Way Back Home: An Intimate Introduction to The Himalayas

TheVibe’s Way Back Home Travelogue starts in Manali at 6,750 feet where the host of the show Rohan Thakur introduces us to his father and Old Manali. What is immediately noticeable is the amount of snow and how the tandoor play significant roles in keeping the daily grind.

Way Back Home by Rohan Thakur. Music Press Asia

Rohan, a native of the Lahaul Valley, the perfect example of confused young Indians, has been away from home all his life in pursuit of better things. An artist at heart with an intense potential to express lacks the direction & discipline. After trying his hand at many things, being a traveler, adventurer, musician and filmmaker; he is finally back to his backyard to explore his roots and seek answers to his true calling.

In doing so he embarks on a transformational journey in which he begins to document right from his hometown, Manali, and the lower Himalayan range, crossing 7 valleys to further venturing out into vast expanses of Leh & Ladakh in Northern India.

Through his journey filled with adventure, music, fun, culture, people and food he experiences a magnitude of emotions to understand life as we perceive it and gives his restless soul a true sense of identity and purpose.

“Rohan Thakur is a true ambassador of the Himalayas. His journeys are monumentally personal and takes on a chill vibe. Not doing much is a daily motto and the episodes of seemingly slow travel – whether it is because of snow storms or a broken motor – are moments celebrated with smiles and wit. There is no hurry to go agile in any direction. This travelogue is a culmination of how travel is a search and rediscovery of oneself. What else is there to find on a travel.”Ben Zulkifli, travel editor of Music Press Asia.

Rohan Thakur Way Back Home Travelogue. Music Press Asia
[Rohan Thakur’s music performed on Way Back Home describes a personal discovery of his Himachal roots and the Himalayas – the great mountains of Asia.]

The filming in the Himalayas took place for 4 months at a stretch, also a personal voyage of Rohan Thakur, a Himachal lad. During the filming right from encountering natural roadblocks of nature to escaping wildlife and camping in some of the most extreme zones and also exchanging and understanding the culture of the locals who reside in harsh conditions where daily survival is in question.

TheVibe presents Way Back Home | A Himalayan Travelogue (November 2014), the first-of-its-kind travelogue on India as it trails young, authentic, passionate travelers embarking on a road to self-discovery.

Produced By: Shoelace Films (@shoelacefilms)
Filmed & Edited By Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani
Producer: Georgy Abrao
Executive Producer: Asad Abid
Associate Producer: Anushka Sani
Music: Rohan Thakur

Watch the first episode, here.

To follow Rohan Thakur’s latest travels, click on their YouTube channel @RonnieandBarty, here. Watch their latest trip to Kullu Valley’s Kais Dhar and Chamba Garh in their sixth season as Ronnie & Barty, a video specially sponsored by Musicbed.

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