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December 5, 2022

NAMEMT releases new songs for albums 2023. Music Press Asia

Thai Artist NAMEMT Reveals Life Stories In New Songs

Dive into NAMEMT’s life stories with his two new songs “KRAI JA ROO” and “GU MAI ROO” YUPP! Entertainment’s rapper NAMEMT is a well-known participant in The Rapper SS2. Nationally known as a hip hop artist to have recently released album, ‘Muang Thong’, he is on the rise for recently being nominated for ‘Viral Song of the Year’ from TikTok…

Interview With John Switzer, Seneca Music

John has produced over 50 records and has been involved in many more as a musician or engineer. He has gold records and numerous awards and nominations to his credit.…

Interview John Switzer of Seneca Music. Music Press Asia

Is R&B/Hip Hop Making a Comeback?

In a recent research published by Ovum newsletter ‘Music & Copyright, it has revealed a 24% increase in global recorded music sales of R&B/Hip Hop. [A hike from $2.08 bn,…

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