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Watsons Malaysia Released CNY Video 2022. Music Press Asia 1

Watsons Malaysia Released Chinese New Year Video 2022

Watsons Malaysia released localised version of the Chinese New Year’s cultural celebration in Malaysia.

For a bit of fun basking in the spirit of the Chinese New Year celebration in this region, Malaysia’s nationwide health and beauty brand Watsons had already released its CNY video. Calling it the grandest and most-awaited video yet, the film featured an all-star cast including Han Xiiao Aii, Phei Yong, Amber Chia, Jinny Boy, Julie Chew, Ng Mee Ki…

Billboard Vietnam Virtual Countdown Show 2022. Music Press Asia
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Billboard Vietnam Debuts NYE Virtual Countdown 2022

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s capital city and its nationwide population, saw its annual New Year’s Eve celebration in a virtual and kaleidoscopic setting. Themed “Reset, Unite, Restart” the party is aimed to convey a message…

Gina Brooklyn wins Djooky Music Awards. Music Press Asia
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Online Music Marketplace

Djooky Launched Music Rights Investment Marketplace

Djooky, a music and fintech startup, has launched a new platform for fans to invest in music rights. DjookyX is, at this very moment of reporting, is being built on the growing interest of asset…

Art Music Award 2021 Winner

Original press release by APRA AMCOS The winners of the 2021 Art Music Awards have been announced, including some of Australia’s finest established and emerging artists excelling in their fields, and with women composers, experimentalists,…

Recommended Music Book of the Month

The Music of Malaysia: The Classical, Folk and Syncretic Traditions (Soas Musicology) (2nd Hardcover + Spoken Word Compact Disc) [Hardcover] The Music of Malaysia, first published in Malay in 1997 and followed by an English…


Jane Zhang Tencent Music Entertainment Award. Music Press Asia
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Music Award

Tencent Music Entertainment Award

Tencent Music Entertainment Group, last month, has successfully closed its third annual Tencent Music Entertainment Awards (TMEA) ceremony. Leading online music and audio entertainment platform in China, the award ceremony was held at The Venetian Macao on December 11, last year. A ceremony that was…


Ryuichi Sakamoto Released Tong Poo for Junya Watanabe

Taking nostalgia for Asia as his theme, Junya Watanabe has announced his Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Ryuichi Sakamoto created a new arrangement of “Tong Poo” (created initially with Yellow Magic Orchestra in 1978) at the request of Junya Watanabe, offering the…

Music Education In The Right Direction

Wide Open Sky follows the heart-warming story of an outback Australian children’s choir. Chronicling their journey from auditions to end-of-year concert, the trials of trying to run a children’s choir in a remote and disadvantaged region are revealed. Here, sport…


Scot McCracken UREEQA NFT Interview. Music Press Asia

Scot McCracken: “NFT Is Here To Stay”

NFT is a current hype in the music business scene. Music Press Asia interviews Scot McCracken to find out possibilities we can all think about and seriously consider: from branding of a musician’s product, selling tickets, creating value and more.…

Interview John Switzer of Seneca Music. Music Press Asia

Interview With John Switzer, Seneca Music

John has produced over 50 records and has been involved in many more as a musician or engineer. He has gold records and numerous awards and nominations to his credit. Throughout the 1980s, John performed, toured, and produced with singer-songwriter…

Cebuano Artist Dom Guyot Debuts “Unbeloved”

With collectively over 1.3 million streams for all of his pre-released singles to date, Dom Guyot finally debuts his first album, “Unbeloved”, a collection of some of his most favorite…

Interview with Mastaneh Ali Montazami Mona Kaveh Ahangari. Music Press Asia

A Performance Merging Two Civilizations

In the hope to grasp how traditional musical instruments of Central and Eastern Asia are being expressed today, Music Press Asia speaks to the co-founders of MASTANEH, a music group formed using traditional Iranian and…

Cyrus Chen, Head of TuneCore (Southeast Asia)

