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Celebrating Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week. Music Press Asia

Geography is an approach to understanding and engaging with the world around us. This is at the core of who we are here in Southeast Asia. To celebrate this event, Music Press Asia has selected a list of documentary films by National Geographic to watch this season.

1. A Tour of Southeast Asia by Terra Films TV

This is the story of the Mekong river, as it crosses the countries of Southeast Asia, a region full of legends and forgotten cities, lost empires whose remains have survived to the present day, and tribes hidden in the depths of the jungle. But it is also a land scarred by the horrors of human savagery. As the Mekong enters Laos, the first city it encounters is Luangprabang. It stands at an altitude of 700 meters, and is only now starting to come back to life, and entering the modern world, after several decades of wars and revolutions.

Watch the full documentary, here.

Terra Films TV has also released the full documentary titled ‘Nomadic Tribes of Mongolia’. Heirs of Genghis Khan is a film about the three nomadic tribes that inhabit the same territory. Click here to watch.

2. Malaysia in 4K – The Land of Beautiful Tropical Rainforest

Malaysia has everything to offer: beautiful tropical rainforest, paradise beaches, a vibrant and diverse capital, beautiful nature and interesting wildlife. Malaysia is one of the best places reflecting Asian beauty and diversity. In a film released by Scenic Scenes, the film comes equipped with beautiful images of the rainforest and music which accompanied its scenic beauty. Click here to watch.

3. Negeri Di Bawah Kabut

Produced through the support of the Goethe Institute of Indonesia, Dewan Kesenian Jakarta and Ford Foundation, this film tells the story of a community living at the side of a mountain quietly facing changes in the weather without knowing the reasons it is happening. Still applying the calendar system of traditional Jawa, they are made aware of the worries in their changing weather systems.
Click here to watch the film.

4. City of Innovation: Singapore

“City of Innovation: Singapore” rides the balance between dramatic spectacle and emotional storytelling to explore the people and technologies that are changing how modern cities evolve. With two-thirds of the world’s population predicted to live in cities by 2050, could this tiny city-state be the model upon which humanity’s future is built? This film is released by National Geographic Asia in November 2019. Click here to watch the film.

Geography Awareness Week was established by a U.S. presidential proclamation in 1987 to encourage the public to learn about why geography matters. Geography Awareness Week is celebrated by students, educators, families, schools, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and policymakers.

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