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August 19, 2022

HKAF50 ArtTech Laila project. Music Press Asia
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hong kong

Hong Kong Arts Festival 100 Features Laila

Exactly a month before Laila was due to meet Hong Kong audiences in February, the technical team from Finland were undergoing quarantine in the city, and the first batch of tickets were quickly snapped up. But, unfortunately, the fifth wave of the pandemic caused an unforeseen delay to this eagerly anticipated programme. To keep Laila and Hong Kong audiences connected,…

Nissan Launches ARIYA EV In Metaverse

Nissan has taken advantage of the metaspace by putting its ARIYA electric car into it. In this new collaboration with Meta Creative Shop and TBWA\London, users can now explore the…

Editor's Pick

Maene & Viñoly To Debut New Grand Piano Design

The novel instrument was developed jointly by master piano maker Chris Maene and renowned architect Rafael Viñoly. Its design? Lies in the piano’s curved ergonomic keyboard that matches the natural…

Maene Vinoly debuts new grand piano design. Music Press Asia

Panel: What’s Next for Music NFTs?

NFTs are more than JPEGs and GIFs, they can also represent the ownership of music. Meetup 19 on CoinGecko uncovers all the potential of music NFTs – how it aims…

Music NFT in the Metaverse. Music Press Asia

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Chinese Astronauts keep lantern festival 2022 alive. Music Press Asia

Taikonaut Plays Chinese Zither on Space Station

Wang Yaping, a taikonaut onboard China’s space station core module, offered people on Earth a zero-gravity musical performance to celebrate the Lantern Festival last month. She played a segment of the popular Chinese folk song Jasmine Flower. The space show was shared via a video released at an annual TV gala for the festival celebration via CCTV 3. In the…

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GMM Grammy Launched Music Streaming App Plern

Thailand’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate, GMM Grammy, has launched the first ever music streaming service – Plern – dedicated to Thai artists and consumers. The Plern app, aimed to…

GMM Grammy Launched Music App Plern. Music Press Asia

Pregnancy Music: Effect on Unborn Baby

Sound or audio is a vital criterion in the cognitive growth and development of the human brain. As important as music is to our everyday life, it is a sonic…

Pregnancy Music Selection by Music Press Asia
environmental science

Climate Experts Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, founded in 1739, in a recent release, announced the Nobel Prize 2021 winners in Physics. A registered trademark of the Nobel Foundation, Nobel Prize®…

Manabe Hasselmann Parisi Nobel Prize Physics. Music Press Asia
rights & music licensing

Apple Music Adopted Shazam Technology In DJ Mixes

How do you get compensated if you have already been uploading music on Apple Music? In a recent announcement, Apple said that the solution to properly identify and remunerate individual…

Apple Music Now Uses Shazam Technology to pay rights holders. Music Press Asia