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August 13, 2022

SoundCloud acquires Musiio. Music Press Asia
Artificial Intelligence

SoundCloud acquires Musiio to improve AI music curation

An online audio sharing platform and streamer, SoundCloud has acquired an AI music curation company, Musiio. Using its team and technology, SoundCloud plans to fortify its music discovery features. So far, the terms of the deal are undisclosed. Founded in 2018 and based in Singapore, Musiio built an AI that can tune in or listen to music faster than any…

Is Google Going To Buy Out SoundCloud?

Since the recent revelation of Sony and Universal’s stakes with the Berlin-based company, we’ve also heard about Google’s interest in snapping up SoundCloud, which now boasts more than 175m users…

Google’s Interest to Acquire SoundCloud

New Appointment: SoundCloud Hires Google Executive

New Appointment: Finance Holly Lim has been appointed as SoundCloud’s first ever Chief Financial Officer, will officially begin her role on September 6. This announcement comes six months after SoundCloud hired Alison…

SoundCloud appointed Holly Lim as its first ever Chief Financial Officer

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