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Music Conference: May-October 2023

Music Conference 2023 in Asia-Pacific, Europe, USA & Canada. 

Music conference 2023. Music Press Asia

The month of May is almost coming to an end. While artists may have toured earlier in the year, the second half of 2023 is also a season of B2B exhibitions and conferences. The digital world would mean that there are always ways to connect, but there is nothing more valuable than a face-to-face appearance.


Date: 5-9 Sept, 2023
City/Country: Seoul, South Korea
Venue: Grand Hyatt Seoul & Hongdae

Seoul has been at the epicenter of Mu:con, a music conference and festival dedicated to educating and providing opportunities for the youth to export their music and make important networks within the music production and live performance industry.

Seoul Music Conference Mucon kpop. Music Press Asia
[Mu:con is Seoul’s popular music conference aimed at exporting Korean pop music.]

While the venue may change every year, it reflects the positive change necessary to benefit and improve its impact towards Korean musicians and artists. The first day of Mu:con is dedicated to matching creative businesses and networking. It will be held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul starting with workshops and business matching meetings. The day will end with a mixer right at the foyer of the hotel.

Business matching will continue on the second day of Mu:con at the RYSE, Autograph area near Hongik University.

Where in Seoul?

Music showcases launches on the second day at 3 venues near Hongik University: Shinhan PLAY Square Live Hall, Musinsa Garage and Rolling Hall. With the first line-up scheduled for 5pm on both evenings, it will feature 30 hours of live music in total. Attendees will include industry delegates looking to book Korean musicians and artists for shows and festivals ending 2023 and 2024.

For more information about Mu:con 2023 program, click here.

Mucon Seoul music conference 2023. Music Press Asia
[Mucon Seoul music conference 2023]

Date: September 11 – 13, 2023
City/Country: Singapore
Venue: Hilton Singapore Orchard

Web2 meets Web3 at the Gateway to Asia at the start of the Singapore F1 GP week September 11-13 and featuring the very best speakers, live music and networking for the Music, Sports, Gaming, Digital, Marketing and Web3 industries.

Music Matters 2023. Music Press Asia
[Music Matters 2023 returns this September.]

Expect a collaborative cross-industry platform and business-to-business-to-fan experience that produces distinct industry insights and exceptional networking opportunities.

Speakers for the 2023 panel program will include Hazel Savage (SoundCloud), Jon Vlassopulos (Napster), Marshall Nu (AEG/Anshutz Entertainment Group), Matthias Blume (The Coca-Cola Company), Paul Smith (Google) and more.

Speakers at All That Matters 2023. Music Press Asia
[Some of the speakers to feature at All That Matters 2023, Singapore.]

Music Matters Live – its sister event – is a free live-music festival that is the gateway for emerging dynamic artists looking to break into Asia and perform to new fans.

Last year in 2022, its presenting partners at Music Matters included Universal Music Group, Believe, and YouTube Music.

For more information, visit their official website here.

Tokyo International Music Market [20th edition]
Date: October 25 – 27, 2023
City/Country: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Tokyu Kabukicho Tower

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is a B-to-B convention that brings together professionals of the music industry from Japan and abroad. Their common goal? To promote and export Japanese music overseas.

This year, TIMM celebrates its 20th anniversary and has already announced its Tokyo venue, held for the first time in 4 years in the newly opened Kabukicho of Shinjuku district. Shinjuku is known also as an entertainment district, just like Shibuya where TIMM was held for many years in the past. (cont.)

Music festivals 2023 Asia Pacific. Music Press Asia

Since 2020 and covid-19, TIMM is held mainly online. Offering the same services as a physical or offline conference, its strength lies in connecting businesses, and providing equal networking possibilities at seminars and live music showcases. Last year, approximately 280 International buyers from 37 countries and regions participated in 19th TIMM (online).

TIMM is sponsored by the Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation (JMCE).

It is now accepting applications for artists to perform at the Showcase Live! While registrations are only available for Japanese artists only, click here to read more about this.

