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November 26, 2022

Ramadan and Hari Raya music playlist. Music Press Asia

Ramadan & Hari Raya Music Playlist

As the fasting month of Ramadan arrive on its third week, Hari Raya etches closer as preparation for the annual celebration becomes more excited. Music Press Asia celebrates Hari Raya together with our Muslim friends with music recommendations not only released over the last year but also recent ones. Let Hari Raya and Ramadan be a time of get-togethers and…

Bihzhu: On Serenading A Malay Classic

Q1: Hello Bihzhu, welcome to Music Press Asia! First and foremost, we’d like to congratulate you for releasing the music video and also a documentary of the song titled Chendering,…

Bihzhu release Chendering a Malay classic. Music Press Asia

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