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April 4, 2020

CJ E&M's film "Parasite" won four Academy Awards. Directed by Boon Joon Ho. Photo courtesy of CJ E&M. Music Press Asia.
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Korea’s CJ E&M Oscar Win Signify Korean Film Industry Going Global

As we eavesdrop our way, wiggling through the crowds of Broadcast Asia and Asia TV Forum (ATF) last year, we caught a rumour in the wind. Perching high on our radar, Korea seems to be emanating a rather unusual tone ever since the birth and evolutionary journey of Korean pop culture and its global reach. At that time, some of…

Michelle Yeoh Calls For More Environment Ambassadors

This month we continue with our efforts of raising awareness of the environment contributing our “NATURE” segment to a 2009 documentary film made by National Geographic in cooperation with FINAS…

[Music Press Asia] Michelle Yeoh calls for other environmentalist ambassador. Photo credit: National Geograaphic
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What Is There Not To Like About Toy Story 4?

It would be hard to imagine another Toy Story production without Randy Newman. Having watched “Inside Out” and “Up”, I began to loath excitingly about the latest release of Toy…

Music Press Asia: Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4. Why we can't do without Randy Newman?
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[Goldfish & Blink. Image courtesy of Ultra Music and Rukes]
[Goldfish & Blink. Image courtesy of Ultra Music and Rukes]
A DJ's Economy

Electronic Music Is Changing The DJ Culture in Asia

For the last decade, DJs have been calling the shots. The mainstream music scene in Asia sees DJs taken under the wings of mother goose fertility – playing in some of Asia’s most exciting clubs and festivals. Surprisingly, Asian DJs are even venturing out of the continent headlining top festivals and clubs. Sensing a deep thirst to go global, promoters…

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The DJ’s Playbook: Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Halim’s tasty selections! My name is Halim Ardie, I’m a DJ and event organizer living in Bali, Indonesia. I spin around the island from night parties to sunset…

Halim Ardie with Wisdy closing for Richie Hawtin at OMNIA Bali. Photo credit: Bali Tonight.

How Blockchain Will Disrupt The Music Industry

Over the last 12 months, we’ve asked some of the most technologically insightful nerd and entrepreneur at music and tech conventions about blockchain, and summed up some of the most…

Blockchain is a record-keeping tool that is secure and accessible to everyone online. Micropayments directly to artists is a huge possibility cutting out labels and middle man.
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Tech Feature: Must-Have Gadgets For 2018

The new year is here, which can only mean one thing: new gadgets! Cut through the music landfill with our guide to the newest gadgets that define your musical choices of 2018. It may or may not be related to how you would consume better…

VIVE Pro brings the next generation of room-scale VR
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