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Bridger Now Includes Registration for Collaborative Works

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Songwriters can now easily register collaborative musical works and all the rightsholders of a track can start collecting their copyright in just a few minutes.

Registering musical works is one of the most complicated administrative duties artists and songwriters have. In an era when a track can easily have up to 10 co-writers, Bridger’s new collaborative works feature removes a serious pain point for musical work registration and furthers its mission to make copyright accessible to all.

Bridger’s new feature is already available to all its members at no additional charge. It will primarily serve DIY musicians and non-published independent artists who need to register musical works written and/or composed by several people. Musical work registration is a crucial step in the copyright collection process to make sure that every rights holder receives the income they deserve.

“Artists finally have the possibility to easily register and manage collaborative musical works on an online platform. This is a highly anticipated feature for many musicians.”

— Jocelyn Seilles, Founder and General Manager of Bridger.

“The possibility for the collaborators to validate or make a counter-proposal of the split is an exclusive feature that no other Collective Management Organization offers, and we are glad to see that even some publishers have already validated our tool,” adds Seilles.

Bridger collaborative work registration in a nutshell

When they register a musical work on Bridger, songwriters are invited to indicate if other rights holders have participated in its creation. If so, they will enter the names of the other right holders, their contact info, and suggest an applicable split (share of the rights).

Regardless of whether the other co-authors are Bridger members or members of other organizations, they will have to validate the proposed splits or to make their counterproposals, avoiding future disputes.

A beneficial innovation for artists and the entire music industry

An estimated $655 million of royalties generated on streaming platforms do not get paid out to the relevant rights holders. This ‘black box’ of unpaid royalties accumulates because the large numbers of non-affiliated songwriters, along with bad track metadata, make it impossible for the rightsholders to be identified. So, the royalties they have earned cannot be distributed to them.

With the launch of this innovative solution for collaborative musical works registration, Bridger contributes to improve metadata accuracy and therefore reduce the black box.

For more information about Bridger, click here.

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