Vietnam Airlines Partner With SpaceSpeakers Group

SpaceSpeakers artists — Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic and SlimV — recently teamed up with Vietnam Airlines to produce a music video to inspire travel.

SpaceSpeakers Vietnam Air Partner. Music Press Asia

Vietnam Airlines and SpaceSpeakers Group recently announced the launch of their new collaboration, a music video, on a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. On 11 July, the SpaceSpeakers artists — Touliver, SSOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic, SlimV and Kien Ung — premiered their new song “Hurry Up” to more than 300 passengers.

On the “special flight”, the trio SOOBIN, Binz and Rhymastic performed Vietnam Airlines’ new theme song. After that, they were joined by Touliver, SlimV and Kien Ung for a photography session with the passengers. The promo event also saw lucky passengers receive special gifts including winning a pair of round-trip tickets from Vietnam Airlines.

[SlimV in a scene in the music video promoting Ha Giang — High in the north of Vietnam is a place where the road winds through jaw-dropping canyons and breathtaking mountain passes.]

According to Vietnam Airlines, the new song is part of a nationwide campaign to inspire travel. During the phase of this campaign, the song will be broadcast on more than 400 flights at the time of landing, reaching over 100,000 customers per day. The song’s music video was also launched on streaming platforms on 11 July.


Music Composer: Spacespeakers Group
Music Producer: Touliver, Sum V
Rapper/Singer: Binz, Soobin, Rhymastic
Director: Kien Ung
Project Director: Vu Ha Quan
Executive Producer: Spacespeakers Group
Project Manager: Kum Luu
Music Video production: Film55 Productions x FMN Media

In the MV “Hurry up!”, artists Touliver, SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic and SlimV are allocated different scenes. The MV opens with a scene of immense mountains and forests in Ha Giang. There, SlimV appears on a bicycle. He seems to be enjoying the view and meeting the highlanders. Rhymastic is traveling on a bus, surrounded by people of different professions, but sharing common positive energy.

Meanwhile, Binz appears in a fancy restaurant and sings his part. SOOBIN steps out of a museum. And Touliver steps out of the aircraft cabin extremely classy and powerful.

[SpaceSpeakers Group Launched New Song Inflight Vietnam Airlines on 11 July]

The music video is a showcase of the new and old that traverse cultural boundaries. Vietnam isn’t in a hurry to showcase what it has to offer. Their collaboration with SpaceSpeakers is just the very beginning of a new era for travelers post-pandemic.

The result of this collaboration is showing the transformation of Vietnam Airlines in its aim to market and brand what rejuvenation truly means — the Vietnamese way — while preserving traditional cultural values. Meanwhile, the partnership with Vietnam Airlines is a step forward for SpaceSpeakers Group in affirming its position as a promising music label in Vietnam.

2020 is also a breakthrough year for SpaceSpeakers with the presence of 6 members in the most popular TV show Rap Viet, taking over crucial positions from music director, judge to coach. With SpaceSpeakers, Rap Viet has unlocked huge commercial success, as well as music achievements.

In 2021, SpaceSpeakers initiates the Muzik Dap Dich (#MuzikDapDich) campaign to encourage positivity among the young art-loving community to use music as “a spiritual vaccine”. The campaign attracted a large audience to create interesting music videos. As a result, more than 3500 videos, 32 million views, and more than 3 million interactions on Facebook. In addition, 10,000kg of rice was donated via the campaign.

Watch and listen to “Hurry Up on YouTube, here.

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