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Jay Chou Finds New Love In Art

The newest single from Chou’s latest album titled ‘Greatest Works of Art’ features Chinese classical pianist Lang Lang. Veering from musical expressions of love in relationships, Chou has now found a new them for his next project.

Jay Chou Release new song Greatest Works of art. Music Press Asia

Jay Chou has found his most recent muse in the art world. Having seen him auctioned and exhibited with Hong Kong’s fine art auction house Sotheby’s, it came as no surprise that his next album is spotlighting the art world. And what’s more important than the art world in Paris, you may ask?

The new single’s music video ‘Greatest Works Of Art’ (‘最偉大的作品’) may be considered Jay Chou’s most ambitious project today. Shot in Paris, the music video also featured Lang Lang, the Chinese superstar and pianist in the classical music world.

Lang Lang may not only make a brief appearance as there may be more creative releases if we are to see them collaborate. The classical world is undeniably expanding.

“Jay Chou never seems to get bored with music. Naturally, with life, we see him veer towards art – a huge source of musical inspiration for him. Although Paris has always been his inspiration, he has made it a focal point – both musically and artistically – to merge his curiosity and expressions. Nevertheless, ambitiously creative with his storytelling,” said Monica Tong, editor-in-chief of Music Press Asia.

Chou directed the music video himself. With the set based in the infamous department store of Samaritaine located in the French capital, it is one awesome film to watch. He also appears to be performing on the staircase of the Palais Garnier opera house.

Instantly recognisable at the beginning of the music video is the excerpt from the piano performance from Chou’s 2007 movie, Secret. This piano excerpt has a supernatural power to transform the characters in the movie back to the past. And this begins the story that features Belgian artist René Magritte’s “The Son Of Man” painting and an actor resembling the surrealist Salvador Dalí.

Halfway through the ‘Greatest Works Of Art’ video, Chou faces off with Lang Lang at the piano. Watch it below:

Equally convincing are its lyrics in its poetic expressions dedicated to Matisse, Monet and Van Gogh. Jay Chou’s latest music video is not only educational but serves to elevate his artistry, singing ‘my music is futuristic’. Nothing less than pompous may not be enough to describe what Jay Chou has expressed in his empire of musical works. His tendency to merge the old and new continues to expand his creativity as an artist.

Jay Chou has revealed a new date (July 15) for his album release – his first studio album since ‘Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories’ (2016).

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