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June 28, 2022

Huni Kuin tribe of the Amazon collaborate with Yassa Khan and SAGE Foundation. Music Press Asia

Huni Kuin Tribe: “Nature Is Not For Sale”

Director Yassa Khan worked with SAGE Foundation to create a film with the voices of the Amazon, the Huni Kuin tribe, who have seen and felt seismic change before any of us. They are here with a warning and a plea: Nature Is Not For Sale. “This is our film, HOPE DIEST LAST. This #COP26, we ask you to share…

Music Education In The Right Direction

Wide Open Sky follows the heart-warming story of an outback Australian children’s choir. Chronicling their journey from auditions to end-of-year…

Wide Open Sky Directed by Lisa Nicol is now released on Netflix Australia. Music Press Asia
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Edko Films Biopic Release: Anita

Production company Edko Films has recently released Anita, a biographical film about the life of late Hong Kong Cantopop singer…

Bill Kongs Edko Films Release Anita biopic. Music Press Asia

Michelle Yeoh Calls For More Environment Ambassadors

This month we continue with our efforts of raising awareness of the environment contributing our “NATURE” segment to a 2009 documentary film made by National Geographic in cooperation with FINAS…

[Music Press Asia] Michelle Yeoh calls for other environmentalist ambassador. Photo credit: National Geograaphic
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