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February 21, 2019

Music Press Asia interviews Bernie Cho, President of DFSB Kollective, Korea at Music Matters, Singapore
Music Press Asia interviews Bernie Cho, President of DFSB Kollective, Korea at Music Matters, Singapore

Korea Insights: Inconsistency In Korea’s Music Chart Systems

Music Press Asia interviews Bernie Cho, Presideent of DFSB Kollective at Music Matters [Part 2: Korea Insights, Interview With Bernie Cho, President – DFSB Kollective, Korea] What happens when there’s 3 separate music charts nationwide? Korea has seen some of Asia’s largest musical export in 2018 and it doesn’t seem to be showing and signs of…

WISE: What Do You See In The Future, In China?

WISE PHILIPP GREFER INTERVIEW PART 2 continues…. In this 2nd release of Barros’ interview with Grefer, founder at WISE and FakeMusicMedia – we’ve decided to include all of the Q&A…

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Woody Pornpitaksuk is a Grammy award winner for mastering and digitising Louis Armstrong full collection produced on vinyls

Interview With Woody Pornpitaksuk Thailand’s Master Engineer

The Thailand Series: He talked about his life living in New York City, how he started his internship with Sony and went on to become the label’s leading music engineer, life back in Thailand, and the demand in Thailand that changed his perspective on what Thai music is in comparison to ‘American’ music. Woody Pornpitaksuk was awarded the 43rd Annual Grammy…

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Inside The EDM Content Machine in Asia

Indicators are green, there have been leaps and bounds in the development of the electronic dance music (EDM) industry in Asia in recent years. International festivals such as Ultra, Electric…

Write Rhythm connects dance music content creators directly to labels according to specific dance genres.

Daito Manabe On Creativity As A Digital Artist

Calling Daito Manabe a DJ may just be one of the most modest things we could ever describe a digital artists. Hailed as the world’s most renowned contemporary digital artists…

Daito Manabe. Photo courtesy of Sonar Hong Kong
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Music Tech Series: How To Build Your Drum Machine

At the upcoming Sónar Hong Kong festival, the founders of Sound Swarm will be running a 2-hour workshop allowing one to explore, fuse and assemble the inner workings of their very own Sound Swarm device. Dim Sum Labs tells us how sound is mechanically developed…

A Sound Swarm device created by a group of friends borne from Dim Sum Lab