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June 24, 2019


Jean-Michel Jarre: I’m Not Afraid of Our Creative Future. A.I Is Opening Doors That We Don’t Even Know

Jean-Michel Jarre President of CISAC was recently interviewed by the Takayuki Suzuki, co-founder of Big Parade, at a convention organised by JASRAC (Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers & Publishers). Jarre, an established figure in the pioneering electronic music scene in Europe, is also a long-time activist for the environment as well as ambassador at UNESCO who’d recently moderated…

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Erik Ian Walker wrote 'Climate' in a collaboration with The ClimateMusic Project.
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Erik Ian Walker wrote 'Climate' in a collaboration with The ClimateMusic Project.
Climate Science

How Can Music Executives Fight Against Climate Change?

The interview below was initially published on The Climate Music Project’s website. Erik has been writing and recording music for theater, dance, film and television in the Bay Area since 1982. His extensive collaborations include experimental theater/dance performance, film, and rock and jazz ensembles. His latest album, Criteria Obsession with his band Castle Canyon, is an entertaining romp through the…

WISE: What Do You See In The Future, In China?

WISE PHILIPP GREFER INTERVIEW PART 2 continues…. In this 2nd release of Barros’ interview with Grefer, founder at WISE and FakeMusicMedia – we’ve decided to include all of the Q&A…

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Studio KOTO, Rana Vatanparast First EP Release

In collaboration with Red Bull Music Studios Amsterdam, the EP boasts an international stream of artists and producers from France, the Netherlands and Japan, in line with KOTO’s aim to…

Studio KOTO collablorate with Red Bull Music Studio Amsterdam to release its first EP - ME 目 EP
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Electronic Music

Malaysian DJ Slumberjack Talks Career, Gadgets And Next Gig

Slumberjack is signed to New World Artists, an independent Australia and New Zealand-based booking agency, which exclusively represents artists for live performances and concert touring throughout Australia, New Zealand and…

Morgan Then from the Perth-based duo Slumberjack was recently interviewed at Wired Music Week.

Vice President of Joox Poshu Yeung Speaks about Data Technology

In this series of interview, topics include the myth of data technologies, how Tencent expanded, how Joox work with brands and the future of this technology affecting users’ consumption of music. Poshu Yeung, Vice President of the International Business Department at Tencent speaks with MNA’s…

Music Press Asia Interviews VP of Joox Poshu Yeung #datatech #musicstreaming #localcuration