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July 28, 2021

World Economic Forum's 2020 report Clean Skies for Tomorrow gives insight to how carbon neutrality for the aviation industry can be achieved. Music Press Asia

How Can Aviation Industry Meet its Net-Zero Goals?

The World Economic Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition recognises the immediate efforts to achieve carbon-neutral flying is in deploying sustainable aviation fuel production and usage. This foundation report gives us an insight into the efforts to calculate, accurate as possible, a fact-based report on the availability and accessibility of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and other clean propulsion technologies. All…

Rebooting The Pandemic

As the topic of the pandemic gathers heat in our office, more specifically like a person sitting and warming up…

Empty spaces: Live venues are facing an uphill challenge filling up an audience. Image credit Cincinnati Kentucky's Springer Auditorium. Music Press Asia

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Asia's Best Music Albums: 21-30. Music Press Asia.
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Asia's Best Music Albums: 21-30. Music Press Asia.
Best Music Albums 2019

Asia’s 50 Best Music Albums of 2019: 21-30

21A-Lin – OST (Original Sound Track)This OST compilation has made it onto this list just because A-Lin sings and writes some of the most heart rendering romantic songs in Mandarin and Taiwan history. Down to earth and yearning her crisp voice has been the trademark to her success today. A Kind of Sorrow, the theme song of film ‘More Than…

Michelle Yeoh Calls For More Environment Ambassadors

This month we continue with our efforts of raising awareness of the environment contributing our “NATURE” segment to a 2009 documentary film made by National Geographic in cooperation with FINAS…

[Music Press Asia] Michelle Yeoh calls for other environmentalist ambassador. Photo credit: National Geograaphic
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What Is There Not To Like About Toy Story 4?

It would be hard to imagine another Toy Story production without Randy Newman. Having watched “Inside Out” and “Up”, I began to loath excitingly about the latest release of Toy…

Music Press Asia: Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4. Why we can't do without Randy Newman?
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Intellectual Property

Top 5 Steps To Protecting Your Music

While the age of the Internet has brought new and exciting ways for musicians to reach wider audiences for example through music streaming or sharing sites, it has also brought…

How do you go about protecting your music?

Will PUBG Take Over Gaming In China?

In 2017, Tencent announced that it would bring PUBG to China back when it was still the world’s best-selling game. While the conglomerate has altered PUBG’s content to meet China’s…

A DJ's Economy

Electronic Music Is Changing The DJ Culture in Asia

For the last decade, DJs have been calling the shots. The mainstream music scene in Asia sees DJs taken under the wings of mother goose fertility – playing in some of Asia’s most exciting clubs and festivals. Surprisingly, Asian DJs are even venturing out of…

[Goldfish & Blink. Image courtesy of Ultra Music and Rukes]