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Pixar Disney Turning Red 4Town Top Billboard Chart. Music Press Asia
Marketing & Merchandise

Songs for a Cartoon Boy Band Tops Chart

– Pixar/Disney Turning Red Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features 3 original songs written by Eilish and O’Connell with Score by Oscar®-Winning Composer Ludwig Göransson. – Fictional boy band 4Town’s single ‘Nobody Like U’ is heading towards the charts.

A few months after its first lyric release, the new original song Nobody Like U from Disney/Pixar film Turning Red is still going strong. The Music In true boy band fashion, Nobody Like U is a love song. And, as young teens sing it, it’s tame but catchy. It is the first song from a Pixar film to hit the…

Endangered Species Day. Music Press Asia

Turning The Tide for Endangered Animals

Our species, the Homo sapiens, has officially seized the world. For roughly 300 millennia, or most of our existence, our population numbers have risen gradually. It is estimated that there were about 170 million people…

Taipei National Theater. Music Press Asia

Taipei City National Theater: A Cultural Ziggurat

The Palace architecture where culture is in the present. Built in 1987, the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is the first national-level cultural venue in Taiwan. In addition to hosting…

John Williams to set score to Ao No Orchestra anime series. Music Press Asia

Star Wars Composer John Williams to Score Animation

John Williams announced to set an original soundtrack to the Japanese Manga, Blue Orchestra. Deutsche Grammophon has been a long-time collaborator in John Williams’ music distribution and release. Over the decades, Williams has scored everything…

Nusantara: A Sea of Tales by Heidi Shamsuddin

Heidi Shamsuddin’s newest anthology offers some retellings and deeper insights of beloved folk stories gathered from Malaysia and across the Nusantara region. Following the success of her children’s book The Malay Tale of the Pig…

Linkfire SaaS Marketing Platform to Partner with Amazon Music

Linkfire has signed a new marketing and affiliate agreement with Amazon Music. The new agreement will further support Linkfire’s position as a leading marketing platform for music and entertainment. Through the new agreement, Amazon Music’s…


MA Hailun Photofairs Shanghai Gaotai Gallery. Music Press Asia
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PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai To Exhibit China Showcase

Ready for a good soaking of arts from the East? Join PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai for an explosive exhibition at the Somerset House this week from 12-15 May. Titled China Showcase, the exhibition is presenting 10 Chinese artists represented by some of the Fair’s leading exhibitors. The…


SoundCloud acquires Musiio to improve AI music curation

An online audio sharing platform and streamer, SoundCloud has acquired an AI music curation company, Musiio. Using its team and technology, SoundCloud plans to fortify its music discovery features. So far, the terms of the deal are undisclosed. Founded in…

Asia: A World of the Rarely Seen

While conservation in Asia goes all the way back to its disappearing mangroves and increasing agriculture of palm oil, there is much diversity in the animal kingdom too. From Brown bears roaming remote Russian volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and…


Valentina Ploy sign to Warner Music. Music Press Asia

Thailand: A Unique Point Of View

Thailand is no stranger to pop music. In fact, its strength lies in a mesh that has developed and built the nation’s taste in music. Recently signed to Warner Music Thailand, Valentina Ploy is the culmination of exactly that beauty;…

Vandal at DAORecords HQ. Music Press Asia

Where Music Should Be in the Metaverse & Web3

Where should musicians perform in the metaverse? Why should artists consider minting their own NFT today? How will it promote music? Vandal of DAORecords speaks with Monica Tong editor-in-chief of Music Press Asia on how we can all be participants…

Bihzhu: On Serenading A Malay Classic

Q1: Hello Bihzhu, welcome to Music Press Asia! First and foremost, we’d like to congratulate you for releasing the music video and also a documentary of the song titled Chendering,…

How Do We Keep Indian Rhythms Alive?

The rich language of the tabla has always been an introspective expression of the Hindustani classical music sector. Most prevalently exported from the Indian subcontinent, this pair of twin hand…

Magnifying Nature’s Whispering

Judy Wu fulfills her role as an ambassador of nature, pledging us all for change and awareness on the subject of conservation not only for wildlife but also for the…


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No Sleep Conference 2022 to discuss Metaverse and NFTs. Music Press Asia

No Sleep Conference: It’s All About Metaverse & NFT

No Sleep Festival to debut conference arm. It’s hottest topics gathering around metaverse and NFTs. No Sleep Festival has recently added a conference arm to its program. With a special spring edition of the music program featuring Nina Kraviz and more. The conference is scheduled…

Music Film Documentary Environment Feat. Music Press Asia

Forest, The Lungs Of The Earth

Music Press Asia’s Environment feature this month is a dedicated list of documentaries and songs dedicated to the forests on…


Music NFT in the Metaverse. Music Press Asia
Music NFT

Panel: What’s Next for Music NFTs?

NFTs are more than JPEGs and GIFs, they can also represent the ownership of music. Meetup 19 on CoinGecko uncovers all the potential of music NFTs – how it aims to reshape the music industry, empower individual artists, and disrupt traditional record labels. Join them in a fascinating discussion with Jimi Frew (Head of Music & Co-Founder, Emanate), Achilleas (Product…

Tuned Global, Musiio To Merge Music Streaming & AI-Powered Tech

GMM Grammy, Thailand’s media giant and entertainment company, is the first to launch a service from a music technology integration — a result of a partnership announced recently by Tuned Global, a streaming tech platform, with a music artificial intelligence company, Musiio. Tuned Global, the…

Salonga and Bublé to Judge Filipino Livestreaming Singing Competition

Kumu, a social entertainment app from the Philippines, has recently launched ‘Sing For The Stars’ with Michael Bublé and Lea Salonga as guest judges. Technology has made it viable to hold a world-class, international singing contest no matter where you are in the world. Live…

Sony & Universal Partnership Sees Bob Dylan Go Meta

Earlier this month, Snowcrash announced the launch of its premier NFT trading platform, formed in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Universal Music Group (UMG). Aiming to merge the diverse segments of technology, the creative arts and digital innovation. NFTs for cultural icons Bob…


Music Press Asia Playlist Ernest Cline

Ogden Morrow’s ‘80s Dance Party Playlist

We Can Dance If We Want To I cannot believe I’m about to satisfy my utmost obsession for the ‘80s right here at Music Press Asia. When I first suggested to its editors that I was about to curate the ideal party music, my mind drifted to a fictional character from Ernest Cline’s incredibly contemporary book ‘Ready Player One’. Ogden…

Jambinai: The Roaring Reconciliation of Rock

As midweek draws to a close, I worked up a baffling encounter with consternation; a sense of dread almost by appointment that some of the week’s most appalling workdays are behind me. Weaklings will probably expect more apprehension before the week ends, Saturday perhaps, but…


16th Music Conference ICMST 2022. 1Music Press Asia
sound & technology

16th Music and Sound Technology Conference

The 16th International Music and Sound Technology is the premier interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Organised by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, the conference aims to bring together…

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