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June 30, 2022

Pamungkas, Tulus to perform at Sounds of Downtown Indonesia. Music Press Asia
[L-R: Pamungkas, Tulus]

Pamungkas and Tulus to perform at Sounds of Downtown Festival

Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta will be hosting Sounds of Downtown (@sodfestival), a music and arts festival. This one-day-only festival is set to happen on 22 May, a Sunday, at Bengkel Space. So far, artists announced for the lineup will include Pamungkas, Tulus, Nadin Amizah, Vierratale, Reruntuh and Raissa Anggiani. Recently, Pamungkas released the single Happy Birthday To You earlier…

Chillwave Artist Houg Debuts New Album

Singaporean artist-producer, Houg, has recently released debut album, ‘The Biting Tempo’. The past year has seen Houg continuously releasing luscious grooves in the form of new collaborative singles with musicians…

Sameh Wahba aka Houg release debut album. Music Press Asia

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NoizeKilla Demajors Released Shuckleford Song. Music Press Asia
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Indonesia: NoizeKilla Released First Single Under New Identity

Bali-based NoizeKilla collaborates with Indonesian label Demajors, Dansa Dansa Management, and band JoyFullSound to release a romantic IndoBeatPop single. NoizeKilla, the musical evolution of Bhismo “KunoKini” has recently released his first single titled Shuckleford Song on Valentine’s Day last month. Created especially for his wife whose family name is Shuckleford. Recorded in the English language, the song tells the story…

The Happy Fits Released Tour Dates, New Album

Orchestral tinged indie-pop trio, The Happy Fits — Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis — have partnered with SiriusXM’s Advanced Placement for the first look of their new single…

The Happy Fits releases new single. Music Press Asia

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