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April 13, 2021

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Instrumental ‘Dusk’ Defies The Vocal-Less Rock World

If you think that evolving to become an instrumental rock band is a rare occurrence. And that keeping it all together may seem improbable and heading for disaster. Then, this story deserves to be told — in all respect, as a successful creative cell and the enduring characters it possess as a rock group, Nabowa seem to have it all.…

Gearing Up For ForuMuzik, KL Jamm

The first edition of KL Jamm’s ForuMuzik begins Friday, April 26, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre in…

Studio KOTO, Rana Vatanparast First EP Release

In collaboration with Red Bull Music Studios Amsterdam, the EP boasts an international stream of artists and producers from France, the Netherlands and Japan, in line with KOTO’s aim to…

Studio KOTO collablorate with Red Bull Music Studio Amsterdam to release its first EP - ME 目 EP
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Editor's Pick
Daito Manabe is one of our favourite gig to date. His work 'Nosaj Thing' is an innovative infuse the use of drones, lighting and dance.

Top 8 Highlights Of 2017

Before the year marks its very last day, we’ve turned nostalgic and just wanted to say that the roller coaster ride was all worth it. As much as it was a huge success to celebrate our very first anniversary, it was without a doubt that we got here not only with the support from our music enthusiasts but also the…

Festival Travels Made Easy with Gig Life Asia

“Gathering your friends, making bookings, etc are all obstacles for those looking to attend events outside of their home country. We wanted to bridge that by creating these packages and…

Gig Life Asia Launches Festival Travel Packages at Wonderfruit Festival 2017

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The Undying Rock Scene in Malaysia

The rock scene has always been an underground affair for Malaysian fans. Over the years, festival goers have also been a selective few who grew up with the ever growing…

Zahid Yon [2nd from left] with DISAGREE band mates at Rock The World 2016. Image (L-R): Aziz, Zahid, David and Hamka.

Jennie Sager’s Tip To Max Out Twitter’s Ability

Jennie Sager, Director of Music Entertainment at Twitter, has recently attended the Mumbrella Entertainment Marketing Summit in Sydney, Australia. She shares her views on how artists could maximise their efforts through…

Jennie Sager is Head of Music and Entertainment at Twitter

Declan Forde talks Neon Lights Music Festival

The festival director shares with us his ideas on how to keep a lively festival experience by incorporating new elements that are new to the festival scene. Neon Lights debuted…

Interview with Declan Forde Festival Director of Neon Lights Music Festival. Image courtesy of Neon Lights

A2LiVE Satiates China’s Demand for Electronic Music

China’s biggest EDM festival STORM Festival founder Eric Zho speaks about how he got into EDM and the festival industry which catapulted into something unexpectedly huge and beyond expectation. It’s a story of entrepreneurship that pioneered the reemergence of a sub music genre. It is…

A2LiVE and STORM founder Eric Zho speaks about the EDM industry in China. Image courtesy of Ato Ato Intergrated Media.