Independent musicians in Southeast Asia (SEA) have had to reimagine how they perform, distribute, and sell music in the wake of the pandemic, as we continue to see consumer behaviours…


Let's Talk Music

Midem 2021 virtual conference returns this November. Music Press Asia

Midem Digital Edition: Growing A Hybrid Community

Midem is a music event organised by RX France that is held annually for all music professionals around the globe. It gives everybody in the industry a chance to network with thousands of other professionals including artists, managers, agents, and more. The event is usually…

A Friday night with Music Press Asia

A Friday Night with Sophie Gigg

For the first time, Music Press Asia is curating Friday evening listening lists for stay-at-homes as part of the November…

A Bassoon Affair

In a collaboration with HKU MUSE, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is showcasing a twist to what the Bassoon, a…


Gina Brooklyn wins Djooky Music Awards. Music Press Asia
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Gina Brooklyn wins Djooky Music Awards. Music Press Asia
Online Music Marketplace

Djooky Launched Music Rights Investment Marketplace

Djooky, a music and fintech startup, has launched a new platform for fans to invest in music rights. DjookyX is, at this very moment of reporting, is being built on the growing interest of asset class in music. Offering a means for music creators and rights-holders to finance their projects. And also allowing fans to purchase rights and benefit from…

Music Cataloguing Startup Musiio Collaborate With Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce has released a simple and effective new data bias tool to its pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) ethics and trustworthiness toolkit, The Aletheia Framework. We have also announced AI ethics collaborations with music cataloguing start-up, Musiio; and with international AI oncology experts. Bias in the…

GMM Grammy Launched Music Streaming App Plern

Thailand’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate, GMM Grammy, has launched the first ever music streaming service – Plern – dedicated to Thai artists and consumers. The Plern app, aimed to meet Thailand’s growing market demand for music streaming, is powered by Tuned Global’s turnkey music…

Pregnancy Music: Effect on Unborn Baby

Sound or audio is a vital criterion in the cognitive growth and development of the human brain. As important as music is to our everyday life, it is a sonic tool used to expose the child’s development in many areas. Doing this will not only…


Lofi Girl Radio Gets Us Through Quarantine. Music Press Asia
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Lofi Girl is an animated character created by Juan Pablo Machado.
Music of the Month

Lofi Girl: A Role Model For Post-Pandemic Era 2022

While the expansion of the universe continues to be a ‘looming crisis in cosmology’[1] according to Michael Greshko’s article at National Geography. So is the state of the live music scene when we all went into some kind of lockdowns two years ago. But not everything is as it seems today post pandemic. Stories we’ve received here at the letters…

Book of the Month: Malaysia’s Beautiful Terrace Houses Embrace Climate Change

Environment Series: Professor Robert Powell and Lin Ho’s Terrace Transformations In The Tropics explores how the ubiquitous Malaysian terrace houses have embraced sustainability and climate change through the designs that work together with the tropical climate. Architecture in Southeast Asia has been given a renewed…

Film Review: Anita (2021) A Sonic Imprint of Hong Kong’s Golden Era

Anita, a biopic on illustrious Hong Kong Cantopop diva Anita Mui set to premiere all over Southeast Asia this month, has aroused a revival of Cantopop’s most spectacular songwriting of the gangtai style; a musical genre that carries a sweet, love-song melody distinct to C-pop…

Film Review: Moonlight Shadow by Edmund Yeo

Edmund Yeo isn’t a detached figure in the Japanese film world. But it is surprising that it has taken him this long to create a feature film entirely in the Japanese language. Yeo’s inventive approach to ‘Kingyo’ a Tokyo-set short film was released nationally in…


Indie Week 5 day virtual conference attracts 850. Music Press Asia

Indie Week’s Approach To Mentorship

Over the last four days, Indie Week’s program is centered around areas of business development, education, health & wellness and community within the indie scene. But on its last day, in all seriousness, shifted its program focus towards more logical and practical approaches to being…

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