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May 25, 2024

Musiio by Soundcloud now detects 41 musical moods sp. Music Press Asia
AI Upgrade

Musiio by SoundCloud: Now Detects 41 Music Moods, An Update Of V1 Moods

Musiio by SoundCloud, the industry leader in AI-powered music metadata, today reveals Moods 3.0: a vastly expanded version of its tagging product that describes musical moods with greater accuracy and nuance. This major update to Musiio’s tag offering has been in high demand for industry leaders who understand mood-based music recommendations are the future. In 2022, Musiio was acquired by…

Interview with Darryl Hurs

Part I: Introduction Q1. Hi Darryl! What a great opportunity to have you here at Music Press Asia. How has your week been? Thank you, in my part of the…

Music Press Asia Interview Darryl Hurs Founder of ScreenxScreen

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Alex Goatcher founder and CEO of Know What's Loved
Alex Goatcher founder and CEO of Know What's Loved

Alex Goatcher on Big Data, Blockchain

Alex Goatcher, CEO and Founder of Know What’s Loved (KWL) explains how their company enables the music industry to target and connect with music fans at the same time accelerate music income and careers. He  also talks about the challenges being a big data company in Asia, the possible effects of Blockchain and why such solutions are desperately needed in…

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