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May 6, 2021

ASEAN organise symposium with China leaders and UNDP to discuss efforts with youths. Music Press Asia
Southeast Asia

ASEAN-China-UNDP Symposium: “The Youths, Our Future”

Last month, ASEAN, China and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) held its 5th ASEAN-China-UNDP Symposium: “Enhancing the Roles of Youth in Achieving the SDGs”, was attended by youth, government officials and stakeholders from across the Asia-Pacific region — part of a long-term partnership to work together to support the acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Central discussion topics include: how…

May Day: ASEAN’s Playlist

Labour day in Southeast Asia has come a long way since the 19th century when the idea of providing better pay…

Playlist of the Month: A May Day Dedicatio by Music Press Asia.

Viberate & Blockparty Launch Live Gig NFT

Music research and analytics platform Viberate will be the first to test the concept of a live performance NFT, in partnership with digital asset marketplace Blockparty. Happening right now, the…

Umek fights a battle that all artists and everyone in the live scene are facing right now, pioneering his efforts to test NFT’s concept as early as these post-pandemic moments. Music Press Asia. Photo courtesy of Viberate.

Designing Paradise with Bill Bensley

Few can match the rich works of Bill Bensley when it comes to luxury design — landscaping, interiors and architecture —  in the hospitality world. Having designed more than two…

Bill Bensley, Designing Paradise. Music Press Asia
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Music promoters suffered great loss in the pandemic year where social distancing forces closure for large-scale festivals globally. Music Press Asia.

Indonesia Music Promoters Launches APMI

Following the ongoing reset of the live & entertainment segment in Indonesia, a group of music promoters has decided that drastic times call for drastic imaginative and drastic measures; recently launched Association of Indonesian Music Promoters (APMI) to help boost the country’s ecosystem of live festivals and shows. Represented by Indonesia’s prominent promoters, the group was recently officiated in Jakarta,…

Rebooting The Pandemic

As the topic of the pandemic gathers heat in our office, more specifically like a person sitting and warming up the kaftan strewn wooden chair situated in the corner of…

Empty spaces: Live venues are facing an uphill challenge filling up an audience. Image credit Cincinnati Kentucky's Springer Auditorium. Music Press Asia

Australia Preps Return To LIVE

The LEIF COVID-Safe Guidelines was released last week ahead of the Event Summit, taking place online today where LEIF will unveil, along with partners EY, a first ever study to assess the…

As Australia preps for more changes in the live music industry, LEIF is launched to assist in its recovery from covid. Image courtesy of LEIF. Music Press Asia
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Covid Lifeline

Aviation Industry: Being Creatively Challenged

Let’s start with Malaysia, a tropically cool paradise smack within a miniscule area called the Southeast Asia. Within a regionally attraction that is distinctly equal of beauty is the Andaman…

Chaos' first step to recovery in aviation. Images and information of TheNewsMarket. Music Press Asia
indie spotlight: malaysia

Margosa’s ‘Penawar’ Wins Anugerah Juara Indie 2020

Malaysian indie trio Margosa is hailed winner of Juara Anugerah Lagu Indie (#ALI2020). Its winning song ‘Penawar’ was performed alongside other twelve indie songs at Pentas Akhir at Spacerubix, Kuala…

Margosa's song 'Penawar', produced by SOG Production, wins Anugerah Juara Indie 2020. Music Press Asia
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New Release

Filipino Garage Rock The Bernadettes Released Single

The Bernadettes, a Filipino garage rock band, have released latest single ‘Worthless Beautiful’ yesterday. Released by label Lilystars Records, the single signifies the heel of a decade-long absence since their…

The Bernadettes' most recent single 'Worthless Beautiful' is premiered on 30 September. Credits: Lilystars Records. Music Press Asia
music expo

China’s Music Expo Is Going Virtual

Music China, jointly organized by China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA), Shanghai INTEX and Messe Frankfurt, is physically returning to Shanghai New International Expo Centre on October 28-31, 2020. One of the world’s largest…

Bechstein exhibiting its pianos at Music China 2019. Music Press Asia
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Music Releases

Taiwanese Singer Sammy Chang Collaborates With Sheppard

Sheppard sets new direction heading towards Asia for new collaboration. Having already conquered their hometown of Brisbane, and dominated the Australian market with hits like ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Coming Home’, Sheppard…

playing now

Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure

“It’s not often that this happens, that you walk along a corridor and a small, three-year old orangutan walks around the corner towards you. Such a great sight. Yet another experience in this amazing time which I will never forget.” “I’ve learnt how vulnerable this…

Judi Dench's Wild Borneo Adventure is now playing on National Geographic Discovery Asia's channel on Astro. Photo credit: ITV. Music Press Asia
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