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The Cyberpunk Sonic Experience: Violinist Josh Kua Collaborates With Producer Daniel Veerapen, Release New Single

Josh Kua Malaysian Chinese violinist. Music Press Asia

Violinist and composer Josh Kua recently released All A Game, a new single that launched on music streaming platforms on 3 Mar. Converging violin and cyberpunk, All A Game is a fusion of hard-hitting beats, synth bass lines, and electronic violin melodies.

Josh works alongside music producer Daniel Veerapen as co-producer, blending cyberpunk-inspired tracks with dark synth and synth wave elements. Unlike previously released singles, the violin aficionado incorporates minimal lyrics and his own vocals for the first time in this composition. In many ways, it is a futuristic composition that illustrates Josh’s personal experiences of feeling vulnerable and frustrated at times.

“This song is about breaking free of your fears and inhibitions. I’m often paralysed by choice, fear of failure and perfectionism. ‘ALL A GAME’ serves as a genuine reminder to myself that this career I have, and indeed several aspects of life, really are all games, as many of the things we worry about don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things,” said Josh.

Josh Kua Malaysia Chinese violinist release cyberpunk single. Music Press Asia

“It’s better to take chances and learn to be okay with making mistakes, rather than overthinking everything and doing nothing… I hope this song will continue to push boundaries around how traditional instruments and instrumentalists can be perceived and experienced.”

– Josh Kua, Malaysian Chinese violinist

Josh Kua is a violinist, composer, and model from Australia, of Chinese Malaysian heritage. Nurturing his musical inclinations from the tender age of four, Josh trained classically in violin and piano. As a teen, he performed with the Victorian Opera in Melbourne, Australia, and was selected for an exclusive young composer’s program at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Since his debut in 2016, Josh has released an EP (Elevate, 2018) and 6 singles (The Change, 2016), (Pray For Me, 2021), (Treat You Better, 2021), (Cold Water, 2021), (The Potter, 2021), (Sail Away, 2022).

Read more about Josh Kua, here.

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