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Bill Kongs Edko Films Release Anita biopic. Music Press Asia

Edko Films Biopic Release: Anita

Production company Edko Films has recently released Anita, a biographical film about the life of late Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress Anita Mui. The Cantonese film – directed by Longman Leung (Cold War) and produced by Bill Kong (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) – depicts Anita’s life from childhood, her career in entertainment, to her last moments before her incurable…

HIVI! Indonesia Campaign MakinCakapDigital. Music Press Asia

Indonesia Band HIVI! Campaign #MakinCakapDigital

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics launched National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi in a collaboration with band HIVI! to promote digital literacy, targeting Gen Z audiences. In total, there are over 200 million people…

Asia TV Forum & Market and Screen Singapore returns to Marina Bay Sand, Singapore. Music Press Asia

Asia TV Forum (ATF) 2021 Headlines Asian Platforms

The 22nd ATF will kick off its physical event on first of December through the third with Singapore-based executives at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Extending its activities onto its online platform: ATF Online+. Themed…

Honda Sets New Net Zero CO2 by 2050. Music Press Asia

Honda’s 2050 Net-Zero CO2 Plan

Honda has environmental plans for its whole supply chain. It has recently asked its suppliers to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. According to Bloomberg, Honda Motor Co. Became the first automaker in Japan to…

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021

Music Press Asia selects three highlights from the winners of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021. The Natural History Museum (NHM), London, has announced the winning images for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021…

BBC Earth Is Now Available on Astro Malaysia’s Pay TV

BBC Earth, BBC Lifestyle and BBC Studios’ on-demand channels BBC Brit and BBC First have launched on Malaysia’s Astro. BBC Studios has finally extended its relationship with Malaysia’s pay TV giant Astro. Launching together its…

A Friday Night with Sophie Gigg

For the first time, Music Press Asia is curating Friday evening listening lists for stay-at-homes as part of the November series programme. The Friday program is made especially for autumn listeners. If you’ve just finished…


Ayumi Hamasaki announced Asian tour for year 2021 and 2022. Music Press Asia
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Avex Reissued Ayumi Hamasaki’s Trance Masterpieces

Available for download and streaming for the first time is Ayumi Hamasaki’s trance remixes by prominent DJs including Moogwai, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, and Above & Beyond. Shout out to all trance fans out there. The classic Cyber TRANCE series featuring Japanese popular artists…

HK Philharmonic Ochestra Chamber Music Series. Music Press Asia

A Bassoon Affair

In a collaboration with HKU MUSE, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is showcasing a twist…


Indie Week’s Approach To Mentorship

Over the last four days, Indie Week’s program is centered around areas of business development, education, health & wellness and community within the indie scene. But on its last day, in all seriousness, shifted its program focus towards more logical…

A Transcendental Tribute To Loss

Iranian singer Mamak Khadem has recently released a new single. Titled ‘Across the Oceans’, the single is a collaboration with Chris Martin (Coldplay), and is released by Six Degrees Records. It is also Khadem’s first song from her upcoming album,…


Interview with Mastaneh Ali Montazami Mona Kaveh Ahangari. Music Press Asia
World music

A Performance Merging Two Civilizations

In the hope to grasp how traditional musical instruments of Central and Eastern Asia are being expressed today, Music Press Asia speaks to the co-founders of MASTANEH, a music group formed using traditional Iranian and Chinese musical instruments. Ali Montazami…

Cyrus Chen Head of Tune Interview with Music Press Asia
music distribution

Cyrus Chen, Head of TuneCore (Southeast Asia)

Independent musicians in Southeast Asia (SEA) have had to reimagine how they perform, distribute, and sell music in the wake of the pandemic, as we continue to see consumer behaviours shift, as the digital and virtual space take prominence over…

Brendan de Cruz performs at Peatix Fest 2021. Music Press Asia

Brendan de Cruz: On Being Malaysian and Going Live Again

Malaysia’s live entertainment scene, like everywhere else, shocked to its very core, is seeing gentle revivals as the commercial sector gradually opens up. As the reticent street in the capital awaits for the rumpus of…

Cebuano Artist Dom Guyot Debuts “Unbeloved”

With collectively over 1.3 million streams for all of his pre-released singles to date, Dom Guyot finally debuts his first album, “Unbeloved”, a collection of some of his most favorite…


Let's Talk Music

Midem 2021 virtual conference returns this November. Music Press Asia

Midem Digital Edition: Growing A Hybrid Community

Midem is a music event organised by RX France that is held annually for all music professionals around the globe. It gives everybody in the industry a chance to network with thousands of other professionals including artists, managers, agents, and more. The event is usually…

A Friday night with Music Press Asia

A Friday Night with Sophie Gigg

For the first time, Music Press Asia is curating Friday evening listening lists for stay-at-homes as part of the November…


GMM Grammy Launched Music App Plern. Music Press Asia

GMM Grammy Launched Music Streaming App Plern

Thailand’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate, GMM Grammy, has launched the first ever music streaming service – Plern – dedicated to Thai artists and consumers. The Plern app, aimed to meet Thailand’s growing market demand for music streaming, is powered by Tuned Global’s turnkey music streaming technology. A collaboration with GMM Grammy, Tuned Global’s app is expected to attract five…

Climate Experts Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, founded in 1739, in a recent release, announced the Nobel Prize 2021 winners in Physics. A registered trademark of the Nobel Foundation, Nobel Prize® recognises three Laureates, whose efforts in creating new methods for describing and predicting complex systems…

Apple Music Adopted Shazam Technology In DJ Mixes

How do you get compensated if you have already been uploading music on Apple Music? In a recent announcement, Apple said that the solution to properly identify and remunerate individual creators involved in making DJ mixes streamed on Apple Music has now been created. The…


Malaysian Director Edmund Yeo Moonlight Shadow Is Now Released. Music Press Asia

Film Review: Moonlight Shadow by Edmund Yeo

Edmund Yeo isn’t a detached figure in the Japanese film world. But it is surprising that it has taken him this long to create a feature film entirely in the Japanese language. Yeo’s inventive approach to ‘Kingyo’ a Tokyo-set short film was released nationally in 2009. Since then, his work has garnered a warm and enthusiastic reception in both Japan…

World Music Album Selections November 2021

What makes November this year so special? In the World Music Charts, we’re seeing some spectacular songs and albums charting for very good reasons. Its hard work rarely recognised in the mainstream music world is making transcendental effects. And we’re highlighting these spectacular work here…

Leaf Yeh 葉穎: Birth & Death 生滅

Leaf Yeh has deliberated rather subserviently a subject anathema to many of us. While Birth itself observes the regeneration of new life, Death is directly the pragmatic conviction of all things mysterious and haunting. And since this celestial ultimatum cannot escape our mortal world, therefore,…

Southeast Asia Release: A Nonchalant Blithe of Youth

R&B Music Release: A year after the release of their first collaborative R&B single, ‘Mad At You’, trio – zeauk, CLARY and Khai Zhen – reunited to release ‘Way Up’, their second collaborative single. The single’s music video, premiered on 24 October 2021, defines the…


Indie Week 5 day virtual conference attracts 850. Music Press Asia

Indie Week’s Approach To Mentorship

Over the last four days, Indie Week’s program is centered around areas of business development, education, health & wellness and community within the indie scene. But on its last day, in all seriousness, shifted its program focus towards more logical and practical approaches to being…

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