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June 21, 2024

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Daito Manabe is one of our favourite gig to date. His work 'Nosaj Thing' is an innovative infuse the use of drones, lighting and dance.

Top 8 Highlights Of 2017

Before the year marks its very last day, we’ve turned nostalgic and just wanted to say that the roller coaster ride was all worth it. As much as it was a huge success to celebrate our very first anniversary, it was without a doubt that we got here not only with the support from our music enthusiasts but also the…

RFID, The Cashless World in Music Entertainment

With its recent merger with Sandpiper Asia, GoGorilla’s founder James Kane new found role is anything but mundane. Since the start of the partnership, they have merged GoGorilla’s RFID tech…

Sandpiper Asia Director Talks About RFID technology

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