Music Documentary Narrates Malaysian-Chinese Pop Music Historic Journey

At the Equator, We Sing在赤道上唱歌的人 is a music documentary made to celebrate Malaysia’s National Day.

Malaysian singer songwriter Penny Tai celebrates 23 years showbiz. Music Press Asia

[Malaysian singer songwriter Penny Tai celebrates 23 years showbiz this year. Photo credit: Penny Tai/Facebook. Music Press Asia]

What do you think happened in the last 50 years of the Chinese pop music era in Malaysia?

In 2019, AEC released a 12-episode documentary film titled At the Equator, We Sing 在赤道上唱歌的人. As part of its Merdeka Specials (Malaysia’s National Day), a rerun of the show is scheduled and is now available on ASTRO GO.

To celebrate Malaysia’s talented Chinese pop singers and their contribution to the C-pop genre, the series provides a historical narration featuring artists and music executives from the 70’s to the 90’s.

Astro AEC Documentary Chinese Pop Music. Music Press Asia
[Astro customers revisit 50 years of Chinese Malaysian pop music and learn of industry challenges in At the Equator, We Sing.]

Made in 6 months and after over 100 interviews, the music documentary revisits the history and identity of Malaysian-Chinese pop music, capturing the challenges and driving forces of those in the industry of the era.

The films also covered highlights of artists’ contributions, the rise and fall of famed idols and how Southeast Asian identities fit into the borderlands of Chinese music.

Popular veterans and pioneering artists including Gary Chaw, Z-chen, Penny Tai, Nicholas Teo and more recently Malaysia Idol 2 participants Alvin Chong and Daniel Lee are featured.

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The AEC documentary was part of a collection of documentary released in 2019 to showcase diversity and multi-culturalism of Malaysia, and remind Malaysian viewers of the country’s rich heritage. The titles also reveal history and inject a sense of pride in the younger generation.

The music documentary At the Equator, We Sing is available now on AEC (Channel 306 & 301) via ASTRO GO, an on-demand app and streaming platform by ASTRO.

Watch the documentary trailer, here.

Cover photo: Penny Tai celebrates 23 years anniversary in show business this year. Image credit: Penny Tai/Facebook

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