Midem Digital Edition: Growing A Hybrid Community

Midem is hosting its online platform this week: 16-19 November 2021. Home of a global music community, it focuses on a theme to Discover, Learn & Connect.

Midem 2021 virtual conference returns this November. Music Press Asia

Midem is a music event organised by RX France that is held annually for all music professionals around the globe. It gives everybody in the industry a chance to network with thousands of other professionals including artists, managers, agents, and more. The event is usually held annually in June in Cannes, France. In 2013, the festival was attended by nearly 6,500 professionals from 3,000 companies around the world.

Free and open to all, Midem Digital Edition this year has three focuses: Discover will feature exclusive talks from leading industry figures; Learn, will see exclusive panels hosted with global perspectives; and Connect will host the Midem Artist & Label Services Forum.

Midem Director, Alexander Deniot, says: “We can’t wait to host our 16,000 participants from 152 countries as the music community comes together during Midem Digital Edition.”

Is Midem For You?

Getting yourself out there into the music industry can be a tough and life-long effort. While you may be able to produce a song, it is another to get it distributed. If nobody seems to be listening to you, joining a music community like Midem can be a start. From finding a music label, producer to finding a digital distributor can help get your work out there. The music world might seem smaller with greater access to the internet, but connecting to wider resources can be challenging.

Asia-Focus: Topics & Collaborators

Global viewpoints will be offered by CADPA, presenting a discussion on China’s music industry status and copyright environment-related issues, including panelists from Taihe Music Group and Tencent Music Entertainment Group.

Under its Midem Asian Forum, it has released a White Paper about the music industry in Asia titled ‘Music in Asia: Exporting New Sounds & Innovation’.

Featured at Midem this year is Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), a professional intermediary organization established in June 2019 that promotes the development of Taiwan’s content industries under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

Key Topics At Midem 2021

Key conversations for participants include:

  • Identifying the New Monetisation Sources
  • How Catalogue can be Optimised
  • Today and Tomorrow’s Consumption Habits
  • How to Build your International Development Strategy
  • How to Make the Most of the DIY and Services Ecosystem

Who Will Be There?

A conversation between Ole Obermann, TikTok’s Global Head of Music, and Music Ally’s Paul Brindley, on how small screens create global hits, allowing for a song from anywhere and by anyone to become a viral hit.

A conversation with Denis Ladegaillerie, Believe’s CEO and Founder, sharing his vision for Believe following the IPO, as well as for the future of the global music industry, and the key role artist and label services now have in today’s new creative economy.

A conversation with Oana Ruxandra, Warner Music Group’s Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development, joining SoundCloud’s President, Eliah Seton, and Chief Content and Marketing Officer, Lauren Wirtzer Seawood, to discuss artist services in the fan economy.

A conversation with Jeremy Sirota, Merlin’s CEO, on the state of the “Independents: Leading Through Disruption” – how indies are confronting these challenges and creating more opportunities.

A conversation between Tracy Chan, Twitch’s VP, Head of Music, and Trivium’s frontman, Matt Heafy, on how artists today can create new interactive spaces and generate revenue streams in the process.

A conversation with Justin Shukat, Primary Wave Music’s President, alongside Ashley Winton, Warner Chappell’s SVP of Creative Services, and Jarred Jermaine, Content Creator and Entrepreneur, on how music catalogues are revived and discovered today by a whole new generation of music listeners.

Are You An Artist?

Midem’s Artist & Label Services Forum is a global platform for services dedicated to artists and rights-holders. This year it will feature contributions from Spotify for Artists, Believe, Bridger, Horus Music, SoundCloud, TuneCore, Qobuz, and Stem Disintermedia.

Technology: Midemlab

Midemlab is a music startup competition. Ever since 2007, it has given music tech startups an opportunity to pitch their work. And if these startups are promising enough, receive legal advice and music industry support. In turn help the music industry build new consumer experiences. Companies such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and Songkick have risen to prominence after showcasing there. Midemlab’s 2021 finalists are highlighted as below:

Music Creation & Education
Amptrack Technologies (Sweden), an Online Music Creation app
Audio Design Desk (USA), an AI-assisted DAW, smart sampler and sound library in one simple app
Enjoy (China), an AI music training partner
HyVibe (France), a solution that turns the world into a speaker
Infinite Album (USA), a copyright-free, AI-powered, custom game soundtracks for livestream gamers

Music Distribution & Discovery
Hidden Bands (Canada), a free music discovery app
Moonai (Spain), an app that uses science-based & personalised sounds to alleviate menstrual pain
Music Traveler (Austria), a platform for musicians to find a place to be creative
Reveel (USA), the Business OS for Content Creators
Rippla (UK), social platform allowing fan communities to connect around their passion for specific artists

Music Marketing & Data/Analytics
ANote Music (Luxembourg), marketplace for investing in music royalties
LAIFE (Germany), AI Music to relieve mental health issues and enhance performances
Rightsholder (USA), a solution that creates insanely simple tools to facilitate synch music licensing
Secret Chord Laboratories (USA), a music forecasting for creators and their teams
Westcott Multimedia (USA), an automated advertising solution that dynamically launches campaigns for catalog music

Live Music Experiences
Anything World (UK), a platform where everyone can create their wildest 3D dreams
Instruments of Things (Germany), a music technology company that uses the Internet of Things to turn electronic musical instruments into virtuoso experience
Live Now (UK), broadcasts exceptional online ticketed concerts to fans at home
Mach1 (USA), unifies spatial and multichannel audio for creators & developers
Ristband (UK), the bridge between real-world concerts and gamers

Download Midem’s e-Magazine for 2021, here.

Exclusive sessions are powered by some industry big names including Believe, Deadmau5, Merlin, Netflix, Primary Wave, SoundCloud, Spotify, Steve Aoki, TikTok, Twitch, Warner Music Group, and YouTube.

Who Are The Sponsors and Partners?

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