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December 8, 2023

Trad String Guitar Taitung Spirit Fest 2023. Music Press Asia

Experience Wellness at Taitung Spirit Festival

In the early winter of 2021, an event for the body, mind, and spirit that included yoga, gong baths, meditation with singing bowls, sound therapy, and DJ-led dancing was held at Shanyuan Beach in Taitung. Under the blue sky and against a backdrop of coconut groves, nearly a hundred people from all over the island experienced and relished in physical…

Jeju Partners with BTS to Promote Jazz and Tourism

Jeju promotes the rhythm of nostalgic jazz Jeju pumps up tourism activity with its latest collaboration involving BTS, one of South Korea’s global superstars. It has taken us a rather…

Jeju highlights jazz and BTS. Music Press Asia
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Celebrating Geography Awareness Week

Geography is an approach to understanding and engaging with the world around us. This is at the core of who we are here in Southeast Asia. To celebrate this event,…

Geography Awareness Week. Music Press Asia
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