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May 26, 2022

MA Hailun Photofairs Shanghai Gaotai Gallery. Music Press Asia
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PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai To Exhibit China Showcase

Ready for a good soaking of arts from the East? Join PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai for an explosive exhibition at the Somerset House this week from 12-15 May. Titled China Showcase, the exhibition is presenting 10 Chinese artists represented by some of the Fair’s leading exhibitors. The exhibition is a partnership between World Photography Organisation and Photo London. Objectively, it aims to…

Far East Film Festival To Host Focus Asia 2022

After a very successful 2021 hybrid edition, the Far East Film Festival launches FOCUS ASIA 2022, one of the leading markets exclusively dedicated to film professionals from Asia and Europe.…

Focus Asia at Far East Film Fest1. Music Press Asia

Taiwan Beats Showcase at SXSW Online 2022

A musical showcase completely unique to Taiwan. Showcasing cultural venues including the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion, the electric flower cars used for religious purposes, the Chuang Mei Theater, the mysterious…

Elephant Gym at Kaoshiung Harbour Taiwan Beats SXSW. Music Press Asia
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Borneo Jazz Festival Returns to Sarawak

Jazz music festival returns in a hybrid format to celebrate diversity and innovation. Borneo Jazz festival is one of Southeast Asia’s longest-running international jazz festivals. Themed “Jazz in The Jungle”,…

Borneo Jazz 2018 live. Music Press Asia
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Indian classical musician to perform at Milap's Liverpool concert. Music Press Asia
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[L-R: Kaviraj Singh, Kousic Sen and Vijay Rajput]
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Rhythmic Mastery: Kousic Sen To Perform at Milap’s Series Concert

The ‘Music for the Mind & Soul’ concert series is a flagship of Milap’s dedication to Indian arts and culture. Kousic Sen, Milap’s artist-in-residence is a tabla player well known for his rhythmic mastery, whose intense and energetic performances continue to add dimensions to traditional concert experiences throughout the world’s most famous venues and festivals. Born into a musical family,…

Dea Matrona Release New Song, Announce Live Dates

One of Ireland’s new bands, Belfast duo Dea Matrona, meaning “divine mother goddess” in Celtic mythology, have recently released their brand new single and video Glory, Glory (I am free).…

Dea Matrona at Olympia Theatre Dublin. Music Press Asia

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Adele & Team Cancels Q1/Jan 2022 Concert Due To Covid

Is LIVE music really back post pandemic? Or is the disease still lingering? Just 24 hours before the opening night, Adele has adjourned the premiere of her Las Vegas residency because the show according to what she has shared on social media “isn’t ready” due…

Adele Cancels Las Vegas residency due to Covid. Music Press Asia