Jpop Singer imase A Sweetheart To Love

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imase is a Japanese singer-songwriter. Born in a new milenia, he debuted in 2021 and found success with the 2022 viral single “Night Dancer”. His first EP, Pop Cube, was released in 2022 by Universal Music Japan.

His success with “Night Dancer” gave him the monster rookie nickname.

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A former member of alternative rock band Supercar, lyricist, and producer Junji Ishiwatari said that Imase’s sudden rise to stardom was “a true event that is stranger than fiction”.

Five months into his debut, he was hired to sing the Pocari Sweat jingle which is something that only the top artists were ever offered, and his TikTok views were speeding towards 1.1 billion.

Latest Release

imase’s winter love song “Koigoromo” (original Japanese title: 恋衣) was recently released on Feb. 5.

The song was written for a collaboration campaign with KIRIN’s tea brand Gogo-no-Kocha. Watch the special campaign here.

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Featuring a country-styled mood, the sound are filled with stringed instruments. Ultimately, a love song.

For more information about the artist, visit Universal Music Japan official website, here.

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