Interview With Woody Pornpitaksuk Thailand’s Master Engineer

Check out the audio interview with Mastering Engineer Woody Pornpitaksuk. He was recognised at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for his work on Louis Armstrong’s Historical Album: The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings.

Woody Pornpitaksuk is a Grammy award winner for mastering and digitising Louis Armstrong full collection produced on vinyls

The Thailand Series: He talked about his life living in New York City, how he started his internship with Sony and went on to become the label’s leading music engineer, life back in Thailand, and the demand in Thailand that changed his perspective on what Thai music is in comparison to ‘American’ music.

Woody Pornpitaksuk was awarded the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for his stupendous work remastering the Historical Album: Louis Armstrong The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings. To date, he’d mastered and mixed songs recorded by high profile artists including Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow. His versatility stirs towards modern alternative and worked with artists including  T-Bone, Thaitanium, Mellow Motif, and Suburbian.

Pornpitaksuk shares his love for Sony headphones for its incredible noise cancellation features.

“I grew up listening to American music and then I learned how to do music production in the American way. It’s how I’ve been taught. If I want to work with Thai people, I will have to train and listen to the way they make music: to tone down what I do in order for me to do Thai music for Thai people.”

For more information about his work, contact him here.



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