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July 21, 2024

Starling Arrow release new song Wild Sweet. Music Press Asia
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US Folk Group Starling Arrow Release New Song

For their upcoming debut album in 2023, Starling Arrow – an American contemporary folk group – has released a new single titled “Wild Sweet”. Starling Arrow was unintentionally created during the pandemic and lockdowns. Due to major cancellation of tours over the pandemic season, the five musician singers began to meet over Zoom on a weekly basis to sing. In…

Aina Abdul Released New Song CahayaMu

Malaysian songwriter Aina Abdul recently released a new single CahayaMu, a new focus on the topic of spirituality. Produced by Wonder Music, the lyrics are written by Aina Abdul herself…

Aina Abdul released new song CahayaMu 2022. Music Press Asia

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Coke Studio Bangla released Ekla Cholo. Music Press Asia
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Ekla Cholo Sets Visionary Antecedent for Bangladesh’s Indigenous Music

The release of the song ‘Ekla Cholo’, in many ways, is a significant milestone for the Coke Studio brand. After a successful version showcasing some of the greatest artists from Pakistan, its latest Bangla edition is again setting new precedents to how music makers in its region are being featured, admired, and distributed to the world in this era. Ekla…

Alena Murang Released Music Video For World Cancer Day

Sape’ singer-songwriter, Alena Murang has recently released a music video titled “Many Tomorrows” in collaboration with the Society for Cancer Advocacy and Awareness Kuching (SCAN) for this year’s World Cancer…

Alena Murang Release MV World Cancer Day. Music Press Asia

Violet Hull Releases New Song ‘Amnesia’

VOH a.k.a Violet Hull has recently returned with the release of her second new single titled Amnesia. AMNESIA is the second of VOH’s eclectic world pop songs from her EP,…

World Pop Artist VOH Release New song. Music Press Asia
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