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US Folk Group Starling Arrow Release New Song

Starling Arrow release new song Wild Sweet. Music Press Asia

For their upcoming debut album in 2023, Starling Arrow – an American contemporary folk group – has released a new single titled “Wild Sweet”.

Starling Arrow was unintentionally created during the pandemic and lockdowns. Due to major cancellation of tours over the pandemic season, the five musician singers began to meet over Zoom on a weekly basis to sing. In a way to provide support for each other’s skills. Each week, they belt out in songs topic and style that inspires them. Followed by hours of sharing their creative with each other, they began to unveil list of songs that would be ready for recording. Not surprisingly, it was during these sessions which bore the initial idea of a new album.

The first song off the new album is “Wild Sweet.” It highlights the group’s songwriting and harmonies.

“Each of us was tasked with bringing two original songs to record. While I had a few options of lullabies to bring, and even started recording one of them, I felt something else wanting to come through. Tina encouraged me to keep searching and in the wee midnight hours, I rediscovered this melody from the archives of my recordings. The foundation of Wild Sweet was born out of a loop pedal improvisation on a New Year’s sunrise set at a small festival many years ago. But the song was fully written during our recording process together in Asheville,” said Ayla Nereo.

[Starling Arrow’s 3rd single “By The Jordan” from their debut album “Cradle” is due to release on Dec 2.]

“One of our songwriting prompts during our group mastermind had been ‘polishing an old gem’, so I dove into polishing this song seed. The lyrics came swiftly, inspired by the energy of being in the cocoon of staying at home during lockdown, as well as the cocoon of our songwriting immersion, and the magic of recording this album together. It was the final song to be written during this cycle of our collective song-catching journey, and captures the essence of what we were gathering. Wild Sweet sings to the emergence of widened wings after a deep season of rest, just as humanity is re-emerging into a new season of becoming,” added Nero.

The group Starling Arrow is made up of talented songwriters: Leah Song & Chloe Smith (Rising Appalachia), Tina Malia, Ayla Nereo, and Marya Stark. Their first album, “Cradle” is due to launch in January 2023.

Click here to listen and watch “Wild Sweet” to the music.

Earlier this month, the group has also released their second single titled “Into The River”. The song is composed by Chloe Smith and produced & engineered by Tina Malia. Listen and watch the music video here.

Their 3rd single “By The Jordan” is due to release next month on December 2.

For more information about Starling Arrow, visit their official website here.

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