Monday Best Music Selection For Work

Monday Music Curation by Music Press Asia: As we approach the final quarter of 2021, a new resolution awaits. While 2022 is just months away, we find the best way to deal with a stressful Monday.

Music Press Asia Recommends Monday Music Playlist

Let’s cut to the chase. Monday is all about being direct and multi-tasking. If you have a whole week’s worth of work waiting, who wouldn’t want to be in a good mood on Monday?

But that is the challenge we’re addressing today, a Monday. You see whether you’re multi-tasking or reading, you’d need specially curated music to back you up. Because Monday Music could not only help make great decisions but also provide the reprieve needed during a break.

A hearty sonic experience is just as satisfying as having a delicious meal in good company.

For centuries ‘yoga music’ has been the most justifiable choice but in-depth researches into how sonic expressions are increasingly positive. And the choices are plentiful.

This list isn’t in anyways a prophylactic option to cure Monday blues. However, what we found among our staff at Music Press Asia, are just some of the best voted for the year.

Relative to the quality of work versus the number of hours at work, this has been our best choice. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we have.

Monday Music Playlist Recommendation

  1. Atmospheric Ambient Music by Blume plays for just over three hours. Monotony is the key here. Relatively melodious, Blume’s curation is a graceful approach to starting the Monday. While this may not be entirely suitable for a run, it is addictive. Its increasing crescendos are paired with melodically subtle higher notes, a good balancing act on the speaker. Click here to listen.

2. Lofi Hip Hop Radio by Lofi Girl has a LIVE version and plays endlessly to listeners who’d never shut down their machine. For over two years in lockdown, it has accompanied humdrum moments in the lives of our existence. Its merchandise in a form of vinyl is the deal-breaker. Click here to listen.

Go on, try it! Let us know how you’ve fared.

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