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February 21, 2019

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Star Planet and UnUsUaL Entertainment partners to tour Wang Leehom in Malaysia.

Wang Leehom ‘Descendants of the Dragon 2060’ World Tour Returns to Malaysia

With 62 mil fans on Weibo and 3.7 mil Facebook followers, Wang Leehom one of Taiwan’s most successful musical export in the region, is now back on tour. The show backed by production team who has worked on the Grammy Awards featuring spaceship, LED lighting, holograms, animated movies and choreography. Set to take place at Stadium Merdeka, Leehom is collaborating…

Wonderfruit Trumps Music Curation of the Year

This year’s Wonderers can expect to explore and be enthralled with Wonderfruit’s six pillars: the primary theme is Art & Architecture, together with Music, Farm to Feasts, Talks & Workshops,…

Futuro - X is a project in collaboration between Wonderfruit and The Waldorf Project
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Djakarta Warehouse Project Calls Bali Its New Home

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, and always striving to keep things fresh, Ismaya Group have not only announced a jaw-dropping line-up, but also the relocation of Djakarta Warehouse Project…

DWP festival year end makes a bold move from Jakarta to Bali.

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iGo launches QR payments at WHISKY LIVE 2017

iGo Launches QR Payments At WHISKY LIVE 2017

iGo says it’s taking it’s cashless ecosystem to the next level for Singapore concerts, festivals, and shows. IGo is hoping to get its users to either top up credits on their event RFID wristbands or via QR payments with iGo credits stored in their smartphones. The Singapore based Ticketing / eWallet Cashless solution ‘iGo’ has announced they will begin in…

A Picture Book of Clockenflap 2017

Are you still moaning over the fact that you have missed Clockenflap 2017 and longing to check out Clockenflap 2018 no matter what it takes? Well, on wrapping up Clockenflap…

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Spectrum Music Festival Comes To Johor Bahru

Are you ready for some extraordinary sights and sounds in Johor Bahru? Praise be! Things are snowballing to real excitement as we are just two days away from Spectrum, a…

Mynth to perform at Spectrum Music Festival Johor Bahru
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Cyberjaya Music Festival Heavy On The Indie

We are so excited to announce Konserku’s very first concert in Malaysia – the Cyberjaya Music Festival – slated to take place at Cyberjaya on the 25 November. Konserku has…

Killeur Calculateur Cyberjaya Music Festival

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Clockenflap: A Show You Never Want to Forget

Whenever you think is the best time to visit Hong Kong, whether it’s during spring, summer or Christmas, think again. If you have just joined the indie fan club, you…

Clockenflap coming back in November. Photo courtesy of Chris Lusher.
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808 Festival Returns to Thailand

Back for the fifth year, 808 Festival never fails to garner a reputation as some of the most famous line-ups across the dance menu. The first wave of acts announced…

Our Top 7 Favourites at Music Matters LIVE

With over a decade of curations, the Branded team has definitely left us all asking for more. 40 bands from 12 countries have made their mark at some of Singapore’s…

Fuzz Culture performs at Music Matters

UK Festival Bestival Debuts In Bali

When we think that knowledge can be an infinite conquest through life, we are also seeing the never ending story to some of the festival spirits that started in good old England. While some of us may have already seen the mud and rain, the…

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