Top 8 Highlights Of 2017

Before we say adios to 2017, we’ve got you the last candy of the year – in no particular order, a highlight of some of our most favourite Asia moments of the year.

Daito Manabe is one of our favourite gig to date. His work 'Nosaj Thing' is an innovative infuse the use of drones, lighting and dance.

Before the year marks its very last day, we’ve turned nostalgic and just wanted to say that the roller coaster ride was all worth it. As much as it was a huge success to celebrate our very first anniversary, it was without a doubt that we got here not only with the support from our music enthusiasts but also the music professionals, brands and friends that have read and shared our stories. But before we say adios to 2017, we’ve got you the last candy of the year – in no particular order, a highlight of some of our most favourite and glorious moments of the year.

Representing our techiest brand of the year, Sandpiper‘s return to Ultra Singapore provides the ultimate RFID experience for festival-goers around the region. Its service has completely changed the region’s festival experience in par with the whole ‘cashless’ community of Singapore and its popularity is also spilling into other entertainment events such as its involvement at Slush Singapore, Together Festival, 808 Festival, F1 Singapore’s fringe events and more. Its entry into the scene marked a start to a new generation where queuing at drinks and food at festivals and major events are no longer a deal breaker.

Our star-struck moment came when we were given the special VVIP pass and escorted to Viral Fest Asia’s backstage to interview Slot Machine – Thailand’s very own King of Rock. Dressed in smart black suits, the four members of the band exuded both stature and confidence in handling every question we threw at them. Their musicianship skills shined through their tenacity and decade-old art form. Signed to one of Thailand’s largest label BEC-Tero Music, this internationally-touring band has proved that teamwork, skill, plus patience represent some of the most important elements of success. Catch their latest album here. Viral Fest Asia is organised by WebTVAsia, one of the fastest growing digital content distributors for the entertainment industry in Asia.

Consider this your once-in-a-lifetime gig – to dance, party, breakfast, and yoga with some of the most celebrated DJs in the world. Ever wonder how Peking Duk created their most memorable beat of the year or how Higher Brother’s latest single is taking China by storm? Wait no more as we propose the high-endorphin electronic-magnified gig of the century – IT’S THE SHIP or abbreviated as ITS. Introducing a new destination every year before returning to its embarkation point in Singapore, let IT’S THE SHIP be the compass of every music festival and gig thereafter. Check out our very own Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss ITS.

While K-pop music and culture continue to dominate some of the trendiest dramas and fashion in the region, it is without a doubt that we are now experiencing a seismic shift in electronic music – from underground to mainstream genre. This genre has not only gained popularity in underground clubs around the world but has extended to major music festivals in Asia including Djakarta Warehouse Project (Indonesia), ULTRA (Asia), Sonar (Hong Kong), STORM (China), ZoukOut (Singapore) and IT’S THE SHIP (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand).

The Higher Brothers, who hail from the city of Chengdu, China, has caught some major attention in and outside China when they released their latest single from the album Black Cab, “Made in China,” “711,” “Bitch Don’t Kill My Dab,” and “WeChat,” which features Keith Ape to mass internet admiration. If you have a songwriter’s block figuring out the theme for your next single, be inspired by some of the most mundane topics in everyday life because you’ll never know where or when the next hit song may be. Our interview with Higher Brother, prior to their gig at Clockenflap this year, may just be the starting tip of the iceberg.

Higher Brothers

Higher Brothers

Magnetic Asia has been highly recognised as an esteemed festival organiser of Clockenflap, a 10-year-old art and music festival located at one of Hong Kong’s busiest ferry terminals – Tsim Tsa Tsui. Magnetic Asia has long been rated to have organised one of the longest-running festivals in Hong Kong. With its articulated and diverse festival curation experience, it launched Sonar Festival, one of Spain’s largest sonic festival brands ever organised out of Europe. Sonar gained its reputation in its first year merging stellar line-ups, exhibitions from the latest development of virtual and augmented reality, interactive installations, 4k holographs, to experimental workshops building your very own soundboard.

If you were at Sonar, Hong Kong last April, we honestly hope you haven’t missed Daito Manabe’s main gig. His latest release as a digital artist in OK Go’s single – Obsession – and involvement with Rio 2016 Olympic Games are projects which showcased the incorporation of visual and virtual and augmented reality. The Japanese programmer, creator and interactive designer are pushing the boundaries merging technology and music pioneering a whole new era of DJs as new digital artists. Daito Manabe is still one of the few digital artists in the world who could create this sensation for the eyes.

Only into its third year, Wonderfruit has already made a name for itself curating some of the most diverse music and arts programme incorporating nature, wellness and the big S – sustainability in the region. Be wowed by its 3-storey high art sculptures as well as its beautifully-designed stages for its music line-up as there are no other festivals as such in the region. Promoting wellness, it has also invited chefs from boutique restaurants to curate its ‘green’ menu sourced locally from farmers and traders. This 4-day festival is not only promoting the attendance of families, but is also pet-friendly.



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