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June 19, 2024

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Jpop Singer imase A Sweetheart To Love

imase is a Japanese singer-songwriter. Born in a new milenia, he debuted in 2021 and found success with the 2022 viral single “Night Dancer”. His first EP, Pop Cube, was released in 2022 by Universal Music Japan. His success with “Night Dancer” gave him the monster rookie nickname. A former member of alternative rock band Supercar, lyricist, and producer Junji…

Sony & Universal Partnership Sees Bob Dylan Go Meta

Earlier this month, Snowcrash announced the launch of its premier NFT trading platform, formed in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Universal Music Group (UMG). Aiming to merge the…

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Ananya Birla is signed to UMG India.
Ananya Birla is signed to UMG India.

Why Is Ananya Birla Not Your Regular Pop Star?

Click here for Part 1 Interview with Ananya Birla, “Platinum Selling Artist Releases Song, An Ode To Women Power. Music Press Asia: What would you like to see developed at MPower? Ananya Birla: I would love to take Mpower across India, so that everyone feels that there is help available should they need. I’d really like open up a 24/7…

Music Press Asia Partners With All That Matters Singapore

Asia-based music entertainment publication Music Press Asia is partnering with award-winning event marketing agency Branded to provide media coverage at All That Matters’ 13th edition (Sept 8-12), a conference and music festival…

[Caption: Pentatonix performing at Music Matters conference. Photo courtesy of Branded]

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Is Google Going To Buy Out SoundCloud?

Since the recent revelation of Sony and Universal’s stakes with the Berlin-based company, we’ve also heard about Google’s interest in snapping up SoundCloud, which now boasts more than 175m users worldwide. Earlier last year, SoundCloud was reportedly hoping to sell its entity for $1bn to…

Google’s Interest to Acquire SoundCloud