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As Australia preps for more changes in the live music industry, LEIF is launched to assist in its recovery from covid. Image courtesy of LEIF. Music Press Asia
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As Australia preps for more changes in the live music industry, LEIF is launched to assist in its recovery from covid. Image courtesy of LEIF. Music Press Asia
Covid lifeline / Australia

Australia Preps Return To LIVE

– Australia’s live entertainment industry contribution estimated at $36.4 billion of economic output in 2019 — is estimated to fall by 65% in 2020.
– LEIF publish guidelines; recommends industry specific initiatives.

The LEIF COVID-Safe Guidelines was released last week ahead of the Event Summit, taking place online today where LEIF will unveil, along with partners EY, a first ever study to assess the economic contribution of the live entertainment industry in Australia. The Live Entertainment Industry Forum (LEIF), which represents Australia’s largest live entertainment and sport businesses has recently released its COVID-Safe Guidelines. Formed in…

Chaos' first step to recovery in aviation. Images and information of TheNewsMarket. Music Press Asia
Covid Lifeline

Aviation Industry: Being Creatively Challenged

Let’s start with Malaysia, a tropically cool paradise smack within a miniscule area called the Southeast Asia. Within a regionally attraction that is distinctly equal of beauty is the Andaman archipelago in the northwest and…

Margosa's song 'Penawar', produced by SOG Production, wins Anugerah Juara Indie 2020. Music Press Asia
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indie spotlight: malaysia

Margosa’s ‘Penawar’ Wins Anugerah Juara Indie 2020

Malaysian indie trio Margosa is hailed winner of Juara Anugerah Lagu Indie (#ALI2020). Its winning song ‘Penawar’ was performed alongside other twelve indie songs at Pentas Akhir at Spacerubix, Kuala Lumpur. And streamed LIVE at…

The Bernadettes' most recent single 'Worthless Beautiful' is premiered on 30 September. Credits: Lilystars Records. Music Press Asia
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Filipino Garage Rock The Bernadettes Released Single

The Bernadettes, a Filipino garage rock band, have released latest single ‘Worthless Beautiful’ yesterday. Released by label Lilystars Records, the single signifies the heel of a decade-long absence since their last debut single ‘Let’s Make…

Malaysian Singer Songwriter Hael Husaini Releases New Single

Anugerah Juara Lagu [AJL] award winner Hal Husaini Razmi or more popularly known as Hael Husaini has recently released latest single — ‘Bujang’– which means singlehood. A song written in collaboration with alternative pop collective…



“Peter Saul”: The rudest painting show of year 2020

Fueled with contrasting influences from MAD magazine comics to Surrealist fantasies and American social realist painting from the 1930, Peter Saul’s latest exhibition (at the New Museum, New York) brings together approximately 60 paintings dated as early as 1960s. Saul’s…


Alex Joy: Interview with Music Press Asia.

Alex Joy: Rainforest Pavilion & Covid Life in Bali

Q1. Tell us about what got you excited or impacted you the most to start such a group such as Joy Collective? How did it all began? And how has the collective evolved since? Joy Collective started as an idea…

The music of film 'Lessons from Jeju' is produced by Gregory Johnson from AcousticLabs. Music Press Asia.ures. Music Press Asia
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AcousticLabs Produced ‘Lessons from Jeju’ by Patagonia Films

Patagonia Films has recently released its latest short film ‘Lessons from Jeju’. The film centred around a group of freediving and fishing women called the haenyeo. And sees host and professional freediving and environmental activist, Kimi Werner, joins these islanders…

Niki Zefanya: Not Stopping For Any One

2019 is just about to get more exciting for Indonesian artist Nicole Zefanya, more known as Niki. At just 20 years old, Niki is keeping busy with her latest creative…


Let's Talk Music

Bechstein exhibiting its pianos at Music China 2019. Music Press Asia
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music expo

China’s Music Expo Is Going Virtual

Music China, jointly organized by China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA), Shanghai INTEX and Messe Frankfurt, is physically returning to Shanghai New International Expo Centre on October 28-31, 2020. One of the world’s largest expos of musical instruments, Music China, last year alone, hosted more than 2,400 exhibitors from over 34 countries and…


Renaud Capuçon, NomadPlay's ambassador. Music Press Asia.
Renaud Capuçon, NomadPlay's ambassador. Music Press Asia.

NomadPlay by Digital Music Solutions Expands to Asia

After launching a scale-up fundraising campaign of over €4.2 mil in 2018, NomadPlay a music platform known to ‘gamifies’ instrument practice is now expanding to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Amidst the pandemic, the app promotes virtual learning and claims to give ‘any musician, from beginners up to professionals, the opportunity to play along with famous orchestras, singing along with…

Midemlab Music Startup Competition Is Now Open For Registration

Midemlab, the leading music tech startup competition, is calling startups to register and pitch their innovative solutions for the music and entertainment industry. The competition, over the last 12 edition, has seen the participation of over 250 music startups from 36 countries. And provides finalists…

Can Artificial Intelligence Overtake Creative Output?

Have you yet considered the implications of artificial intelligence in the music industry? When a group of developers working at Microsoft Japan gave birth to the world’s first high-school-girl A.I., we began to foster the idea that the artificial intelligence world is on a sprint.…

Indie Rights Agency Merlin Extends OTTO Partnership

Merlin, the global digital rights agency for the independent label sector, has extended its partnership for another three years with OTTO — a bespoke dashboard that helps independent labels and distributors track and manage sales reports and streaming activity online. Servicing a global membership of…


Pamungkas was a member of Potenzia before launching a solo career in 2018. Music Press Asia.
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Pamungkas was a member of Potenzia before launching a solo career in 2018. Music Press Asia.

Indonesian Singer Songwriter Pamungkas Released Latest Album ‘Solipsism’

Within the last three years, electronic pop artist Rizky Pamungkas has rather quietly and confidently mustered quite a number of listeners. Having only released the album ‘The End of Flying Solo Era’ last month with The PeoplePeople, a pseudonym which he uses with much deceptive naivete. And as impressively duplicitous as it may sound – in a very good way…

Music Editor: ‘Why I’ve Cancelled Spotify Premium’

As I gradually wind down for the day pondering the thought on how my weekend would actually unfold, I began to scroll through the music apps in my smartphone in an attempt to track down music that I deem sacred for listening only for the…

Creative Lyrics Amid A Spreading Virus

While some of us are slaving away working from home, not really, majority of us who are practicing or officially in lockdown or maintaining social distancing have found new ways to hustle with time and their creative outpour. For most of us, it has never…

Parasite: Jung Jaeil’s Film Scoring A Satire

Parasite, the first-ever South Korean film to win best picture at the Academy Awards, officially turned Korea’s film industry into a global phenomenon.When all attention is on Bong Joon Ho’s buoyant words at the red carpet, and later, on stage receiving the trophy, we see…


Midem collaborates with Nyege Nyege 2020. Music Press Asia.
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Digital Conference

Midem Announces Spotlight On East Africa Collaborates With Nyege Nyege 2020

Ahead of a ground breaking 2020 digital edition to Uganda’s Nyege Nyege music festival, Midem and Nyege Nyege announce an industry focused component to the festival, bringing global players from the music industry to meet their East African counterparts and gain insight into one of the most…

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