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November 30, 2022

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Masks Around The World: Clothing The Pandemic

A true expression of dire need to express what could potentially sell well, we are uncomfortably familiar with the curation pieces used for this art exhibition. This art exhibition makes it really hard for us to turn away out of ignorance because it is not an option. By now, we’ve come to know this piece as part of us. The…

US Folk Group Starling Arrow Release New Song

For their upcoming debut album in 2023, Starling Arrow – an American contemporary folk group – has released a new single titled “Wild Sweet”. Starling Arrow was unintentionally created during…

Starling Arrow release new song Wild Sweet. Music Press Asia
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Thai Rapper Auttakorn Of YUPP! Releases New Song

“AUTTA” features “PAT Zweed n’ Roll” in his meaningful song “You said I am” Before being on tour to several music festivals in Thailand, AUTTA or Auttakorn Dechmark, a rapper…

Autta ft. ZweednRoll in new rap song. Music Press Asia

Celebrating Geography Awareness Week

Geography is an approach to understanding and engaging with the world around us. This is at the core of who we are here in Southeast Asia. To celebrate this event,…

Geography Awareness Week. Music Press Asia
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ASEAN Summit Converges in Phnom Penh

Cambodia, this year’s chair for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), is hosting the weekend summit in Phnom Penh — the group’s first in-person meeting since the Covid pandemic. In a reportage “As major powers meet in Asia…” by Simone McCarthy, she covers the meeting of world leaders in Phnom Penh. Alongside a summit of ASEAN leaders followed by…

Steinway Launch New Software SPIRIOCAST

Steinway’s Hamburg premiere sees Lang Lang perform the new software LIVE at the Elbphilharmonie. Steinway & Sons has recently launched its revolutionary new software, SPIRIOCAST. Allowing live, remote performances from…

Steinway software SPIRIOCAST premieres at Hamburg w Lang Lang. Music Press Asia

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Jay Chou & Nine One One Released New Song via Rock Music Publishing

The Taiwanese band “Jiu Yi Yi” and Jay Chou celebrated their first-ever collaboration with the release of the song AMIGO. A song produced and composed by Jay Chou with lyrics by Jiu Yi Yi. The song cites song titles, movies and interests of Chou’s through…

Jiu YiYi collaborates with Jay Chou release new song. Music Press Asia
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