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Silver Screen Records Releases Frozen Planet II Soundtrack Composed by Hans Zimmer

Silver Screen Records release Frozen Planet II soundtrack. Music Press Asia

This six-part series – narrated by Sir David Attenborough – explores the wildlife found in the world’s coldest regions: the Arctic and Antarctic, high mountains, frozen deserts, snowbound forests, and ice-cold oceans. From polar bears to penguins, and from snow monkeys to Siberian tigers, each species must overcome a unique set of challenges to endure its extreme environment.

The music used in the series is composed by Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas and James Everingham, including a theme featuring the vocals of singer-songwriter Aurora.

Additionally Anže Rozman (score arranger) is credited alongside Zimmer for the opening titles. Russell Emanuel serves as score producer alongside Greg Rappaport and Marsha Bowe as score supervisors.

Hans Zimmer returned to score the series having previously worked with the BBC Natural History Unit on both Seven Worlds, One Planet and Blue Planet II. On 27 August 2022, as part of the pre-launch publicity, it was revealed that vocals by Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora would feature as part of the incidental music used during the series.


Released: 7 October 2022 (Digital), 21 October 2022 (Audio CD)
Genre: Soundtrack, Classical music
Label: Silva Screen Records
Producer: BBC Worldwide, BBC Earth

Hans Zimmer, Bleeding Fingers Music & AURORA

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prolific and acclaimed film score composers with over 150 scores to his credit. He is the winner of four Grammy Awards, three Classical Brit Awards, two Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. His long-standing working relationship with BBC Earth has seen an incredible body of music including previous Silva Screen releases, Seven Worlds One Planet, Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II.

Zimmer’s hand-selected, exciting and diverse Emmy Award-winning composer collective, Bleeding Fingers, embraces and nurtures a deep musical heritage to deliver a sonic depth that is second to none. The Frozen Planet II score is enriched by the ethereal voice of the Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA.

“The Bleeding Fingers team and I feel incredibly privileged to be given the opportunity to score such a pioneering and important natural history landmark as Frozen Planet II.”

Hans Zimmer, classical music and soundtrack composer.

Take Me Back Home (Collaboration with Camila Cabello)

On 22 August 2022, the BBC announced that the Cuban-born American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello had collaborated with composer Hans Zimmer to write and record a new song entitled Take Me Back Home.

The accompanying press release highlighted that it marked the first time a completely new song had been written to support a BBC One natural history landmark release (previously Radiohead had rerecorded “Bloom” for Blue Planet II and Sia being credited as co-writer for the original song “Out there” which was used on the series Seven Worlds, One Planet).

In a press release, Camila Cabello said: “…Frozen Planet II is stunning and Sir David’s narration is deeply powerful as we try to protect these incredible ecosystems from global warming. I’m grateful to be able to lend my voice to such an inspiring series.”

The song was used as the soundtrack for a Frozen Planet II extended trailer released by the BBC to promote the series and saw its debut on 26 August 2022.

The Frozen Planet II soundtrack, created by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and featuring the Norwegian artist AURORA is released digitally on 7th October followed by a 2 CD physical release on 21st October. Pre-order CD and digital format here.

Disc 1

  1. The Frozen Planet
  2. Harp Seal Pup
  3. Silent Sky
  4. Origins of Life
  5. Boreal Forest
  6. Arrival of Spring
  7. Beluga Escape
  8. Fidgety Bedfellow
  9. Giants of the Deep
  10. Orca Ramming
  11. Showdown at the Shore
  12. Aurora Borealis I
  13. Aurora Borealis II
  14. Full Bloom
  15. Projectile Vomit
  16. Losing Ice
  17. Wrangel Island
  18. Crisis

Disc 2

  1. Kingdoms of Ice
  2. Journey to the Southern Ocean
  3. Daylight Robbery
  4. Amur Tiger
  5. Full Flight Capacity
  6. Tundra Awakening
  7. Hunting Grounds
  8. Many Winters
  9. Frozen Peaks
  10. Atacama Winds
  11. Learning to Breathe
  12. The Matriarch
  13. Hide and Seek
  14. Wandering Albatross
  15. Companionship
  16. Scars of the Earth
  17. Then There Will Be a Future

Documentary Film

The Frozen Planet II documentary is now playing on Astro’s BBC Earth channel 554.

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