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June 7, 2023

Music Film Documentary Environment Feat. Music Press Asia

Forest, The Lungs Of The Earth

Music Press Asia’s Environment feature this month is a dedicated list of documentaries and songs dedicated to the forests on our planet. These creative documentaries and songs dwell on the topic of epic migrations and shifting seasons that produce vivid images on the camera, and express a poetic and poignant interpretation of our unique and fragile home. 1. Earth From…

Culture Feature: Brunei Folk Music

Brunei is famous for its wide variety of native folk music and dance that shares similar cultural perspectives and links…

Brunei Tourism National Day 2020. Music Press Asia
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Taiwan Classic/August Feature: Wakin Chau

With the Golden Melody Awards underway, we dive into some of the award show’s most prominent winners and finds one whose amazing connection with his fans since early 1980s was…

August 21 Artist Feature. Music Press Asia [Image courtesy of Rock Records YouTube]
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6 Ways To Celebrate World Ocean Day

The scientific discipline of oceanography was not taken seriously until a joint expedition was set up in 1872, an expedition that sailed around the world for three and a half…

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Bernice Chauly In BBC Interview: “It’s The Best Time To Be An Artists In Malaysia”

Author Bernice Chauly has finally published a text transcription of the excerpt from an interview with the BBC World Service “The Cultural Frontline”, a programme released right after Malaysia’s election May last year. In a special episode “Truth and Taboo from Malaysia to the Middle East”. The following excerpt, transcribed to text from the BBC programme, is initially published on…

Studio KOTO, Rana Vatanparast First EP Release

In collaboration with Red Bull Music Studios Amsterdam, the EP boasts an international stream of artists and producers from France, the Netherlands and Japan, in line with KOTO’s aim to…

Studio KOTO collablorate with Red Bull Music Studio Amsterdam to release its first EP - ME 目 EP
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The DJ’s Playbook: Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Halim’s tasty selections! My name is Halim Ardie, I’m a DJ and event organizer living in Bali, Indonesia. I spin around the island from night parties to sunset…

Halim Ardie with Wisdy closing for Richie Hawtin at OMNIA Bali. Photo credit: Bali Tonight.

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Sound Of Crisis Portrayed by Ai Wei Wei

WHERE ITS BEST WITH NO MUSIC Why Music On Mute Isn’t So Bad After All “A Dedication to Klaus-Peter Beyer and the Sound Department at Human Flow, A German Documentary Film…

7 of Thailand’s Coolest Recording Studios

When I was out and about scouting for recording studios in Thailand, some of the names kept coming up among our industry mates. Thailand is not just the idyllic tourist…

Karma Sound Studios
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Top 8 Highlights Of 2017

Before the year marks its very last day, we’ve turned nostalgic and just wanted to say that the roller coaster ride was all worth it. As much as it was…

Daito Manabe is one of our favourite gig to date. His work 'Nosaj Thing' is an innovative infuse the use of drones, lighting and dance.
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Konserku Crowdsource Platform For Live Music

The conservative route to producing a concert is to organise a fantastic event by predicting the act and theme that may not be what the audience would like or even know. An act who might be popular in one country may not be in another.…

AHSP audience - image credit to Mikhail Teguh Pribadi