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Malaysian Artist Released Modern Dangdut Song

Malaysia: Awan released second single “Jiwang”.

Second single. Music Press Asia

Truly Malaysian: A Modern Expression of the Malaysian Dangdut style

Singer-songwriter and former marine captain, Awan, has recently released his second single “Jiwang”. Inspired by the concept of love, the new single was created to relate to the story of everyday life with a hint of comedy to it.

Influenced by talented singers and legends such as Jalil Hamid and Salleh Yaacob, Awan’s second single is meant especially for Malaysians. The catchy tune relates to the current trends in the social media era. Jiwang, although it differs from his first single-headed towards a more spiritual sensitivity, is a convergence of the pop and dangdut genres.

“In today’s generation, many people find themselves falling in love or experiencing love at first sight just by going through someone’s social media page. Many of us tend to be drawn to a certain icon or even a persona we come across on social media on a daily basis. With so many applications around, it’s amazing how love can be found anywhere and everywhere. And once a person is in love, they’re on cloud nine, and unintentionally they become Jiwang which is how the song came about,” Awan said.

As an experimenting musician, Awan plans on working with a wider variety of genres in the future which would include pop, spiritual, and even hard rock. He plans on releasing three to four more songs together with other well-renowned artists in the local scene this year.

“Awan incorporated the ‘tepuk tangan’ folk prose into Jiwang to extend the connection he’d like to foster with the Malaysian audience. In many ways, this is Awan’s pure modern vaudeville and camaraderie extension of his creativity. Don’t we just love it?” Monica Tong, Editor-in-Chief of Music Press Asia.

Awan, born Juhazwan Junaidi, is a former marine captain, Malay singer, songwriter, and artist. He is also the founder and director of HeyYa Media, a music and video production company that has just produced his first single, The Selawat.

Watch and music video, here.

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