Could The Metaverse Change Entertainment?

The Metaverse Summit USA is set to put the wheels in motion for what is described as a global transformation.

Conference listing at MPA. Music Press Asia

The Metaverse Summit USA is set to happen from 28-29 September, 2022, Bay Area, California. Attendees will be meeting at the Crowne Plaza Foster City – San Mateo, centrally located on the San Francisco Peninsula between Downtown San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The future of the internet is here, well, almost. With the potential to revolutionise not only entertainment, gaming, real estate, fashion and retail, but living on a global scale, it’s only fair that the metaverse is given the attention it deserves. And the Metaverse Summit is dedicated to doing just that – to making this revolution a reality.

Focused on education, partnering and networking, this Summit will be a place where crucial conversations and fundamentals about the metaverse will be discussed.

Here at Music Press Asia, we’ve highlighted three interesting panels from the Summit. Read the agenda below for a perspective that the Metaverse community is building surrounding the entertainment industry.

One of the most interesting agendas for Music Press Asia would be on the second day of the conference. The panel discussion – A Whole New World of Entertainment – will be discussing the future of recreation and what it means to be an entertainer in the metaverse. While entertainment remains one of the most tangible examples of the metaverse, the conversation will cover how options for brands could provide greater experiences for fans in virtual concerts and increase immersive storytelling.

This is an open Q&A session involving:
Inder Phull, Co-Founder & CEO, Pixelynx
Christina Heller, CEO, Metastage
Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Go-To-Market and Content Partnerships, HP

[Highlighting some of the key experts joining the panels at The Metaverse Summit 2022.]

With a huge number of household names getting involved in the metaverse, what is all this hype about? Discover the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams, increase profit margins, reach new audiences and strengthen existing customer relationships in the next panel, Brand Involvement in the Metaverse & The Future of E-Commerce.

Explore how the metaverse will reshape e-commerce with:
Sharon Gai, Head of Global Key Accounts, Alibaba
Joel Ponce, Director of Sales, Paramount
Moderated by: Juan Felipe Campos, Partnerships,

What Key Tech Advancements Will Define the Metaverse? Major technological challenges still stand in the way of the metaverse truly becoming a reality, thus key advancements are crucial – both to support the metaverse, enable access and encourage mass adoption.

Join thought-leaders pushing tech to its limits:
John Haddick, CTO of ThinkReality, Lenovo
Sean Kauppinen, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Hiber
Jaime Bosch, CEO & Co-founder, Voicemod
Jordan Manyard, Co-founder, Manticore Games
Gabriella Kusz, CEO, Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association

To attend and find out more about The Metaverse Summit, visit their official website here.

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