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March 28, 2023

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Promote Your Music With Us

Do you have plans to promote your music in 2023? If yes, do you have long-term plans and goals to do this for many more years to come? If the answer is also yes, read on. In 2022, Music Press Asia collaborated with over 200 specialized live music promoters and marketers in Asia-Pacific and worldwide to promote the release of…

A Friday Night with Sophie Gigg

For the first time, Music Press Asia is curating Friday evening listening lists for stay-at-homes as part of the November…

A Friday night with Music Press Asia

Monday Best Music Selection For Work

Let’s cut to the chase. Monday is all about being direct and multi-tasking. If you have a whole week’s worth of work waiting, who wouldn’t want to be in a…

Music Press Asia Recommends Monday Music Playlist
Editor's Pick

How Tea Rhymes with Guzheng

Tea is where we’d like to begin. If tea isn’t a reason to bring people together, then what does? While our editorial editors may like a gau (thick) cup of…

How Tea Rhymes With GuZheng. Music Press Asia
Editor's Pick

A Malaysian’s Tuesday Playlist

Monica Tong, editor-in-chief at Music Press Asia shares her Tuesday listening rituals starting from an hour before dawn to midday and why Bossa Nova, and ultimately, birdsongs are her life-saving…

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Chaos' first step to recovery in aviation. Images and information of TheNewsMarket. Music Press Asia
Chaos' first step to recovery in aviation. Images and information of TheNewsMarket. Music Press Asia
Covid Lifeline

Aviation Industry: Being Creatively Challenged

Let’s start with Malaysia, a tropically cool paradise smack within a miniscule area called the Southeast Asia. Within a regionally attraction that is distinctly equal of beauty is the Andaman archipelago in the northwest and Indonesia’s popular reefs in the south; with a bustling, healthy micro-economy — Malaysia’s aviation industry is financially challenged, in a creative way, indeed a battled…

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Live Discussions

Livechat: Please Don’t Stop The Music

What happens when the music industry takes a huge beating following the recent cancellations of live events worldwide due to the spreading of a global pandemic coronavirus? Music Press Asia’s…

Best Music Albums 2019

Asia’s 50 Best Music Albums of 2019: 21-30

21A-Lin – OST (Original Sound Track)This OST compilation has made it onto this list just because A-Lin sings and writes some of the most heart rendering romantic songs in Mandarin…

Asia's Best Music Albums: 21-30. Music Press Asia.
Editor's Pick

Kanye West Departs From The Secular World, Goes Gospel

Kanye West has had a rigorous if not formidable number of years. Often seen as a provocateur more than anything else, West is also seen as a man who hasn’t shied away from his disposition about social issues and creative work of others. And his…

Kanye West released ninth studio album 'Jesus Is King'. Photo credit Kent Nishimura / MCT.