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December 5, 2022

Jay Chou to tour latest album in Carnival Tour. Music Press Asia
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G.H.Y Culture & Media To Organize Jay Chou’s Carnival Tour

G.H.Y Culture & Media, one of the Southeast Asia region’s leading companies in the production and distribution of films and dramas and presentation of live entertainment, will be organizing Jay Chou’s upcoming live concert tour in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Jay Chou, a shining business card in the Chinese music community, who scaled the heights upon his debut, became renowned…

Jay Chou Finds New Love In Art

Jay Chou has found his most recent muse in the art world. Having seen him auctioned and exhibited with Hong…

Jay Chou Release new song Greatest Works of art. Music Press Asia
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Testing The Power of the Pipa

For two nights (14 & 15 April) only, Taiwan will be revealing the fortitude of the pipa; a popular traditional stringed instrument that began its prominence during the Han Dynasty.…

Zhong Yufeng to perform the pipa at NTHC Taipei. Music Press Asia
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A Performance Merging Two Civilizations

In the hope to grasp how traditional musical instruments of Central and Eastern Asia are being expressed today, Music Press Asia speaks to the co-founders of MASTANEH, a music group…

Interview with Mastaneh Ali Montazami Mona Kaveh Ahangari. Music Press Asia

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