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October 2, 2023

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Musiio by SoundCloud Launches Timecodes & Cue Points API

Musiio by SoundCloud, the industry-leader in descriptive music metadata, has announced the release of a new service – the Timecodes & Cue Points API – to speed up discovery for music catalogues. This innovative, AI-powered service will offer users AI-generated timecodes for their songs, providing invaluable data for music library owners, streaming platforms and more. What’s New? The Timecodes &…

Hazel Savage Joins Tuned Global Board

Original press release Savage brings 15 years of experience working for music streaming services and building successful music tech businesses Tuned Global’s rapid growth will be enhanced by Savage’s experience…

Hazel Savage joins Tuned Global board.Music Press Asia

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Tuned Global teams up with AI powered company Musiio. Music Press Asia
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Tuned Global, Musiio To Merge Music Streaming & AI-Powered Tech

GMM Grammy, Thailand’s media giant and entertainment company, is the first to launch a service from a music technology integration — a result of a partnership announced recently by Tuned Global, a streaming tech platform, with a music artificial intelligence company, Musiio. Tuned Global, the B2B streaming technology platform recently announced a technical API integration with Musiio, an artificial intelligence…

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ConnecTechAsia Conference Goes Virtual Today

ConnecTechAsia’s virtual conference begins today will be featuring over 220 speakers and more than 200 sessions. Covering some of Asia’s latest trends within the Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) space.…

Broadcast Asia's virtual exhibitors include Amazon, Sony Electronics and Roland. Music Press Asia

Can Artificial Intelligence Overtake Creative Output?

Have you yet considered the implications of artificial intelligence in the music industry? When a group of developers working at Microsoft Japan gave birth to the world’s first high-school-girl A.I.,…

[Music Press Asia] Can artificial intelligence replace artists' creative output?
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OpenAI launches Music-generating AI, MuseNet

What do you really think when music is developed by the latest technological fuss we all call artificial intelligence (A.I)? Open AI, a non-profit artificial intelligence company backed by Tesla…

OpenAI launches music-generating AI, MuseNet

Asia’s Tech Trends For The Music Industry in 2019

With Asia’s growing demand for a more organised music economy, companies and artists are pushing the boundaries of fan engagement, live performances, creation, and music management. Asia is definitely embracing 2019 by adopting tech trends across the music industry. Music Recognition Technology [MRT] or Audio…

VR and AR companies have coasted 2018 with largely mediocre products. Any more hype and profitability may come from gaming for now.