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May 28, 2024

Nadir x Erino Yumiki Japan Foundation KL. Music Press Asia
Cultural Exchange

Music Review: Erino Yumiki & Nadir at The Bee, Publika

It is absolutely a cliché – but holds true in the music world – when we say music transcends all language barriers. So here’s another story of one that exemplifies this metaphor; one where Japan’s undeniably artful and futuristic funk guitar meets Malaysia’s Carnatic vocals, and instrumental virtuosos with the traditional elements of the tabla. It is obvious from the…

Aina Abdul Released New Song CahayaMu

Malaysian songwriter Aina Abdul recently released a new single CahayaMu, a new focus on the topic of spirituality. Produced by Wonder Music, the lyrics are written by Aina Abdul herself…

Aina Abdul released new song CahayaMu 2022. Music Press Asia

Bihzhu: On Serenading A Malay Classic

Q1: Hello Bihzhu, welcome to Music Press Asia! First and foremost, we’d like to congratulate you for releasing the music video and also a documentary of the song titled Chendering,…

Bihzhu release Chendering a Malay classic. Music Press Asia

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