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Musiio by SoundCloud: Now Detects 41 Music Moods, An Update Of V1 Moods

Now available for purchase, the new Moods 3.0 release by Musiio can now apply metadata tags with 95%+ accuracy.

Musiio by Soundcloud now detects 41 musical moods sp. Music Press Asia

Musiio by SoundCloud, the industry leader in AI-powered music metadata, today reveals Moods 3.0: a vastly expanded version of its tagging product that describes musical moods with greater accuracy and nuance. This major update to Musiio’s tag offering has been in high demand for industry leaders who understand mood-based music recommendations are the future.

In 2022, Musiio was acquired by SoundCloud to amplify the platform’s existing music intelligence capabilities. And additionally, allow the company to further leverage its vast data to identify what’s next in music trends and talent.

According to Musiio, it has long offered 15 moods from which the AI would select 2 per track. But with Moods 3.0, the AI now has 41 individual moods to select from and assigns up to 4 per track with 95%+ accuracy. These tags are already available for sale to companies across the music industry.

Making it easier for music curators and sync supervisors, these 41 new moods are able to find tracks with exactly the right sound and feel. AI-powered moods are designed for real-world applications with examples such as Mysterious, Playful, Heartfelt, Euphoric, and Bold. And having multiple moods per track speaks to growing complexities in the world’s growing global catalogue of music.

“Our customers loved our original V1 Mood classifier; it’s been providing solid data on over 1,000,000 tracks a day for 2 years, but Mood 3.0 demonstrates our commitment to developing and making available the latest in AI technology for the music industry.”

Hazel Savage, Musiio by SoundCloud’s VP of Music Intelligence.

“V1 of Moods is staying, we always keep our Tag API backwards compatible for all clients, but we now have 3.0 for those who want more. The technical challenge was significant, but I’m extremely proud of what the team has achieved.”

Aron Pettersson, SoundCloud’s VP Music Intelligence.

Musiio is an artificial intelligence company for the music industry. Over the last few years, they have built an AI that can “listen” to music and supercharge the capabilities of companies. Tagging and searching music catalogues at scale.

Try it today, live, on the Musiio tag demo here.

Source: Musiio by SoundCloud

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