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February 21, 2019

Patrick Moxey's [Founder of Ultra Music] interview with Music Press Asia at Music Matters, All That Matters, Singapore.
Patrick Moxey's [Founder of Ultra Music] interview with Music Press Asia at Music Matters, All That Matters, Singapore.

Music Press Asia Debuts Second Season of Short-Video Executive Interviews

Music Press Asia’s Executive Series mark the new beginning of Asia’s leading voices in the music entertainment business. In this series, Monica Tong, Editor-in-Chief of Music Press Asia catches up with Patrick Moxey at Music Matters, Singapore to hear some of their latest collaborations. Today, the growing demand in live entertainment in Asia – largely driven by the Chinese market…

Sound Of Crisis Portrayed by Ai Wei Wei

WHERE ITS BEST WITH NO MUSIC Why Music On Mute Isn’t So Bad After All “A Dedication to Klaus-Peter Beyer and the Sound Department at Human Flow, A German Documentary Film…

7 of Thailand’s Coolest Recording Studios

When I was out and about scouting for recording studios in Thailand, some of the names kept coming up among our industry mates. Thailand is not just the idyllic tourist…

Karma Sound Studios
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Zahid Yon [2nd from left] with DISAGREE band mates at Rock The World 2016. Image (L-R): Aziz, Zahid, David and Hamka.

The Undying Rock Scene in Malaysia

The rock scene has always been an underground affair for Malaysian fans. Over the years, festival goers have also been a selective few who grew up with the ever growing punk culture, which has been typically attractive among the youth of the country. Although the underground scene and its idealism have always remained an alternative choice, it has positively sustained…

Jennie Sager’s Tip To Max Out Twitter’s Ability

Jennie Sager, Director of Music Entertainment at Twitter, has recently attended the Mumbrella Entertainment Marketing Summit in Sydney, Australia. She shares her views on how artists could maximise their efforts through…

Jennie Sager is Head of Music and Entertainment at Twitter

Declan Forde talks Neon Lights Music Festival

The festival director shares with us his ideas on how to keep a lively festival experience by incorporating new elements that are new to the festival scene. Neon Lights debuted…

Interview with Declan Forde Festival Director of Neon Lights Music Festival. Image courtesy of Neon Lights

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