A month of twinkling lights, festive cheer, and, for us music lovers, the sweet anticipation of discovering the year’s most treasured musical moments. This year, Deutsche Grammaphon has gifted us a musical treasure: a collection…


Tech News 2024. Music Press Asia

Line Music To Partner With Metadata Company Music Story

The sophistication of music streaming is about to come to users already using Line Music to stream. Music Story, the customer-centric global leader in music metadata, recently announced a partnership with Japan’s LINE Music. As one of Japan’s largest subscription-based music streaming service, LINE Music’s deal involves improving their customer experience using metadata provided by Music Story. Music Story will…

Review AI Technology. Music Press Asia
Editor's Journal

A Day With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur event painted a compelling picture of AI’s influence. Stretching far beyond mere spreadsheets and managerial tasks, I…

KAF Collaborates with Mondo Grosso, Release My Voice

Pioneering Japanese virtual singer KAF and celebrated electronic project MONDO GROSSO have shared music video for their recently released collaborative song, My Voice. The video for “My Voice” pushes KAF’s already cutting-edge use of tech to another level. Utilizing 3-D animation techniques, KAF adopts a…

Musiio by SoundCloud Launches Timecodes & Cue Points API

Musiio by SoundCloud, the industry-leader in descriptive music metadata, has announced the release of a new service – the Timecodes & Cue Points API – to speed up discovery for music catalogues. This innovative, AI-powered service will offer users AI-generated timecodes for their songs, providing…

Thailand Ticketing Provider Enters Live Events Industry in Malaysia

Ticketmelon, an event technology solutions company for eventgoers and organisers is now expanding into Malaysia. Its comprehensive platform is created to cater to the needs of event formats and audience volumes in order to deliver seamless event experience. According to its recent press release, it…


Christmas No1 Music Press Asia
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world music

Putumayo World Music’s ‘Christmas Around the World’ Earns Top Spot on Music Press Asia’s Christmas Chart 2023

Music Press Asia has named Putumayo World Music’s latest album, ‘Christmas Around the World,’ as the No. 1 pick on their 2023 Christmas Chart. This festive compilation stands out from the crowd with its vibrant tapestry of global sounds, bringing together artists from Congo to Cuba, Rome to Nova Scotia, and everything in between. Putumayo has a knack for curating…

A Day With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur event painted a compelling picture of AI’s influence. Stretching far beyond mere spreadsheets and managerial tasks, I wonder how it can help reclaime 100+ minutes a day, even when using your smartphone. The November 30th gathering at the EQ Hotel was a…

How did Chilly Gonzales make the piano sexy again?

It is officially the month of great gigs. ARTE Festival 2023 returns this season and we are spoilt for choice. Out of the already spectacular program, I thought choosing Chilly Gonzales’ would be apt. There is a certain expectation, of course, to watch any year-end…

Khusugtun: Of Horses & Mongolia’s Robin Hood

The Mongolian culture has their lives so intertwined with horses that their key traditional instrument, the bowed, two-string morin khuur (or horsehead fiddle), is elaborately decorated with a carved horse’s head at the top of the neck. Genre: World music Meet the band called Khusugtun,…


Art Taipei 30th 2023. Music Press Asia
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Digitizing Arts Right & Sustainability Focus at Art Taipei

The Taipei International Art Fair, more known as Art Taipei, recently celebrated its 30th edition. It welcomed 145 galleries to the World Trade Center 1 in the center of the Taiwanese capital. Attracting over 70,000 visitors. Surpassing last year’s exhibitor count, Art Taipei hosted 77…

TIFFCOM’s 20th Edition Launches

TIFFCOM, the leading content market in Asia is affiliated with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), featuring a variety of content…

TIFF Japan film expo. Music Press Asia
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Editor's Pick