Taiwan Classic/August Feature: Wakin Chau

August 2021 Classic Artist Feature: Wakin Chau

August 21 Artist Feature. Music Press Asia [Image courtesy of Rock Records YouTube]

Wakin Chau's latest song 我把人生唱成一首給你的歌 A Song for You. Image courtesy of Rock Records. Music Press Asia

With the Golden Melody Awards underway, we dive into some of the award show’s most prominent winners and finds one whose amazing connection with his fans since early 1980s was just the tip of the iceberg. Forward to the present day, Emil or more notably known as Wakin Chau is a household name in the region. Having carved a name as a singer, songwriter and actor, he has released over forty albums in Mandarin, Cantonese and English since 1985.

Initially working as an assistant producer at Rock Records, he later went on to release his very first Mandarin album with the same record label. Platinum albums include: You Make Me Happy and Sad (讓我歡喜讓我憂), The Flowery Heart (花·心), Music Brings Us Together (有弦相聚), and Emil & Friends (朋友). Together, these four songs alone have seen over 100 million views on YouTube. These songs remained some of the 90s most-broadcasted songs on the radio worldwide.

After releasing his first folk album “最後圓舞曲 The Last Waltz”, Wakin Chau continues to record another thirty-three solo albums that sold around thirty five million copies worldwide. Still actively recording and producing records, Wakin has toured more than two hundred times and remained one of Taiwan’s top ticketed event in history.

The arrival of the twenty first century and digitalisation, Wakin increased his live performance and celebrated his twentieth year in the music scene in 2006 with the release of “Rain Man” – his twenty ninth solo album. In 2008, Huajian was invited to perform at the Beijing Olympics opening and and closing ceremonies. Shanghai World Expo extended its invitation to him in 2010 for the opening ceremony.

Wakin Chau’s latest releases remain favourites in our playlist as below:

我把人生唱成一首給你的歌 A Song for You (2020)
少年 The Younger Me (2019)
賽貂蟬 My Farewell Lady (2019)

“My Farewell Lady” is lyrically theatrical, of a class entirely separate to any recent releases we have seen today. Produced by Wakin Chau and Wilson Teng, it can directly be a soundtrack of a live musical presentation. He has taken music production away to what modern classics envisioned today. Produced by Stars Ferry Music Production Ltd, Producer Wakin Chau, Wilson Teng. Distributed by Rock Records.

Reference link: Wakin Chau’s official website.

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