Jeju Partners with BTS to Promote Jazz and Tourism

Jeju highlights jazz and BTS. Music Press Asia

Jeju promotes the rhythm of nostalgic jazz

Jeju pumps up tourism activity with its latest collaboration involving BTS, one of South Korea’s global superstars.

It has taken us a rather long time to be convinced that Jeju has some rather mystic charm. After all the breathtakingly good words we hear from friends, we weren’t able to describe the raw beauty because we’ve yet to see what Jeju looks like.

But things are going to change from now. If not because of this music video, we’d still be clueless as to how its beauty transcribes. Korea’s popstar group BTS – still in the headlines – is recently seen in Jeju’s tourism board promotion music video.

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Bidding you to ‘Imagine Your Korea’, its stunt, collaboratively with Jeju, is aimed at raising global attention by recognizing its natural beauty. This is also the redemption of what the modern music interpretation of lofi classic jazz is all about. Without hesitation, it is also promoting peacefulness and charisma, and nostalgia.

Saryeonisup Forest Trail Jeju. Music Press Asia
[The Saryeonisup Forest Trail in Jeju. Music Press Asia]

The music video is spectacularly made. From the dramatic waves that hit the coastal rock of Jeju island to the exquisite local artworks on show, we see Jeju’s beauty come to life. While we have always heard of a spectacular island with the name Jeju, we also hear about its rough terrain and that it is away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul.

Listening to the waves, one begins to calm instantly. Interpreted as art everywhere you go in Jeju, it is an indulgence focused on its processes. It highlights the unhurried way of life – of just living. And living could be prepping food with love, walking in the quiet forest, or just standing against the breeze coming inland. Is this the true meaning of what life is?

Jeju Museum of Art. Music Press Asia
[Jeju Museum of Art. Music Press Asia]

Jeju’s attraction in the video highlights the following:
📍 Saryeonisup Forest Trail
📍 Jeju Museum of Art
📍 Seongsan Ilchulbong Tuff Cone
📍 Hwanguji Coast
📍 Korea Polo Club
📍 Jeongbangpokpo Falls
📍 The Seaes Hotel & Resort
📍 Haenyeo Village
📍 Olle Trails
📍 Seongeup Green Tea Village

Click here to watch the making of the Jeju Jazz film.

Jeju partners w BTS in tourism video. Music Press Asia

Under the same project for Jeju, the Busan Blues video is uniquely colorful and gratifying. This is where you’ll hear K-Blues titled “Come Back to Busan Port” by Cho Yong Pil. The film highlights the following tourist attractions:

📍 Namparang Trail
📍 Songjeong Beach
📍 Busan Port
📍 Oryukdo Islets
📍 Gijang Market
📍 Busan Cinema Center
📍 Marine City
📍 Gwangandaegyo Bridge

Click here to watch the Jeju’s K-Blues film.

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