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April 26, 2019

BTS two singles on IFPI's Top 10 Best Selling Albums 2018.
BTS two singles on IFPI's Top 10 Best Selling Albums 2018.
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BTS Tops IFPI Global Album Charts 2018, Korea Asia’s Next Entertainment Powerhouse

It’s been proven again and again that K-Pop music acts are undoubtedly taking the lead when it comes to achieving global recognition for Asian acts. BTS, a boy group signed under YG Entertainment in Korea, takes global fame one step at a time when K-Pop’s popularity began to soar with the development in music streaming technology. Earlier today, IFPI announced…

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Goldfish and 22Bullets speaking at Wired Music Week.

Wired Music Week 2018 Focus on Education, Features Slumberjack Morgen Then, Ismaya Group Ayudita Hariadi

The 1st edition of Wired Music Week [WMW], Malaysia’s very first electronic music conference, held at Cyberjaya’s Tamarind Square, is a huge move towards the country embracing one of the most popular music genre to date. Held 11-13 May, the 2018 event is organised by RBRN IDEAS founded by John Beh and Michael Mah. The conference saw the attendance of…

How Blockchain Will Disrupt The Music Industry

Over the last 12 months, we’ve asked some of the most technologically insightful nerd and entrepreneur at music and tech conventions about blockchain, and summed up some of the most…

Blockchain is a record-keeping tool that is secure and accessible to everyone online. Micropayments directly to artists is a huge possibility cutting out labels and middle man.
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Tech Feature: Must-Have Gadgets For 2018

The new year is here, which can only mean one thing: new gadgets! Cut through the music landfill with our guide to the newest gadgets that define your musical choices…

VIVE Pro brings the next generation of room-scale VR
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Editor’s Top Pick At Wonderfruit Festival

We picked five acts from the impressive lineup of indie, folk, pop and electronic names that we think were Wonderfruit’s best so far and why. Izzy Bizu [caption id=”attachment_1872″ align=”alignnone”…

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K-Pop Music Frenzy on Spotify Playlists

The launch of Spotify’s “Hub” in 2015 has garnered more than 6.6 billion K-pop streams with over 14.4 billion of listening minutes. When we thought that we’ve just had enough…

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5 Reasons Why Your Song Needs To Be Online

Attended by industry professionals, the talk focus on how music streaming is changing ways how artists and songs break, and how people discover and listen to music. Here are just…

The Seamless Ticketing Ecosystem Perfect for Music Festivals

If you have been to any festivals in the last 12 months, you might notice that there’s been a constant, a rather unobtrusive gadget that comes with every single festival event: the RFID wristband. The power behind RFID – referred to as radio-frequency identification –…

RFID wristbands are now used to collect festival behaviour data.