Mrs M: Next New Mission review – a departure from the traditional

It’s business as usual for the hip-hop rapper after the first release of ‘Daughter of Khan’ with Asiatic Records, but the melodies in ‘Next New Mission’ are falling flat.

Mrs M is Asiatic Records Mongolian artist. Music Press Asia

[Mrs M is Asiatic Records Mongolian artist. Music Press Asia]

You come to a new Mrs M single with intentions to find the tone that matches a great character. Subtlety is overrated and your mob will be roused. After listening to ‘Daughter of Khan’, the song title sounds like things you’d hear shouted at the beginning of a rally. Assuming ambitiously that more hard work is involved, as with all Asian acts, it was a disappointing end of the first phrase. She sings ‘I just wanna have some fun with you’.

When we were just about to think that the release of ‘Daughter of Khan’ has hugely altered assumptions of what a western music label could do with an Asian act, we thought the apathetic perspective would arrive later. As promising as ‘Daughter of Khan’ has been just a few months back, we are confronted with a passively listless outlook of a creative result. Something we’d like less off from our western counterparts. If this is continuity Mrs M, with producer Ebo and Fewtile brought in to buff up a smooth and summery RnB song, then it’s an unsatisfactory departure for the Mongolian Hip Hop queen.

Mrs M is known for her melodic singing of silky smooth and funky beats. And in this new song, she beautifully delivers her bi-lingual vocals in a neo-soul style. Its sex appeal is apparent, but probably playing too safe for a developed style such as hip hop. The forceful indelibility of ‘Gentleman’ is missing, leaving the strings of lyrical cliches blandly muted.

Nonetheless, Mrs M is one of the country’s most popular performing rappers and a leading voice in its music industry. She represents a new generation of Mongolian artists: multilingual and multicultural, popularly known for music blending traditional Mongolian sounds with modern hip-hop beats.

In our opinion, her most successful collaboration with Ginjin is still the act in ‘Boroo’ and ‘Biye Daa (Sergen Mand)’. Are those days truly gone?

Listen to ‘Daughter of Khan’ below.

Next New Mission is released at an unprecedented time in Mongolia, a country geopolitically located between two superpowers. Equally sensitive to global economic fluctuations, it can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Mrs M’s expression probably doesn’t contradict to what Mongolia’s blessings are today. Known as having the world’s biggest known coal reserves, second largest reserves of uranium, and one of the largest of silver. Coupled with significant deposits of gold, copper, iron ore, phosphorus and zinc, it’s clear perhaps it’s time for a little bit of fun.

The European embargo of Russian air space, as a result of the war in Ukraine, has led to a slashing of flights to Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. The situation continues to threaten the transformation of Mongolia from an impoverished agricultural economy into a modern minerals exporter with a startup-friendly environment, plenty of international investment, and a thriving financial services sector.

Mongolia has boasted an active and vibrant rap culture for almost two decades, punching well above its weight as a small landlocked country located between China and Russia with a just over 3 million population.

Her most recent release, ‘Daughter of Khan’, is a great reflection of her mission. Taking inspiration from Genghis Khan, the single sends the message of being proud of your lineage and finding strength in the experience and journey thus far.


Watch a film by Bryn North in a collaboration with Indy Guide below. Parts of the music is composed by Ryan Taubert (Pioneer).

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