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December 9, 2023

Malaysian singer songwriter Penny Tai celebrates 23 years showbiz. Music Press Asia
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[Malaysian singer songwriter Penny Tai celebrates 23 years showbiz this year. Photo credit: Penny Tai/Facebook. Music Press Asia]

Music Documentary Narrates Malaysian-Chinese Pop Music Historic Journey

What do you think happened in the last 50 years of the Chinese pop music era in Malaysia? In 2019, AEC released a 12-episode documentary film titled At the Equator, We Sing 在赤道上唱歌的人. As part of its Merdeka Specials (Malaysia’s National Day), a rerun of the show is scheduled and is now available on ASTRO GO. To celebrate Malaysia’s talented…

Emiliano Cyrus Wins Global Chinese Pop Music Chart Award

EC Yiping (EC一平, Emiliano Cyrus) was recently awarded the ‘Best Male Singer Award’ at the “Global Chinese Pop Music Golden Melody Chart” seventh-anniversary ceremony. His new single ‘Ignite Dreams’ (燃梦)…

Emiliano Cyrus wins China pop music award. Music Press Asia (1)

When Electric Strings Do The Talking

Violinist and composer Josh Kua recently released All A Game, a new single that launched on music streaming platforms on 3 Mar. Converging violin and cyberpunk, All A Game is…

Josh Kua Malaysian Chinese violinist. Music Press Asia

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Interview with Mastaneh Ali Montazami Mona Kaveh Ahangari. Music Press Asia
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A Performance Merging Two Civilizations

In the hope to grasp how traditional musical instruments of Central and Eastern Asia are being expressed today, Music Press Asia speaks to the co-founders of MASTANEH, a music group formed using traditional Iranian and Chinese musical instruments. Ali Montazami and Mona Kaveh Ahangari are husband and wife from Iran. In 2017, they founded M.A PRODUCTIONS, an art, science, and…

The Art of the Chinese Harp, Guzheng

The Chinese traditional instrument – Guzheng – is one fascinating piece of art. In another word, it is the Chinese’s most elegant creation ever existed. Over centuries, guzheng remains the…

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