About Us

Music Press Asia is founded to provide targeted music & entertainment content for music companies based in Asia.

Asia’s music market, made up from a bunch of unique industry experts, executives, and music professionals, aim to expand what is left of the industry boom in the West, create trends representing Asia’s latest generation of content covering technology, a geographically diverse yet complimenting demographic interests, and future interests towards a healthy growing Asia-based music industry.

Our team at Music Press Asia comes from a multifaceted, bi-lingual and city- and music-centric influencers, who hold expert opinion within the music industry in Asia. Their industry-led expertise boast some of Music Press Asia’s most influential publication today. This platform forms one of Asia’s most prominent music industry platform led industry’s leading music executives, professionals and Asia-based artists.

We highlight some of Asia’s first-hand releases in video- and article-format releases, covering reviews, live shows, conferences, authentic opinion-led interviews with industry leaders, and developing technology affecting the music market. Our editorial division covers news from Asia’s most influential cities including Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

Music Press Asia is a one-stop media and news platform to discovering Asia’s music ecosystem. It also offers a Asia-based industry network, merging brands, artists, and music professionals with the sole objective of maintaining a sustainable Asia-centric music community.