About Us

Music Press Asia is founded to provide targeted music & entertainment content for music companies based in Asia.

Music Press Asia is a digital news publisher that focuses on the music & entertainment industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2015, the website has been providing niche content formed by an editorial and operations division fully based in Asia. With readership demanding perspectives, research and data that truly represents authenticity and integrity from the eastern hemisphere, Music Press Asia takes great pride in its credibility as a distributor of facts and opinions. Its readership today has expanded beyond the music & entertainment community; creating conversations of issues relating to the environment, sustainability and new innovations. With an ever increasing demand for information and perspectives from South Asia, Music Press Asia is forging new relations with government agencies, independent creative companies, as well as cultural communities in the region, as we view our connections equally relevant to the content published on our platform.

In the post-pandemic era, Music Press Asia continues to be revolutionary. To meet the demands in a region filled with increasing potential in the commerce and digitalisation world, its team has new reforming plans in its editorial and operation division. Driven largely by a readership made up of professionals and musicians, its existence continues to impact decision makers in the creative and cultural scene today.