Read more about TIMM on official website here.

Tokyo Intl Music Market 2021 streamed worldwide. Music Press Asia
[Tokyo Intl Music Market 2021 streamed worldwide.]


Date: October 25 – 29, 2023
City/Country: A Coruña on the coast of Galicia, Spain
Venue: Teatro Rosalia de Castro

WOMEX – Worldwide Music Expo – is the most international music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and showcase concerts.

From 25 – 29 October, the WOMEX delegates will venture upon a five-day musical journey in the multi-cultural and beautiful A Coruña. Nestled on the northwestern coast of Spain, the second largest city in the Galicia region, A Coruña is a vibrant and bustling hub that attracts visitors from all over the world.

al_bilali_soudan_womex22_by_jacob_crawfurd. Music Press Asia
[Al Bilali Soudan at WOMEX 2022. Image by Jacob Crawfurd.]

This, the twenty-ninth edition of WOMEX, will enable global music professionals to come together to engage, network, listen, explore new ideas that are trending internationally, create new opportunities and share critical insights and practical knowledge.

7 stages, around 700 exhibiting companies, 100+ speakers, films, an opening concert and an award ceremony across five packed networking days and rather short nights.

WOMEX 23 Trade Fair is located in PALEXCO. Muelle de Transatlánticos s/n, 15003, A Coruña, Spain.

Venue at WOMEX

All venues registered for the 2023 program include Filmoteca de Galicia, Palexco, Palacio de la Opera, Parrote Stage, Playa Club, Sala Pelicano, Teatro Colon and Teatro Rosalia de Castro.

Last year, virtualWOMEX On Demand video streamed subjects tackling climate change, touring strategies post pandemic, DJ cultures, and more.

Piranha Arts, the producer of WOMEX, and Nordesía, the local partner for this year, recently announced the registration opening for the WOMEX 23.

For more information about registering and attending WOMEX, visit their official website here.

Recent music related conference:

Music, Research, and Activism at the University of Helsinki, Finland from May 10–12, 2023. This conference brings together researchers and practitioners engaged in activism and knowledge production around music.


Date: May 31 – June 4, 2023
City/Country: Toronto, Canada
Venue: Massey Hall/Allied Music Centre

The International Indigenous Music Summit (IIMS) is an event dedicated to creating awareness, sharing resources, and building opportunities for the Indigenous music community.

The International Indigenous Music Summit is a global event that provides a unique space for Indigenous artists to discuss, exchange, and share and connect with one another. In a culturally sensitive and appropriate space directed at building long-term, a place where it mutually benefits relationships between artists and industry professionals.

Intl Indigenous Music Summit 2023. Music Press Asia
[International Indigenous Music Summit 2023 saw La Tribu and Aysanabess perform.]

Participants and collaborators include creators, event organizers, presenters, key knowledge holders from the arts sector, and cultural connectors from many parts of the world. An elder advisory committee has foundational input on thematic material, organization, and execution.

Performing artists include Beatrice Deer, a half-Inuk and half-Mohawk singer-songwriter from Quebec, among others.

International Indigenous Music Summit live music prog. Music Press Asia
[International Indigenous Music Summit live music showcase features Drmngow, IA and Huia.]

Irish-Canadian artist Aengus Finnan – the executive director of Folk Alliance International is one among many others speaking at the event. Bimiwizh is an initiative they started post covid. So, rather than hosting and inviting people to their own IIMS event this year, its team will be visiting communities across northern Turtle Island. Its aims? To spotlight amazing local Indigenous talent while creating opportunities for the community to gather.

Who should join? IIMS is inviting international buyers as delegates, specifically selecting cultural connectors within regions that represent a particular opportunity for Canadian-based Indigenous artists.

Collaborators and partners include the SOCAN Foundation and GLOBAL TORONTO, another music conference taking place from 18-22 September, 2023.

This article was updated on June 13, 2023.

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