Music Press Asia Published December E-Magazine

Music Press Asia’s December 2022 E-Magazine is now released. Read event listings, interviews with music & tech entrepreneurs and our focused coverage of the classical music genre. 

Music Press Asia Release E-magazine 3rd December

December marks a remarkable achievement for us here at Music Press Asia. Over the last 12 months, we have seen the extreme rebirth of the live music scene.

As the live crowd gain confidence in public venues, music and live venue promoters are joining forces to put on some of the greatest and more meaningful shows we’ve seen in years. Rejuvenated after a series of tranquility during lockdowns and restrictive movement, those who have not put on a show for years came out of their hiatuses and those who’d just launched their music career, are collectively breathing new life into the music scene we are seeing today. For this the magazine’s What’s In Town column features what is currently happening and upcoming shows. From ballets and stadium capacity concerts to art gallery exhibitions and dance, there are something for everyone this holiday season.

December events at Music Press Asia
[Music Press Asia’s December Magazine: What’s In Town section]

Under the stifling conditions of lockdown, producers of music seem to have a new form of lyricism in their art. This renewal of creativity demands the acceleration of music releases; a power from within us all to attempt the opportunity at hand. The battle to rise among so many talented musicians and artists out there remains a forceful endeavor from our inner being to survive, at first, the pandemic and then life moving forward. The sister and brother duo showed us that nothing stops for them.

Music Press Asia’s interview with them revealed the zest they have for classical music in the insurmountable live concerts they have already performed in 2022. The story is now available exclusively on the December e-magazine.

Bryan Silvie Cheng2duo interview. Music Press Asia
[An interview with Silvie & Bryan Cheng. Music Press Asia]

In the second half of 2022, we were besieged with requests to showcase such inspiration and creativity. So plentiful are these requests that our inbox recorded one of the largest incoming ever since we began operation. Under our Technology & New Innovation section, we are pleased to highlight Hazel Savage. Her journey from starting an artificial intelligence tech company in Singapore to joining SoundCloud, she returns to the United Kingdom with the unyielding sequence of events that inspire the entrepreneurship nature evidently part of us all waiting to be discovered.

Hazel Savage Musiio SoundCloud interview. Music Press Asia
[Technology & New Innovation Segment: An interview with Hazel Savage from Musiio, SoundCloud]

While the magazine may only feature a fraction of some of our best stories of 2022, we are optimistic that 2023 would bring greater success in improving our storytelling and igniting passion in the music scene and the other industry around music.

This magazine is dedicated to those who wish to see 2022’s highlights, experience what post-pandemic entertainment is all about, and a grasp of what reaches us here at the Asia-Pacific level.

View the e-magazine here.

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