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September 18, 2021

Music & Culture to play a big role on the Silk Road. Music Press Asia
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Culture & Music To Play A Big Role On Belt And Road

While many more songwriters believe that there may be commercial sense to how things are being run in the digitalized world, the purpose of music making remains best performed in its cultural sense, I mean LIVE. Why? To transcend creative perspective and understanding of people from the specific communities and tribes to the world. Tourism wouldn’t come to a halt…

Djooky Music Investment Summit

Djooky, a music startup, is debuting the Djooky Music Investment Summit in a two-day virtual event starting tomorrow (June 17-18). In this partnership with communications agency CFC Big Ideas, the…

Djooky Music Investment Summit is a two-day virtual event that focuses on the finance and investment challenges in the music business. Music Press Asia

Is the Future of the Music Industry Looking Good?

According to Brandessence’s latest report released last month, the entertainment or rather specifically the music industry has developed significantly over the years. Embracing a more digital world than ever, key players…

No sign of stopping: Recently, Universal Music Malaysia holds mini concert and virtual conference to increased their artists' appearance including Siqma & FML (above), Azmi Saat, Eemrun, Asyraf Nasir, and Nuha Bahrun.

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Mathew Daniel will be atteending Midem June 4-7 to keynote on China's growth in streaming independent acts.
Mathew Daniel will be atteending Midem June 4-7 to keynote on China's growth in streaming independent acts.
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NetEase Executive Mathew Daniel To Keynote At Midem

Midem has recently announced that Mathew Daniel, a licensing pioneer and a key player in the Chinese market, will give a keynote at its conference, in Cannes, June 4-7. Midem is casting a wider net to attract leaders of the music industry worldwide. Recognising China’s growth in becoming the 10th largest recorded music market globally, over the years its program has…

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How Blockchain Will Disrupt The Music Industry

Over the last 12 months, we’ve asked some of the most technologically insightful nerd and entrepreneur at music and tech conventions about blockchain, and summed up some of the most…

Blockchain is a record-keeping tool that is secure and accessible to everyone online. Micropayments directly to artists is a huge possibility cutting out labels and middle man.
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