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Chinese Media Group celebrates mid-autumn festival gala in Sichuan. Music Press Asia
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Chinese Media Group Broadcast Grand Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

Distributed for broadcast by CCTV+ Video News Agency, the grand Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was broadcast on Tuesday night (21st September) at 8:00 p.m. (Beijing local time). The audiovisual feast, broadcast overseas for the very first time, was held at Xingyue Lake Wetland Park in Xichang – the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The location…

11th Beijing International Film Festival. Source by CGTN. Music Press Asia

11th Beijing International Film Festival Kicks Off

The 11th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) opened at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center on Tuesday. It is an event directed by the State Film Administration and sponsored by the China Media…

BB King the brand lives on at 96. Music Press Asia
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music partnership

B.B. King The Brand Lives On At 96

The B.B. King Music Company, owner of all rights to B.B. King likeness and related trademarks and copyright on behalf of the King Family Trust has recently announced a revitalized partnership with American guitar brand,…

Juilliard Evening Division Is Now Juilliard Extension

Juilliard’s flagship program for non-matriculated students is coming full circle as it forges into the future—what was formerly the Evening Division has become Juilliard Extension, a return to the program’s original name. According to the…

The Happy Fits Released Tour Dates, New Album

Orchestral tinged indie-pop trio, The Happy Fits — Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis — have partnered with SiriusXM’s Advanced Placement for the first look of their new single “Another Try.” Taken from their…



88rising Executive Produced Shang-Chi Soundtrack Album

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings: The Album is now released as the soundtrack album to Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie. Adding another level of wholesomeness targeting a growing film industry involving audiences from Asia, its official motion picture…

Schirmer’s Music Prints Lives On After 260 Years

While most of us read sheet music on the tablet, the novelty of reading music on print continues to transcend how music was brought to life since 1861, the year that American classical music publishing company, G. Schirmer, was founded.…


Dom Guyot: "I want it to be remembered as, “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.” Music Press Asia
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Cebuano Artist Dom Guyot Debuts “Unbeloved”

With collectively over 1.3 million streams for all of his pre-released singles to date, Dom Guyot finally debuts his first album, “Unbeloved”, a collection of some of his most favorite tracks written during what he regards as the most ‘unbeloved’…

In an interview with Music Press Asia, Sidd a member of punk rock band Alien Sky Cult talks about the uncertainties faced in its region. Image courtesy of ASC. Music Press Asia
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India // Punk Rock

Alien Sky Cult: “[This] Is A Tale Of Who We Are”

The pandemic has reached the state of Assam, and more specifically, Sidd’s city of Guwahati, the largest city in Assam in northeastern India. With more rainfalls than other areas in the region, it is where bits of the great Brahmaputra…

Niki Zefanya: Not Stopping For Any One

2019 is just about to get more exciting for Indonesian artist Nicole Zefanya, more known as Niki. At just 20 years old, Niki is keeping busy with her latest creative…


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American Film Market is an annual event connecting professionals from the film industry. Music Press Asia
film industry

American Film Market Goes Virtual This November

The American Film Market® (AFM®) will move its 2021 edition entirely online, the Independent Film & Television Alliance® (IFTA®) in a recent announcement. An equivalent event to the Asia TV Forum & Market here in Asia, the film industry in the U.S is a global…


Apple Music Now Uses Shazam Technology to pay rights holders. Music Press Asia
rights & music licensing

Apple Music Adopted Shazam Technology In DJ Mixes

How do you get compensated if you have already been uploading music on Apple Music? In a recent announcement, Apple said that the solution to properly identify and remunerate individual creators involved in making DJ mixes streamed on Apple Music has now been created. The system reportedly uses technology from Shazam, and Apple is said to be working with music…

Computex Debuts Virtual Exhibition

With conference dates for its physical conference rescheduled, Computex, an important exhibition for the global telecommunications industry will now happen virtually for one month: from 31 May to 30 June, 2021.     What used to be an annual event, the exhibition in Taipei now faces…

Viberate & Blockparty Launch Live Gig NFT

Music research and analytics platform Viberate will be the first to test the concept of a live performance NFT, in partnership with digital asset marketplace Blockparty. Happening right now, the “NFT drop” (the release and subsequent auction of non-fungible tokens) started yesterday (April 29) and will…

What Type Of Content Can Be Monetized?

5 years ago content monetization on YouTube still had some mystery to it, however today it is rather straightforward. A YouTube creator can either build an audience of 1,000 subscribers who have watched 4,000 hours of content in the past 12 months, or apply and…


Joanna Lumley Silk Road Documentary Series. Music Press Asia
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Image by Burning Bright Productions/ITV.

Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures

Released in 2018, the journey of Joanna Lumley as she embarks on a spectacular exploration into the heart of the Silk Road in this four-part series. The Silk Road was one of the most transformative super-highways in human history. In Joanna Lumley’s grandest and most challenging journey is a breath-taking odyssey from Venice to the Chinese border along the veins…

Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments

Perhaps the most striking feature of all is its overarching methodised principle. With musical instruments arranged along a timeline, the book provides from beginning to finish, from earliest to most recent; a perspective on the evolution of musical instruments that would otherwise not be noticeable.…

Reading Kazuo Ishiguro: “Nocturnes”

Nobel prize winner and one of the most celebrated Japanese writers of our time, Kazuo Ishiguro gives us his first cycle of short fiction: five brilliantly depicted, interconnected dramas in which music is a vivid character that drives the essential expressions via the first person.…

Alena Murang / ‘We come from a line of warriors and heroes’

Alena Murang’s latest music video of its single “Warrior Spirit” [“Sky Song” album] is anything but ordinary. Clad in beautiful costumes inspired by her cultural heritage from Borneo, she dances ever so gracefully and always with a group dressed in spectacular silhouette alongside intricate handmade…


Tokyo International Music Market 2021 Is fully online. Music Press Asia.

Tokyo International Music Market 18th Edition [2021]

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is back this November (2021) with its very first online version. Albeit being their 18th edition, the conference is not letting the industry down and held on firmly to its purpose to increase connections and collaborations for those in the…

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