Girls Generation Music Production House Partners with GUM Asia

Where do we find the  music and video production powerhouses in Asia? Perhaps China, Japan and Korea may have the answer to that.

Award winning production houses that produces Girls Generation music and video expands partnership to China.

Shanghai-based music production house Green United Music (GUM) Asia has recently partnered with DCH Studio in Tokyo, Japan, to expand its Asia network. GUM Asia was launched in China in 2014 by French GUM (Green United Music) to capture a share of the rapidly growing music market in advertising and film.

The projects they worked on have won several awards, establishing GUM as one of the top music production houses in China. Clients include Dior, Nike, Ford, Yves St Laurent, Adidas, L’Oréal, Huawei, BMW, Coca Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Lacoste and Air France. Award-winning DCH Studio, a high-end music production house, was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2005 by DIGZ Inc., Group. Located in trendy Shibuya, DCH Studio has an extensive list of clients and services that complement GUM Asia’s own portfolio and offerings.

Green United Music GUM

Green United Music GUM

Both companies are known in the music industry as innovative music companies, providing original music composition, sound generator for both TV commercials and films, cultivating world-class artists including Woodkid, The Shoes, Rocky, and many others. Both are creators in pursuit of high-quality entertainment. DCH Studio’s clients include Japan Airlines, Mos Burger, Pocky, Japan Rail, Canon, Segway, and Homex.

GUM Asia’s expertise and experience cover the full scope of a soundtrack, including original music, sound design, and VO casting, recording and mix. GUM’s proprietary and successful music label – Label GUM –provides a full music licensing service to agencies and brands. Their extensive and continuous development of their music libraries – GUM Tapes, GUM Collections, and GUM Motion Tracks – allows a more immediate response to projects needing existing music.

DCH studio’s successful proprietary label has recorded artists in Japan including Exile’s Shokichi, Sakamoto Maaya, Itano Tomomi, Miyano Mamoru, Sky’s the Limit, Doberman Infinity, Goriki Ayame, D-Lite (from BigBang), Faky and Exile. DCH has won numerous awards including the 56th and 57th Japan Awards for Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Platinum awards for EXILE “LOVE” and Girls Generation “Mr Taxi”, Gold for Amuro Namie “Past & Future” and Exile “Negai no Tou” and AI “Hapiness” which sold 4.2 million copies.

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