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7 of Thailand’s Coolest Recording Studios

We explore a range of Thailand’s most sophisticated studios stacked with the latest sound systems right to its award winning studio engineers.

Karma Sound Studios

When I was out and about scouting for recording studios in Thailand, some of the names kept coming up among our industry mates. Thailand is not just the idyllic tourist destination, but also a hub for award-winning music producers to work and reside. Let’s just say that there’s enough of sunshine to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Karma Sound Studios

On top of the list is one of our favourite studios in Thailand. Chris Craker is a long-time name in the music production scene and is no way close to the amateur in his field. Award-winning films as recent as Interstellar and collaborations with big names such as Hans Zimmer and Mark Osbourne are associated to Chris Craker’s name making this producer one of the living legends in the music industry and dubbed “The Gods of Music Producers”. His extensive work stretches throughout Europe, America and the Far East on projects for Sony, Universal, BMG, EMI, Decca, Virgin, Warners, Koch, ASV and Naxos, and for more than 100 other independent record companies.

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2. Studio 28

Coolest Recording Studio in Thailand - Studio 28

Designed by TEC nominated studio designer Jay Kaufman, Studio28 represents some of the region’s top class studios found in Bangkok. Its control room is adorned with the SSL Duality 48 Delta coupled with the Oceanway Custom Speaker as its main equipment. Their prized possession is its live room – a large room designed especially for a 64-piece orchestra with a fantastic reverb time of 1.2 milliseconds; adjustable using its signature movable ceiling panel. Some of the country’s most prominent organisations and individuals including the Siam Philharmonic Orchestra, Burin Boonvisut, Nadao Bangkok, and Warner Music Thailand are just some of the few names associated as partners and collaborators of the studio.

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3. Studio THomasso

Soma sound studios

Studio THomasso

This studio boasts two location situated in two distinct part of Thailand – one in Thailand’s most pristine island of Krabi and the other in the classic city of Chiang Mai. Soak in its history and be inspired by the world’s oldest temples and cultures in Chiang Mai while you enjoy its 5-room facility that comes with an astounding live room (ca. 180 sq ft) with a high ‘cathedral’ ceiling (over 12 ft), new control room and mastering suites.

The funky analogue studio is located in the tranquillity and lush garden just outside of Chiang Mai and comes

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with a pool for those tired music producers and artists to chill. The studio company is also affliated to other studios in Bali with more studios opening in Canggu and Ubud. They have worked with international acts including Incognito (UK, Acid Jazz Band), Cro (German hip hop artist), David Abbruzze (American Rock Drummer ex-Pearl Jam), Kevin James (Australian World / Kirtan singer-songwriter).

4. Krabi Road Studios

Krabi Road Studios

Krabi Road Studios

Set in a private villa, Krabi studio is just minutes drive away from the island’s famous paradise the Ao Nang Beaches. Let’s also not forget that it features an SSL AWS 900 + SE console upgraded with the latest SSL DELTA software and also Lynx Aurora 16 HD/LT x2 32 in / 32 out.

Softwares offered at the studio include Avid Protools 12HD, Waves Platinum, Antares Autotune 8, and Steven Slate Drum Platinum. Krabi Road Residential Studios is sophisticatedly decorated with a 40m2 control room, 15m2 drum booth & 6m2 vocal booth with state of the art digital and analogue recording equipment.

The rooms are all built to an acoustically high standard and the drum room has a great live sound but can be changed to a dry sound within minutes.

5. Dynamic Recording Studio

Dynamic Recording Studio - Coolest Recording Studios in Thailand 2018

Dynamic recording studio was established by Mr Rungkan Tatiyasuk in 2002 with the goal of providing professional quality audio services from recording through to mastering. Its professional team have worked and collaborated extensively alongside filmmakers and artists providing services from recording, mixing to mastering a track.

Their latest works include the soundtrack of Thai productions – A Gift (2016), One Day (2016), Heart Attack (2015) and Bad Genius released just last year. Other international collaborations include Tata Young and Ska In The World Records’ rapper T-Bone.

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Boasting alongside its Focusrite Platinum 16 Channel on Control 24 and AEA TRP The Original Ribbon Mic Pre, they’ve also chosen to create with Pro tools HDX 10 With Control 24, Mac Pro, HD I/O, Apogee AD16X and many other systems for recording bands, voice-overs, dubbing and also mobile recording.

6. Paradise Production

Paradise Production - Coolest Recording Studios in Thailand

One thing that we know for certain about Nicolai Kehlet isn’t just about his passion for the guitar but also for his nurturing and passion as a producer, composer and voice-over business. While Kehlet has more than 20 years of radio and TV commercial experience working as a producer and sound engineer, it is his endearing personality that has brought him this far.

His clients come from far and wide, from leading organisations in the arts, business and music industry to work with this mastermind of sound who now resides in Bangkok. What set this production house apart from all others has to be its voice over services, of which it provides for the region; translating animation, films, documentaries, and all visual content into Burmese, Thai, Malay, Cambodian, Chinese, Lao and many other local dialects and languages within South Asia.

Their partners include Disney, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Goethe Institute, Shell, Koi Group, Kirby Studios, Binari Sonori, Zebra Worldwide, Linde Group, Dove, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ogilvy & Mather just to name a few.

7. Legend Music

Legend Music Recording Studio - Coolest Recording Studio in Thailand

Legend Music Productions started out in 1999 as an independent record company releasing albums and promoting acts such as Jo Day, Toxic Shame, 57, OldMol, Waverly and others. It changed its course in 2003 focusing on providing world-class music production facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town before moving its entire facility to Phuket in 2010.

Now, it is a professional audio production company, record label and music publishing company run by ex-South African music producer and composer Gary Crause. His works have been recorded by Die Campells, Pat Savage, Maya, Luhann, Dark Fiber, Legends of Siam and Jon Selby.

Today, its digital studio is powered by Cubase, with a 24 channel analogue front end of Focusrite Liquid Channel and Mackie Onyx preamps with recordings heard through ADAM S3A midfields and Samson Resolv 6A nearfields.

Clients include HBO, Universal Music Group, Donna Summer, Live89.5FM Phuket, Jupiter Entertainment, ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association), Hard Rock Cafe, Standard Bank of South Africa, and many more.

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