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January 21, 2022

Gina Brooklyn wins Djooky Music Awards. Music Press Asia
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Gina Brooklyn wins Djooky Music Awards. Music Press Asia
Online Music Marketplace

Djooky Launched Music Rights Investment Marketplace

Djooky, a music and fintech startup, has launched a new platform for fans to invest in music rights. DjookyX is, at this very moment of reporting, is being built on the growing interest of asset class in music. Offering a means for music creators and rights-holders to finance their projects. And also allowing fans to purchase rights and benefit from…

Djooky Music Investment Summit

Djooky, a music startup, is debuting the Djooky Music Investment Summit in a two-day virtual event starting tomorrow (June 17-18). In this partnership with communications agency CFC Big Ideas, the…

Djooky Music Investment Summit is a two-day virtual event that focuses on the finance and investment challenges in the music business. Music Press Asia

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Music Press Asia interviews Kevin Lin co-founder of TWITCH at ATM Singapore.
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Music Press Asia interviews Kevin Lin co-founder of TWITCH at ATM Singapore.

Will TWITCH Replace YouTube For Showcasing Original Music?

Throwback to our latest series of interviews produced in collaboration with All That Matters, Singapore. Music used in games, defined altogether as a genre in itself, is in a league of its own when it comes to popularity. It knows no boundaries of the typical genre we typically know or identify with today but encompasses a wide array from classical…

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licensing & copyrights

Songtradr Acquires Music Licensing Big Sync Music

Songtradr, a leader in the digital music licensing sphere, today announced its acquisition of Big Sync Music Ltd, a name synonymous to the role it plays, creatively, as a music…

Songtradr Acquires Big Sync Music, A Music Licensing Agency.

Live Nation Acquires Singapore Promoter ONE Production

Live Nation Entertainment has recently announced that it has acquired a controlling interest in ONE Production, a division of Rock Records Singapore Pte Ltd, a concert promoter, artist management, and…

Live Nation promotes BlackPink's concert in Singapore

How Blockchain Will Disrupt The Music Industry

Over the last 12 months, we’ve asked some of the most technologically insightful nerd and entrepreneur at music and tech conventions about blockchain, and summed up some of the most…

Blockchain is a record-keeping tool that is secure and accessible to everyone online. Micropayments directly to artists is a huge possibility cutting out labels and middle man.
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