Thai Rapper Auttakorn Of YUPP! Releases New Song

Rose Poungsoi directed “Autta”‘s new music video ‘You Said I Am” starring Primmy Wipawee.

Autta ft. ZweednRoll in new rap song. Music Press Asia

“AUTTA” features “PAT Zweed n’ Roll” in his meaningful song “You said I am”

Before being on tour to several music festivals in Thailand, AUTTA or Auttakorn Dechmark, a rapper from YUPP!. has released a new single “You said I am”, featuring PAT (Sutipat Sutiwanit), a lead singer from a band called Zweed n’ Roll. It’s time for listeners to seek for the meaning of the “expectations” through the story of the song.

“You said I am”, a song by “AUTTA” feat. PAT Zweed n’ Roll, tells a story of expectations toward one including praises and different perspectives from others. Yet, there is still an unanswered question in one’s feelings: What is the true meaning of happiness? How far does it take to call it a success? Or maybe I might disappoint you, for I am nothing like everyone expects me to be.

This song combines AUTTA’s intense flow and the remarkable voice of PAT Zweed N’ Roll, becoming a perfect recipe for listeners. Moreover, the music video is directed by Rose (Puangsoi Aksornsawang), a talented film director, and the theme is set as a piece of art surrounded by symbolic signs for listeners to interpret its meaning.

“AUTTA” commented: “First of all, I’m so grateful to have worked with PAT Zweed n’ Roll. She is a great singer, and I’m also a fan of her band myself. About “You said I am”, I want to talk about the “expectations”, the way that people think when they look at me, and praises that are superficially tempting. But, deep down, it might hurt me someday because I still doubt myself in many things. Besides, I proudly recommended watching the MV, for Rose Poungsoi is the director, and the actress is starred by Primmy Wipawee. This has been one of my favorite works so far. So, I recommended listening to it and watching the MV. Also, I want everyone to try interpreting the meaning with their own imagination. I hope you like “You said I am”.

The Music Video “You said I am” by “AUTTA” feat. PAT Zweed n’ Roll is available now on YUPP! YouTube channel and all streaming platforms. Click here to watch.

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