5 Must-See at Sonar Hong Kong

Magnetic Asia presents Sonar’s first Hong Kong edition featuring tight line ups of the world’s most outstanding electronic music gigs.

Sonar Hong Kong is Magnetic Asia's very first eletronic music festival

In about two weeks, Hong Kong will see its first ever electronic music festival, conference, installations event organised by Magnetic Asia, the Hong Kong-based.

One of Hong Kong’s most vital electronic artists, Choi Sai-ho will be performing at Magnetic Asia’s very first electronic music festival, Sonar. Already with a vast repertoire performing at local and international music festivals including Perform Media Festival (USA), The IFVA Festival, Electron Festival 2012 (Geneva, Switzerland), Worldtronics 2012 (Berlin, Germany) and VideoBrazil Festival (Brazil), this artist is also a multi-award winner, aside from being named as the No. 1, Best of Hong Kong Indie Artist 2009 by Hong Kong Time Out Magazine, CNNGO’s Best Hong Kong act in 2011. he also won the Award of Young Artist (Media Arts) by Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2012 and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2013.

With such impressive accolades, be sure to catch him if you are at Sonar, Hong Kong.

Choi Sai Ho is one of Hong Kong's No.1 DJ

Choi Sai Ho is one of Hong Kong’s No.1 DJ

ARHT Media will be presenting its single largest contiguous 4K holograph – an immersive life-like HumaGrams™ provides a live, 2-way interactive experience beamed over the public internet displayed using state-of-the-art holographic stages, VR/AR Headset and smARHT Phone app. A must-see VR experience specially curated for the first time in a music festival in Asia.

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