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January 21, 2020

[Music Press Asia] Can artificial intelligence replace artists' creative output?
[Music Press Asia] Can artificial intelligence replace artists' creative output?

Can Artificial Intelligence Overtake Creative Output?

Have you yet considered the implications of artificial intelligence in the music industry? When a group of developers working at Microsoft Japan gave birth to the world’s first high-school-girl A.I., we began to foster the idea that the artificial intelligence world is on a sprint. Racing to cash in on its massive potential to ease human interactions, speed up processes…

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Songtradr Acquires Big Sync Music, A Music Licensing Agency.
Songtradr Acquires Big Sync Music, A Music Licensing Agency.
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Songtradr Acquires Music Licensing Big Sync Music

Songtradr, a leader in the digital music licensing sphere, today announced its acquisition of Big Sync Music Ltd, a name synonymous to the role it plays, creatively, as a music licensing agency. The acquisition was a multi-million dollar cash and equity transaction. A deal which saw the result in Big Sync’s co-founder, Unilever Ventures, the venture capital arm of Unilever,…

Asia’s Tech Trends For The Music Industry in 2019

With Asia’s growing demand for a more organised music economy, companies and artists are pushing the boundaries of fan engagement, live performances, creation, and music management. Asia is definitely embracing…

VR and AR companies have coasted 2018 with largely mediocre products. Any more hype and profitability may come from gaming for now.

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WISE: What Do You See In The Future, In China?

WISE PHILIPP GREFER INTERVIEW PART 2 continues…. In this 2nd release of Barros’ interview with Grefer, founder at WISE and FakeMusicMedia – we’ve decided to include all of the Q&A…


Bose’s Hearing Aid Receives FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first ever hearing aid — a Bose’s invention — that can be used without the assistance of a medical professional. According…

[Caption: First over-the counter hearing device by Bose]
A DJ Playground

Hercules DJ Controllers Are Back

DJ educational hardware recently launched several new controllers, AI-powered software features, and educational resources to create a learning environment for aspiring DJs. Over the years, Hercules has developed an extensive…

How Blockchain Could Change The Way Artists Distribute Music

In theory, the artist receives a certain amount of money per play. Rights holders like music labels, producers, musicians, vocalists, etc., are all claiming their share of the revenue generated. Figuring out who to pay and how much to pay them, therefore, becomes a complicated…

With Blockchain, fans can purchase an album with existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and will be able to collect crypto rewards in the form of “Audio coins” when engaging in social media interactions." Image courtesy of Wonderfruit, Izzy Bizu.