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December 5, 2023

Review AI Technology. Music Press Asia
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A Day With Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s Kuala Lumpur event painted a compelling picture of AI’s influence, stretching far beyond mere spreadsheets and managerial tasks. It’s about reclaiming 100+ minutes a day, even when using your smartphone. The November 30th gathering at the EQ Hotel was a buzzing hive of anticipation, walking distance from the iconic KLCC tower, where Microsoft’s APAC division dive into the profound…

Google’s Text-to-Music AI MusicLM Is Now Public

AI-generated music is urgingly becoming a topic with the emergence of ChatGPT. In between a track that seemingly featured vocals from two popular artists from the U.S, it resulted in…

Google's MusicLM AIM tool now public access. Music Press Asia
Editor's Pick

Steve Aoki Joins Yuzaku Maezawa’s SpaceX Trip

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is heading to outer space with SpaceX and he isn’t going alone. According to the latest source on NextShark, Aoki and BIGBANG’s T.O.P will join six…

Yuzaku Maezawa announce list of artists for SpaceX trip. Music Press Asia
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Music subscription to increase in 2023. Music Press Asia

Is Apple Music Going To Increase Subscription Price?

Apple users in the US and UK will have to pay a little bit more per month for their favourite streaming service Apple has quietly raised the subscription costs of its Apple Music and Apple TV+ plans, as well as the Apple One bundle in a number of countries, including the US and UK. It is the first time that…

Vietnam Promotes Startup Ecosystem

The National Program “Initiative for Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam until 2025” (Program 844) aiming to promote the startup ecosystem has gained initial achievements. In 2021, the Prime Minister approved a…

startup news. Music Press Asia

Learn & Earn with Artificial Intelligence

Kena.AI, a San Francisco-based startup, is focused on creating Artificial Intelligence that helps music creators monetize their content. By allowing the AI to teach on their behalf, its ‘Music Neural…

Technoly Learn with AI. Music Press Asia

More Technology

hong kong

Hong Kong Arts Festival 100 Features Laila

Exactly a month before Laila was due to meet Hong Kong audiences in February, the technical team from Finland were undergoing quarantine in the city, and the first batch of…

HKAF50 ArtTech Laila project. Music Press Asia
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Hong Kong

OneCool Collective Launches Movie NFT

OneCool Collective, a Web3 project, recently announced its first Warriors of Future NFT collection. With up to 10,000 unique 3D avatars of soldiers, it was inspired by the Hong Kong…

OneCool Collective Launches NFT. Music Press Asia

Nissan Launches ARIYA EV In Metaverse

Nissan has taken advantage of the metaspace by putting its ARIYA electric car into it. In this new collaboration with Meta Creative Shop and TBWA\London, users can now explore the…

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Maene & Viñoly To Debut New Grand Piano Design

The novel instrument was developed jointly by master piano maker Chris Maene and renowned architect Rafael Viñoly. Its design? Lies in the piano’s curved ergonomic keyboard that matches the natural…

Maene Vinoly debuts new grand piano design. Music Press Asia
Music NFT

Panel: What’s Next for Music NFTs?

NFTs are more than JPEGs and GIFs, they can also represent the ownership of music. Meetup 19 on CoinGecko uncovers all the potential of music NFTs – how it aims to reshape the music industry, empower individual artists, and disrupt traditional record labels. Join them…

Music NFT in the Metaverse. Music Press Asia